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I am a Fine Art California landscape photographer, also focusing on cats, ranch animals, western images and travel. I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area. My purpose for photographing began while endeavoring to "take others there" on my many travels and now includes "taking them back" -- back to where we traveled, back to an earlier time, back to that wonderful experience to relive. I am the owner of CATsnaps Photography, Cat Portraits for Cat Lovers. I am currently a volunteer shelter cat photographer for PHS/SPCA and a member of Hold the Eye Images Studio in Campbell. - Most recent Bay Nature credits: http://baynature.org/articles/apr-jun-2012/the-parks-and-the-people/the-parks-and-the-people http://baynature.org/articles/apr-jun-2012/the-parks-and-the-people/where-theres-a-will - Sunnyvale Sun cover: http://www.svcn.com/archives/sunnyvalesun/20041006/index.html - SFBBO website - Education Contact Info: Email: juliek@catsnaps.com Cell: 408-348-4199. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.phpid1181156534 ------- URLs: CATsnaps Photography: www.catsnaps.com Volunteer Shelter Cat Photographer, Peninsula Humane Society http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/23385827rvp1 Co-Host on Cowboy Photography podcast: http://wowclicks.typepad.com/files/want-to-capture-real-cowboy-images_-listen-to-this.mp3

Country: US


Swedish Glass - A series of 12

Bowman Family - Final 10

World Class Driving

Bowman Family - 2nd Set

Street Photography: Santa Cruz

San Jose Grand Prix - 2007

Gary-Roberta Engagement

Types of Landscapes

Solvang 2008

Bodie & Mono Lake - 2008

The Making of "Bodie 2008"

From Dawn to Dusk - The Palouse Region: juliek@RanchSnaps.com -- www.RanchSnaps.com

Full Moon - Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Winter in Yellowstone and the Tetons: juliek@JulieKSnaps.com -- www.JulieKitzenberger.com

New Flower Images - Garappata and Carlsbad

Nevada - Details and Contrasts

Portfolio: a Sampling: juliek@JulieKsnaps.com, 408-348-4199


Winter in Yosemite 2010

Pinnacles - 2010: juliek@JulieKSnaps.com

Your San Francisco: People & Places - juliek@JulieKsnaps.com

Ranch Snaps & Western Images: www.RanchSnaps.com -- juliek@RanchSnaps.com

Stone Griffin Gallery (Campbell): Fall 2010

Museums of Los Gatos Gallery: Sept - Oct 2010

Landscape Vistas: juliek@JulieKSnaps.com -- www.JulieKitzenberger.com

In Private Collections - juliek@JulieKSnaps.com -- www.JulieKitzenberger.com

San Francisco Sunset District (mouse over image for caption): juliek@JulieKsnaps.com

Pt. Reyes Nat. Seashore - 50th Anniversary: juliek@JulieKsnaps.com -- www.JulieKitzenberger.com

Some New Images - juliek@JulieKSnaps.com

CATsnaps - www.CATsnaps.com - juliek@CATsnaps.com

Purisima Creek Redwoods - open space preserve: juliek@JulieKsnaps.com

The Shuttle Endeavor Flyby - San Francisco Bay

Eastern Sierras - Aspens: juliek@JulieKsnaps.com

Central Wisconsin's Hidden Treasure: The Red Mill (Waupaca Wisconsin) -- juliek@JulieKsnaps.com

Termite Tenting

Limantour Beach walk - Bay Nature celebrating 50th Anniv of Pt. Reyes Nat Seashore

The Cat Coach trains a shelter cat

CATsnaps - Shelter Cats - PHS/SPCA - juliek@catsnaps.com

Big Break Regional Shoreline - Oakley, CA

Petaluma Marsh Wildlife Area

Clear Lake, CA

CATsnaps - Special Friends: juliek@CATsnaps.com -- www.CATsnaps.com

Minus Tide - Kehoe Beach and Trail - Point Reyes Natl Seashore - juliek@JulieKSnaps.com

