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I am a student of Business school in Belgrade and live in Bar, Montenegro. I love photography and I admire B&W pics.. I am open to a comments of any kind. Still I am just a beginner but on my personal url you can see more if you're interested in.


Single Photos

Travelling - Putopisi

My Artwork

Shiny morning







Travel - Story of Crmnica and Skadar Lake

Children mask ball

Travel - Story of hidden beach Ckla

Still life

Advertising compositions


Sunsets - Zalasci


Gazeta on my table

Flowers in the field

Sunset, in Shushanj, Bar, Montenegro

Old church in the city that have had 365 churches, as the days in the year..state of Montenegro

The Old church in town Svatch looking from the outside on the south wall..

The Monastery Ribnjak, Bar, Montenegro

The oaks near the place called Ostros 20km from old town Swatch

Nothing as a drop can't give to a landscape it's glamor..

I think for this also.. early Orthodox Christmas morning..

The panorama of the same shiny moment..

Walking down the promenade in town Bar, on crisp orthodox Christmas morning..

The object in which monks live.. Monastery Ribnjak, Bar, Montenegro

This Oak is saying to people that go away - Hey! Wait for me! :)

The church welcomes you.. come and pay a visit to town Swatch.. never lost and forgotten.. Bar, Montenegro

Another graphic for sisters saloon :) This one I adore..

Shiny morning and trees.. playing..

Chanj, a little place with beach between Sutomore and Buljarica..

hand made by my sister..

Macro Ikebana

Ikebana, my hand made..

Ikebana #5 made by me :)

Another study of ikebsna in outdoor enviroment

A little bit playing with shapes

so lovely..

The beautiful sunset.. with a friend..

Sunset dreams

The Outdoor sunset..

Posterized view of calm evening in sepia tone..and captured couple.. Bar, promenade, Montenegro




Blossom in clouds

Spring sunset and sepia tone..

I love these type of frames..

Palm leaves and clouds #3

Little nice flower

They call me the wild rose..

Ikebana #3

Ikebana #7

Ikebana #9

Ikebana #6

And I am bringing back my beloved Naomi

I was bored on class of maths in 1999. and this one was born.. :)

Leaflet of exposure that was held in 2001. when I was finishing my high school in Bar, Montenegro, There you can see two dog-roses made in linoleum - it was actually my first meeting with that kind of technique and it came up very well.. the professor was pleased with it :)

three titles..

Orthodox Easter.. Xpucmoc bockpece!!!

Old house posterized..

Skadar lake - Crmnica - Montenegro

In movement of her hair


My sister

Fashionable pose of my friends - Skadar Lake, Vranjina, Montenegro

Flowers in Crmnica.. I adore field ones..

Another mighty one

Amazing isn't it?

The marine of the port of Bar, Montenegro

Beautiful Skadar Lake, VIrpazar, Montenegro

Beautiful lonely tree that is spreading its leaves to lake..

Look where tree grows..

Old friends house..

Signs of nature - the way trough

Poof! I will make you disappear!

Is this suit me..?

I am mother's angel :)

Where are you mom?

This was a mask ball for children that are younger than 6 years.. this couple is so cute :)

Look what I've got!

The same boat on some other day

Marine, The port of Bar - Montenegro

Ray of light

Ray of light BW

My window..

From smuggled picture

Artwork of mine..

I love..

Her Majesty

Old Way to Ulcinj, Montenegro

Rocky way to heaven, Old Way to Skadar Lake, Montenegro

The old red truck..

Road to unknown.. Bar, Montenegro

Rocky way to heaven #2

Panorama of Albanian border, old way to Ulcinj, Montenegro

Peaceful #1

Peaceful #2

Another art attack on Maths class :)

And another one :)

Porsche Boxter my love..

The grape in Crmnica, Gluhi Do, Montenegro

Antelope and the man that collected the woods..- illustration for a fairy tale.

kakui - the night bird - illustration for a fairy tale

Pigeon princess - illustration for a fairy tale

The jewelery box and necklace..

The pendant

Old times

selfportrait #1

My niece

Comon give me the address now :))

Two friends that don't know each other do they? Micah Lehman and Snezana :)

peak a boo

Thinking of a future

The Jewelery box made by my firm

The smile..

The backstage of advertising for hotel on Zabljak in Montenegro

Apartments Raznatovic - also backstage of advertising

Skadar Lake - taken from a train in the move

another picture of Skadar Lake

Sahat Kula - Podgorica, Capital of Montenegro

Sahat kula - Podgorica, Montenegro

River Zeljeznica, Bar, Montenegro

casice za konjak

The mighty sunset 2

mighty sunset 1

Sunset Maljevik

Expecting New Year of 2009th

The eye

Montage for contest of Reportage Photo

The saint Jovan

Sveti Jovan

Rainy Day no.1

Abstract Eye

The Valentine Card made by me.. also the photo by me

Some craft of mine

Drop of Life

Ray of life

Zumbuli triptih..

Svijecnjak gori - Candle holder in dark

Spring 2009


Rijeka Crnojevica

Virpazar, Crna Gora

Mother and baby portrait