Hugh Sakols

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I live on the western edge of Yosemite National Park where I teach elementary school. For over a decade the Ansel Adams Gallery has been a source of inspiration. Landscape and nature photography provideds me with an oportunity to continually explore the park and it's surroundings. I particularly feel at home along the Merced River.


Single Photos

White Suites


Leaf on Water

Blue on corn lily in Yosemite high country

Moons Orange Van

Red and Brown Algae

Wood Rose - Yosemite

Fall On The Merced River

Gray Pines and Poppies - Merced River Canyon

White Suites And The Mysterious Lost Molar (Partial Nudity)

White Suites and the Wild West

White Suites & Responsible Behavior

White Suites and Ice Axes

White Suites and Folks From San Francisco

Kuna Crest - Yosmite

Trecking around Azangati, Peru's highest southern peak

Yosemite Valley Mixed Coniferous Forest

Arequipa, Peru

winter ascent of mt. hoffman, yosemite national park

Sentinal Rock - Yosemite

The amazing Tuba Sisters

Sentinal Rock, Yosemite National Park, winter

Winter El Capitan 2006

Banded Wind Shaped Sandstone

Vermillion Cliffs Chocolate Factory




White Suites Diving Board0052

Winter Taft Point