CATsnaps - Shelter Geckos - PHS/SPCA - juliek@catsnaps.com


Resting Under a Bridge

Getting the shot - Niles Steam Fest

'29 Blue Ford - Bodie


Roof Shingles - Wilder Ranch

Full Moon at Pigeon Pt

Poppy Buds

Closeup of Quincy Engine No. 2

Cruising Hiway 35 on a Ninja 650R

Modern Wildlife

Leaning Poppy

Lantern Shadows

Historic Swedish Buildings - Skansen Park

Sunrise at Badwater - Death Valley

Crescent Lake flowers

Julie at Carmel Beach

Echo Ridge Sunset

El Cap in the Merced River

Quincy Engine 2 - Niles Steam Fest

Red Lichen - Devils Postpile

8744_012-Swedish Glass among Mirrored Tiles

0010 - Swedish Glass against Tan Linen

0034-Three Swedish Glasses on Red

4547_004-Swedish Glass with Two Shadows

4863_005-Swedish Glass against White

4962_006-Swedish Glass against Evening Black

5824_007_Swedish Glass on a Picnic

7133_008_Swedish Glass and a Full Moon

7253_009-Top View of Swedish Glass with Gold Liquid

7944_010-Three Swedish Glasses Outdoors in California

8719- Swedish Glass Painted with Light

8734_003-Yellow Rose and Swedish Glass

Lantern Shadows - B/W


























Santa Cruz #1108

SF-Union Square #1021

#1129 Santa Cruz

1183 - Santa Cruz Bike Rentals

0932-SF-A Hard Day

1020-Union Square from above

0992 - SF Commuter

0788-Coit Tower doorway

1351 - Santa Cruz

1211 - Santa Cruz boardwalk

0722-B - SF - Filbert Street

0676 - SF












#2893: Rookie Robert Doornbos, Minardi Team USA's winner of the 2007 San Jose Grand Prix, shares the moment with spectators. He pre-empted Paul Newman's 2-time winner Sebastien Bourdais.

R_3135_Gary-Roberta_SJ Rose Garden

3108-Gary-Roberta_SJ Rose Garden

L-3137_Gary-Roberta_SJ Rose Garden

Ecological Landscape: Flaco Lake Preserve, CA

Cultural Landscape: Classic Cars at Solvang, CA

Environmental Landscape: CFL Mission Light

Social Landscape: Pismo Beach, CA

7928_Heading Home_Backlit Trees


7770_Windmill Shadows

7763_Windmill - Side View

7909a-Flemming and Tom Chatting

7909_Judis View - the Chatting

7905_Judis Red Badge of Courage

7899_Photo by Betty

7902-Crop2_Reflecting on the Century Event

7902_Reflecting on the Solvang Century

7890_the Whole Solvang Entourage 2008

7894_Team Solvang 2008

7804_Waiting_Solvang Bike Registration

7756_The Windmill Reaches Up

7732_A Danish Place

2974 - Aspen Trunks - Sonora Pass

3262 - Aspen against Mineral Bed

3033 - Aspen and Rock - Sonora Pass, CA

3626 - Snow Abstract - Lundy Lake

3569 - Juxtaposition - Bodie Truck

3431 - Bodie House Windows

3471_October Snow and Bodie Home

3564 - Union Avenue - Bodie, CA

3498 - Bodie Wood and Rabbitbrush

3091 - Tufa at Dawn - Mono Lake

3015 - Tufa at Dawn - Mono Lake

3308 - Rabbitbrush at Mono Lake - October Storm

3353 - Stormy Sunset - Mono Lake North Shore

00345_Watching from Inside the Bronco - They're Putting a Third Chain on

0433_ Julie at Bodie - Worth the Adventure !

0432 - Not Cold at All and Getting Great Shots !

3392 - Caught a Ride To Bodie - the Snow Started up Again !

5 - Still Backing Down the Hill - She's Going to Make it !

6 - Sliding Too Close to the Edge

3 - Now, Let It Back Towards the Edge; Brake; Then It Will Slide to the Right

2 - The 3rd Chain will Help It Steer

0345 - Too Icy to Get Up the Hill to Bodie - Need to Slide Back Down

1016 - Palouse Sunset

1233 - From Field to Bale

0741 - Palouse Barn and Horses

1051 - Palouse Wheat

1377 - Endless Wheat

0888 - Palouse Field Angles

0214 - Dawn Light Breaking Through - Columbia River Gorge

#0032_Full Moon - Santa Cruz Boardwalk

#0003_Full Moon - Santa Cruz Boardwalk

2184_Canoe at Sunset - Mt Hood, Oregon

0904_Palouse Barn-Early Style

0917-Palouse Hay Bales

0792-Palouse Wheel Fence

5074_The Log Cabin from "Shane"

