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As i always wanted to learn the art of capturing what i see the way i see it. I embark my self now in this science. I always wanted a camera and it wasn't until i was 20 when i got my first camera a Nikon D50. As i never read any review about the D50 i just went out and took pictures which of now i am amazed to see that too much knowledge can seriously hurt you. As i let go my old D50 and saved for the D80 i learned more about photography. mostly in the internet from tutorials, lessons, classes and a couple friends back at my hometown of San Diego, California. But as i moved from state i learned that i miss San Diego and i have no pics of it. Now as a biotechnology and electronics student working in a mechanical shop own by my family. I see that imagination is the key to a good picture. Not the camera or the brand as i learned that now that i own my D80 and read so many reviews, that a better camera makes no better pictures then a point and shoot placed at the right time, with the right angle and the right eye. I have become more lazy but i still want to revive those days when i got my D50 not for the name but because it was the tool that i flt comfortable with to help me capture those special places to me. Now as i want to add one more carrier in my list of two (which are really hard already) i know that the impossible is not possible, i can do anything and my limitations are made by me and no one else. I know found some refuge here to learn more and be taught more. As for i am looking for my perfect picture that i will leave as an example to many to show that passion is needed not expensive cameras or fancy buttons to create master pieces.Picasso was known for its artisti ability not for the kind of canvas or brushes he used but rather for his ability to express in simply manners an image that made him immortal.


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My second best first photo

Sunset in the desert


Cloud dimensions

Nature shines even at midnight

My first photo ever