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Hi, I'm an astronomer, I'm older than CCDs (though I then wasn't a pro-astronomer, but a starting amateur), and so quite naturally I came to photography. I started with a Fuji SLR in the 80s. Its light seals disintegrated in the late 90s and so I bought a Pentax MZ-5N. Staying with the brand, I went digital in 2005 with an *istDs, and most recently indulged myself with a K20D in May 2008. On non-SLR occasions I carry a Kodak C643. I'm of German nationality but live in Chile since 2005, being married to a Chilena. I work both in Santiago and in the Atacama desert. My job lets m travel a lot, and I hope to get to scan some of my slides from earlier travels in the not too distant future. I might be offline (or rather pretty busy otherwise) for weeks to months in between, so my activity pattern will be patchy at best.


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Vintage 2005

Southern Cross at Full Moon

Bad Mood

Candlelight Concert