4724_Winter Lace - No 1

4710-A_Hoar-frost Branches against Mist

2856_Snow-swept Pine near Hot Springs

3480_Mammoth Hot Springs terrace stream

3465_Sun Burst at Mammoth Main Terrace

2784_Geyser Stream

3384_Mammoth-Canary Spring No 1

4542_Western view of the Tetons

6165_Purple Flowerlets Detail No. 2

6173_Purple Flowerlets Detail No. 1

MG_0218_Lupine Closeup No. 1

MG_0351_Emerging Poppy

8154_YeiBiChei (The People) and Dawn Sand Patterns - Monument Valley

5025_Cattails against Snow - 2

2064_Winter Grasses by Stream

3343_Mammoth Hot Springs in Winter

4463_Fence and Barn Rooftop

7972_Monument Valley Sunset

Fly Geyser Detail - Gerlach, NV

Carson City - Old and New

Virginia City - Contrasting Old Buildings

Reno - Wild & Scenic Truckee River amongst Casinos

0492_Virginia City Nevada Comstock RR - detail

0120_Truckee River and Reno Apt Complex

5025_Cattails against Snow

2856_Snow-swept Pine near Hot Springs

3384_Mammoth - Canary Spring No. 1

3465_Sun Burst at Mammoth Main Terrace

3480_Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace

4542_Western Side of the Tetons

8031_The Needle at Sunrise - Monument Valley

3343_Mammoth Hot Springs in Winter

5047_Fly Geyser Detail

6165_Details-Purple Flowerlets No. 2

6173_Details-Purple Flowerlets No. 1

MG_0351_Emerging Poppy

0917_Palouse Hay Bales

6827_Pebble Beach No. 1

2184_Canoe at Mt. Hood

0741_Palouse Barn and Horses

3033_Sonora Pass Aspen and Rock

0214_Dawn Light Breaking - Columbia River Gorge

0003_Lake Berryessa Fire Smokes Yosemite Valley

0004_Tule Fog Sunrise

0007_Merced River and Morning Mist

6991_Eucalyptus Farm Road

6789_Pebble Beach No. 3

3105_Tufa and Mountains at Dawn

0904_Palouse Barn - Early Style

0792_Palouse Wheel Fence and Out Building

3498_Bodie Wood, Snow & Rabbitbrush

26_Carmel Colored Beach

Disappearing Path in Spring Rain

El Cap Just After Snowfall

Two Bulls

Full Moon at Pigeon Point

Spring Mustard and Dancing Trees

Walnut Trees and Mustard

0008_Merced Ice Patterns No. 3

0011_Beijing Roof Tiles

1351_Santa Cruz Stairs

0009_Dawn Visitors at Badwater - Death Valley

3401_Curved Curb

November - Bodie Wood, Snow & Rabbitbrush

January - Snow-swept Pine near Hot Springs

February - Mammoth Canary Spring No.

March - Details - Purple Flowerlets No. 1

May - Emerging Poppy

June - Pebble Beach No. 1

July - Canoe at Mt. Hood

August - Palouse Barn and Horses

September - Sonora Pass Aspen and Rock

October - Totem Pole at Sunrise

December - Mammoth Hot Springs in Winter

April - Fly Geyser Detail

Upper Yosemite Falls and Winter Trees

Frozen Pool at Cook's Meadow

Winter Sun Rising over Cook's Meadow

Winter Layers - Yosemite

Snow Pillow Reflection in Merced River

5736: Lone Cypress - Sunset Blush

7739_Rainbow Across Lower Yosemite Falls

7600_Horsetail Falls revealed

9797_Winter Dawn - Valley View

0447_Fallen Log - Lower Yosemite Falls

0100_Where Granite and River Meet

0127_Soft El Cap Reflection in the Merced

0330_Merced River Paints Winter Trees

MG_7939_Winter Tree Color

MG_8054_Yosemite Shitzhus in Merced River

0765_Red Leaves and Waterfall

0666_Rushing Rivulets

0411_Yosemite Valley-Granite and Trees

0570_Early Spring Green - Pinnacles path

0639_Master Photographer Seraphina Landgrebe at Work

0695-Majesty Above - Pinnacles

0835_Pinnacles Pine on a Ridge

0848_From Dark to Light - Waterfall Showers

0995_Flowing Among Boulders

1154_Shooting Stars and Pinnacles Hill_Detail

0461_Mustard and Green California Hills

7145_Gentle Sunrise - Tufa Dawn

6445_Winter Calm at Mono Lake

0008_Wyoming Bald Eagle - photographed in the wild: Nat. Elk Refuge, Jackson, WY

6566_Wintry Sunset - Mono Lake

6959_Winter Tracks to Bodie Cabin

4299_Santa Rosa Barn and Vineyards

5448_Dawn-Lit Waves at Point Sur Lighthouse

MG_6099_Lingering Grapes in Fall

4612_Fall Vineyard Patterns

4664_Napa Vineyards and Wind Mill

6496_Driving Cattle in the Sierras

1458_On the Run

MG_1496_Garret's Saddle

MG_0983_Teaming to Work the Herd

MG_1300_Keeping the Cattle Moving

MG_1022_Driving Thru Dust

2312_A Winter Hunt for Grass - wide shot

2312_A Winter Hunt for Grass - closeup

4264a-Montana Pronghorn against Electric Peak near Yellowstone

4299_Santa Rosa Barn and Vineyards

4612_Fall Vineyard Patterns

Lake Berryessa Fire Smokes Yosemite Valley

4664-Full Moon at Pigeon Point

A Caramel-Colored Beach (Carmel, CA)

6276-Cruising Hiway 35 Kawasaki Ninja Style

3033_Aspen with Rock - Sonora Pass

2974_Close-up of Aspen - Sonora Pass

Bodie Wood, Snow and Rabbitbrush

Resting Under A Bridge

5448_Dawn-Lit Waves at Point Sur Lighthouse

El Cap Just After Snowfall

3480_Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace Stream - Yellowstone

3465_Sun Burst at Mammoth Main Terrace - Yellowstone

MG_1022_Driving Thru Dust

4664_Napa Vineyards and Wind Mill

5736_Lone Cypress_Sunset Blush

Caramel-Colored Beach

6496-Driving Cattle in the Sierra

E_9475_Wine Barrels and Vineyard - Santa Ynez Valley

4612_Fall Vineyard Patterns

0008_Wyoming Bald Eagle - photographed in the wild: Nat. Elk Refuge, Jackson, WY

3465_Sunburst at Mammoth Main Terrace

7666_Spring Mustard and Dancing Trees

Lake Berryessa Fire Smokes Yosemite

4664-Pigeon Point Full Moon

Tule Fog Sunrise

Bodie Wood and Rabbitbrush

E_9439_Ag Burn - Santa Ynez Valley

MG_5047_Fly Geyser Detail

MG_5998_The super wide streets of the Sunset

MG_6112_Behind the Great Highway and the Sand Dunes, the sea is like a secret.

N5Q5899_Elizabethan Tudor in the 21st century Sunset District

MG_5885_Sunset District Stairs_The fine pale light on sunny days.

_MG_5940_Sunset is now home to a large Asian population

MG_5893_Doelger customization through period detail

MG_5921_The bridge towers loom up like ladders to heaven

MG_5884_In the Sunset, the unique coexists with the conformity

N5Q5884_Sunset District Home

MG_5881_Sunset District Woman Walking

MG_6092_Beyond the peaceful rows of little houses roars the largest ocean on earth

MG_5922_Despite the rows of densely packed houses, the Sunset gives an exhilarating sense of space.

MG_2022_Pt Reyes Pastoral Scene - Cows

KX4A0876_Limantour Spit-Limantour Estero_View from Pt Reyes Hill

KX4A0801_PRNS_Bishop Pine Grove along Mt Vision Rd

KX4A1008_PRNS_Dawn Lights Bishop Pine on Pt Reyes Hill

KX4A0715_Bishop Pine near Inverness Ridge trailhead

KX4A0701_PRNS_Bishop Pine grove_Bayview trailhead

MG_1835_PRNS_Bishop Pine with cones

MG_1544_Limantour Beach-Willets or Dunlin Sandpipers

MG_1602_Gull and its Fish on Limantour Beach

KX4A0600_Limantour Beach -- looking east

KX4A0555_Limantour Estero

N5Q9658_Looking towards Limantour Estero

KX4A0932_Pt Reyes Pastoral Scene - Cows and Thistle

KX4A1104_Chimney Rock hikers No 2

KX4A1106_Chimney Rock hikers

KX4A0748_PRNS_Coastal Scrub and Iris - ground or Douglas iris_cprt

KX4A0763_PRNS_Drakes Estero-Coastal Shrub_cprt

KX4A1134_PRNS_Chimney Rock View of cliffs-ocean-DrakesBay

KX4A1184_Elephant Seals at Drakes Bay

KX4A1176_Visitors at Elephant Seal Overlook - Drake's Bay

KX4A1143_PRNS_Elephant Seals on ocean side of Chimney Rock

KX4A1144_PRNA_View of Drakes Bay from Chimney Rock

MG_1769_PRNS_Closeup-Young elephant seals at Drakes Bay

MG_2102_PRNS_Barking elephant seals near Chimney Rock_Crop1

MG_2102_PRNS_Barking elephant seals near Chimney Rock_Crop2

MG_2235_PRNS_More elephant seals along Drakes Bay beach_cprt

KX4A1181_PRNS_Viewing Elephant Seals at Drakes Bay with scope from observation deck

MG_1845_PRNS_Ceanothus blooms

MG_2238_PRNS_Ceanothus bush near Drakes Bay waters

MG_2240_PRNS_Ceanothus and Bishop pines

N5Q9914_PRNS_Ceanothus bush - Point Reyes Hill

MG_1849_Ceanothus-Bishop pines-hills

KX4A1193_PRNS_Elk Herd on ridge south of Pierce Ranch

MG_1965_PRNS_3 Elk

KX4A1273_PRNS_Elk Herd on ridge - Tomales Point trail

MG_1968_PRNS_Elk near Pierce Ranch

KX4A0642_PRNS_Drakes Estero-looking east-view of Schooner Bay

KX4A1018_PRNS_Sea of Fog covers Drakes Bay-View from Pt Reyes Hill

KX4A0779_PRNS_Drakes Estero-Looking west from Mt Vision Road

MG_1870_PRNS Presidential Dedication plaque

MG_1876_PRNS_Trees with hanging moss along Mt Vision Rd

KX4A0786_PRNS_Hiking trail from Mt Vision Rd-Tomales St Pk hills behind

MG_1887_Probably Western Scrubjay_Crop1

MG_2080_PRNS_Rufus-sided Towhee_Crop1

N5Q9800PRNS_Alpine Forget-me-nots No2--2ndCrop

N5Q9802_PRNS_Alpine Forget-me-nots_Crop2

MG_1752_PRNS_Young Mule or Black-tailed Deer-near Drakes Bay_Crop1

KX4A1238_PRNS_Cover Orientation: Tomales Point headlands

KX4A1238_PRNS_Tomales Point headlands

KX4A1236_Tomales Point Headlands trail overlook with visitors

KX4A1211_Coastal Scrub_LookingTowards McClures Beach

KX4A1198_PRNS_Grasslands near Pierce Point Ranch_cprt

KX4A1256_Looking south along Tomales Point trail_cprt

MG_1997_PRNS_Ranch fence-wildflowers-thistle_cprt

MG_1989_PRNS_Beginning of Tomales Point trail - Pierce Point Ranch

KX4A0989_PRNS_Sunrise over Tomales Bay fog-view from Pt Reyes Hill

KX4A1280_PRNS_View of Tomales Bay from Tomales Point trail

KX4A0643_PRNS_View of Drakes Estero from E Ranch

KX4A1123_Chimney Rock headlands

KX4A1033_PRNS_View of Lifeboat station and Drakes Bay from Chimney Rock trail

KX4A1034_PRNS_Chimney Rock view of trail towards Drakes Bay

KX4A1097_PRNS_Grasses at Chimney Rock

KX4A0664_PRNS_Elephant Seals on Drakes Beach_cprt

KX4A0582_PRNS__Lupine along trail - Limantour Beach area

N5Q9876_PRNS_Coastal scrub_View from Pt Reyes Hill

N5Q9763_PRNS_Mole Crab shell on Limantour Beach

KX4A0935_PRNS_Pastoral scene-Grazing Holsteins

N5Q9703_Muddy Hollow Trail-Limantour Area

N5Q9654_Bishop Pine cone detail

N5Q9648_PRNS_Bishop pine cone on branch

MG_2019_PRNS_Point Reyes ranchland

KX4A0708_PRNS_Bishop Pines_Inverness Ridge and Bayview trailheads-South end

X4A6803-Barrels and Arches






JKitzenberger_MG-6900_Creek Fauna-Banana Slug

JKitzenberger_X4A8000_PurisimaOP_North Ridge Trail-1

JKitzenberger_X4A8030_PurisimaOP_ North Ridge Trail-2

JKitzenberger_X4A8057_PurisimaOP_ North Ridge Hikers Trail-3

JKitzenberger_X4A8057_PurisimaOP_ North Ridge Trail Undergrowth-4

JKitzenberger_X4A8233_PurisimaOP_Redwoods-1_Bald Knob Trail

JKitzenberger_X4A8740_View2 of Purisima to Coast from Harkins Ridge Trail

JKitzenberger_X4A8840_View1 of Purisima from Lobitos Cr Road

JKitzenberger_X4A8152_PurisimaOP_ Redwood Trail-1

JKitzenberger_X4A8640_View3 of Bald Knob from Harkins Ridge Trail

JKitzenberger_X4A8663_View2 of Bald Knob from Harkins Ridge Trail

JKitzenberger_X4A8770_View3 of Purisima to Coast from Harkins Ridge Trail

JKitzenberger_X4A8773_PurisimaOS_View1 along Harkins Ridge Trail

JKitzenberger_X4A8796_View1 of Bald Knob from Harkins Ridge Trail

JKitzenberger_X4A8851_View2 of Purisima and Bald Knob from Lobitos Cr Road

JKitzenberger_X4A8786_View1 of Purisima to Coast from Harkins Ridge Trail

JKitzenberger_X4A8072_PurisimaOP_Redwoods_N Ridge Trail-5





JKitzenberger_X4A8090_PurisimaOP_ Redwoods on Redwood Trail-2

JKitzenberger_X4A8306_PurisimaOP_Redwoods-3_Bald Knob Trail

JKitzenberger_X4A8397_PurisimaOP_Redwoods-2_Bald Knob Trail

MG_0241-2012-09-21_Shuttle Endeavor Bids Farewell to S.F.'s Coit Tower

MG_0270-Sailboat Masts Salute Shuttle Endeavor

MG_0281-2012-09-21_Shuttle Endeavour farewell flight

_MG_0302-2012-09-21_Shuttle Endeavour Flyover - SF Skyline and TransAmerica Building

MG_0195-2012-09-21_Gathering Crowd at Treasure Island waits for Shuttle Endeavor to fly over

MG_0257-2012-09-21_Shuttle Endeavour buzzes the Oakland Bay Bridge before heading south

MG_0225-2012-09-21_Shuttle Endeavour passes over Alcatraz

MG_0228-2012-09-21_Shuttle Endeavour angles over the Golden Gate Bridge

MG_0262-2012-09-21_Our last look at the Shuttle Endeavour as it passes over the Oakland Bay Bridge...

MG_0290-2012-09-21_Shuttle Endeavour angles over the Golden Gate a second time

MG_0292-2012-09-21_Shuttle Endeavour heads over SF on its way south

MG_6635-2012-06-24_Velcro Stalking


X4A4859-2012-06-24_Ginger relaxes while she poses

MG_7015-2012-07-12_SF sand and surf pattern

N5Q1150-2012-06-16_Gardenia blossom

X4A9695-2012-08-12_Stormy Surf at Mono Lake Sunset

X4A2892-2012-09-27_Eastern Sierras Aspens

Aspen_X4A2954-2012-09-27_Eastern Sierras Aspens

Aspen_X4A2960-2012-09-27_Eastern Sierras Aspens

Aspen_X4A2963-2012-09-27_Eastern Sierras Aspens

Aspen_X4A3024-2012-09-27_Eastern Sierras Aspens

Aspen_X4A3055-2012-09-27_Eastern Sierras Aspens

X4A3068-2012-09-27_Eastern Sierras Aspens

_X4A3536-2012-10-04_Fall colors along the Crystal River

X4A3617-2012-10-04_The Chapel hides behind fall colors and an original split-rail fence

X4A4423-2012-10-07_The Red Mill - once a working grist mill,built in 1855

X4A4469-2012-10-07_The Chapel in the Woods

X4A4539-2012-10-07_The Red Mill's covered bridge

X4A4601-2012-10-07_View of the Red Mill grist mill from nearby covered bridge on Crystal River

_X4A4699-2012-10-07_The Crystal River Inn B&B

_X4A4777-2012-10-07_Fall colors in the Waupaca, Wisconsin, area

X4A4952-2012-10-09_Red Mill upstairs

X4A5004-2012-10-09_View of Covered Bridge from Red Mill

X4A5057-2012-10-09_Chapel in the Woods

X4A5080-2012-10-09_Chapel in the Woods

X4A0390-2012-08-24_Termite Tenting of housing complex in Campbell, CA

X4A5107-2012-10-13_Bay Nature group at Limantour Beach

X4A5120-2012-10-13_Other Limantour Beach finds

X4A5155-2012-10-13_a Limantour Beach mole crab

X4A5095-2012-10-13_Claire teaching a Bay Nature group

_X4A5124-2012-10-13_Claire teaching a Bay Nature group

MG_1097-2012-10-13_Heermann's Gulls - Limantour Beach

MG_1073-2012-10-13_Limantour Beach - Point Reyes Natl Seashore

_X4A5170-2012-10-13_Step 3: Mole Crab successfully backing into sand

_X4A5169-2012-10-13_Step 2: Mole Crab backing into sand

_X4A5168-2012-10-13_Step 1: Mole Crab backing into sand

X4A5176-2012-10-13_Limantour Beach footsteps

X4A0544-2012-08-24_Termite Tenting of 52 Michael Dr_F7_1-80th_28mm-ISO400-Edit

X4A1651-2012-09-18_Best Friends - Cat and Pigeon- Ziggy and Jean Minou

X4A0834-2012-08-31_Coco in her back yard

X4A0863-2012-08-31_The Chessie - Coco sleeping

MG_9509-2012-08-31_Coco Profile

_X4A1921-2012-09-20_PHS-ASPCA Shelter Kitty

_X4A1944-2012-09-20_PHS-ASPCA Shelter Kitty

_X4A2470-2012-09-25_PHS-ASPCA Shelter Kitty

X4A5651-2012-10-16_PHS-ASPCA Shelter Kitty

MG_1817-2012-10-21_Clicker Training Coco

MG_1798-2012-10-21_Clicker Training Coco

MG_1820-2012-10-21_Clicker Training Coco

MG_5862_Ranch Kitten Hugs Mother Cat - Forbes Ranch

MG_5864_Ranch Kittens and Mother Cat - Forbes Ranch

MG_5970-F5.6_Ranch Kittens - Forbes Ranch

N5Q9413_Nemo catches the bird

KX4A0228_Nemo Paws and Claws

KX4A0244_Nemo Bird Watching

MG_4041_Balinese lynx point kitten

MG_4046_Balinese lynx point kitten

_N5Q1026-F6.3_1-50th_119mm-ISO800_CATS-Joan Drennan Kitten Shoot No. 1 - Balinese

MG_4015_Balinese lynx point kitten

X4A2271-F4.5_Balinese lynx point kittens

X4A2294-F5.6_Balinese lynx point kitten

MG_0865_Dians Cat Exercises

MG_5348_Feral Ranch Kitten - Forbes Ranch

03_MG_0160_Project BayCat

X4A4635-2012-06-24_Ginger Gets a Kiss

MG_0884_Calico - Forbes Ranch

MG_0857_Calico Buddies - Forbes Ranch

X4A2212-F4.5_Balinese lynx point kitten

MG_4571_Brighty Cat

KX4A0200_Nemo Catches Bird on Basket

X4A4082-2012-06-24_Ginger Poses

X4A4719-2012-06-24_Ginger Paws

X4A3844-2012-06-16_Smart Coco Uses Smart Phone

X4A7662-2012-07-19_PHS-SPCA shelter cat

X4A9938-2012-08-16_PHS-SPCA shelter cat

X4A9956-2012-08-16_PHS-SPCA shelter cat

X4A9936-2012-08-16_PHS-SPCA shelter cat

X4A9957-2012-08-16_PHS-SPCA shelter cat

X4A7619-2012-07-19_PHS-SPCA shelter cat

X4A6149-2012-07-11_PHS-SPCA shelter cat

X4A7491-2012-07-19_PHS-SPCA shelter cat

X4A4197-2012-06-24_Velcro on his favorite spot

MG_6870-2012-07-01_Ranch Kitten on Hay Flat

X4A3718-2012-06-16_Coco About to Pounce

MG_6828-2012-07-01_Three Ranch Kittens

X4A3894-2012-06-24_PHS-SPCA Shelter Cat - Cinder

X4A5630-2012-10-16_PHS-SPCA Shelter Cat

_X4A5874-2012-10-23_PHS-SPCA Shelter Cat

_X4A5892-2012-10-23_PHS-SPCA Shelter Cat

X4A6018-2012-10-23_PHS-SPCA Shelter Cat

MG_9387-2012-08-31_Coco and Bushy Making Friends

MG_9482-2012-08-31__Coco and Bushy Making Friends

MG_9479-2012-08-31__Coco and Bushy Making Friends

MG_9987-2012-09-3_Coco and Bushy Making Friends

X4A1166-2012-09-8__Cat Coach Marilyn Krieger teaches Cat Clicker Training at PHS-SPCA

X4A1050-2012-09-8__Cat Coach Marilyn Krieger at PHS-SPCA

X4A1213-2012-09-8_Cat Coach Marilyn Krieger teaches Cat Clicker Training at PHS-SPCA

X4A1157-2012-09-8_Cat Coach Marilyn Krieger teaches Cat Clicker Training at PHS-SPCA

X4A0711-2012-08-24_Termite Tenting of 52 Michael Dr

N5Q1360-2012-11-04_Big Break Shoreline New Visitor Center-2

X4A6111-2012-11-03_Big Break Shoreline New Visitor Center-3

X4A6144-2012-11-03_Big Break Shoreline New Visitor Center-1

X4A6166-2012-11-03_Big Break Shoreline Fishing Pier-3

X4A6262-2012-11-04_Big Break Shoreline Fishing Pier-1

X4A6282-2012-11-04_Big Break Shoreline Fishing Pier-2

X4A6331-2012-11-04_Petaluma River at Hiway 37_No1

X4A6356-2012-11-04_Petaluma River at Hiway 37_No2

X4A6342-2012-11-04_Petaluma River at Hiway 37_No3

N5Q1441-2012-11-04_Big Break Visitor Center Interior_No2

N5Q1445-2012-11-04_Big Break Visitor Center Interior_No1

N5Q1449-2012-11-04_Big Break Visitor Center Interior_No3

X4A6209-2012-11-03_Big Break Shoreline Fishing Pier-No5

X4A6146-2012-11-03_Big Break Visitor Center area_No1

X4A6205-2012-11-03_Big Break Regional Shoreline

X4A6149-2012-11-03_Big Break Visitor Center area_No2

_X4A6186-2012-11-03_Big Break Shoreline Fishing Pier-No4

X4A6121-2012-11-03_Bay Nature-Big Break Visitor Center_No4

X4A6273-2012-11-04_Big Break Shoreline Fishing Pier and Kayakers-No7

X4A6239-2012-11-04_Big Break Shoreline Fishing Pier-No8

X4A6236-2012-11-04_Big Break Shoreline Fishing Pier-No5

N5Q1392-2012-11-04_Big Break Shoreline - relief map

X4A6212-2012-11-03_Big Break Regional Shoreline Park

X4A6160-2012-11-03_Big Break Shoreline Fishing Pier-No9

ZN5Q0071-Clear Lake-Mt. Konocti

ZN5Q0009-Clear Lake-Soda Bay boating

ZN5Q0077-Clear Lake with speedboat_800px

X4A1640-2012-09-18_Cat and Pigeon-Ziggy and Jean Minou

X4A1640-2012-09-18_Cat and Pigeon-Ziggy and Jean Minou

X4A1700-2012-09-18_Cat and Pigeon-Ziggy and Jean Minou

X4A1693-2012-09-18_Cat and Pigeon-Ziggy and Jean Minou

Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge-Alviso_KX4A0085

01_Mussel and Barnacle Gathering during Kehoe Beach Minus Tide_PRNS_MG_8474-2013-05-26

02_Purple Sea Star at Minus Tide at Kehoe Beach_PRNS_MG_8374-2013-05-26

03_Angle View of Mussels at Kehoe Beach Minus Tide_PRNS_MG_8430-2013-05-26

04_Kelp in Kehoe Beach Minus Tide_PRNS Minus Tide Wkshp_MG_8402-2013-05-26

05_Minus Tide Flow at Kehoe Beach_PRNS Minus Tide Wkshp_X4A9465-2013-05-26

06_Seagrass Design_PRNS Kehoe Beach Minus Tide_MG_8519-2013-05-26_Minus Tide-Kehoe Beach-PRNS

07_Angled Kelp Mussels and others_PRNS Kehoe Beach Minus Tide_MG_8415-2013-05-26

08_Mussel and Friends_Kehoe Beach Minus Tide_PRNS_MG_8459-2013-05-26_Minus Tide-Kehoe Beach-PRNS

09_Kelp, Mussel, Many Barnacles - PRNS Kehoe Beach Minus TideMG_8450-2013-05-26

010_Kelp and Barnacles_PRNS Kehoe Beach Minus Tide_MG_8447-2013-05-26

011_Kehoe Beach_PRNS Minus Tide_X4A9531-2013-05-26

012_Foxtail and Poppy_Kehoe Beach Trail_PRNS_MG_8567-2013-05-26

013_Ladybug_PRNS Minus Tide Wkshp_MG_8561-2013-05-26

014_Yellow Lupine Along Kehoe Beach Trail_PRNS Minus Tide Wkshp_X4A9590-2013-05-26

01-Gecko Eating MealyWorm_X4A1941-2013-06-26

02-Gecko Eating MealyWorm_X4A1943-2013-06-26

03-Gecko Eating MealyWorm_X4A1926-2013-06-26

04-Gecko Eating MealyWorm_X4A1944-2013-06-26

05-Gecko Eating MealyWorm_X4A1929-2013-06-26

07_Yellow Gecko__X4A1905-2013-06-26

12_Spotted Gecko__X4A1920-2013-06-26

13_Spotted Gecko__X4A1916-2013-06-26

14_Spotted Gecko__X4A1890-2013-06-26

15_Spotted Gecko__X4A1880-2013-06-26

16_Spotted Gecko__X4A1892-2013-06-26

17_Spotted Gecko__X4A1879-2013-06-26

18_2 Shelter Geckos__X4A1889-2013-06-26

19_Spotted Gecko__X4A1870-2013-06-26

20_Spotted Gecko__X4A1868-2013-06-26

Cleo_Lynx Point_PHS-SPCA ID#A545855