Patrick R. [oxymor0n]

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who he is

a 24yr old ex-student from Austria, enjoying photography as his favorite hobby

what he likes

making people smile, the sun, shadows, biking, fresh air, escapism, cool water, minimalism, grinning from ear to ear :D, indie/lounge/chillout/rock music, red, indoorplants, outdoor shots, spritzer with lemon, books by matt ruff, white sneakers, portraits, success, black&white or the absence of color, naturalness, kasnudl :D, seeing beauty in the small things life offers, joking with friends :), landscapes, cinnamon, just a tiny little bit of gracious living to make everyday life more personal, trees, limegreen, mojitos, girls ;), books by nick hornby, loads of coffee, being at one with the world, becoming a better version of myself - every single day

what he dislikes

not that much, trust me ;)

why he is here on PN is a great opportunity to show off your photographic work, it's a very good place to learn to know talented people and share thoughts and ideas with them, helping to improve the one thing that makes people forget to breathe, to take photography to the next level.
because it's never too late, to become a better version of yourself, do it, now...*

what his portfolio looks like

guess this was more info on my person than you wanted ;) so here's what my portfolio looks like:

seascapes (11)

favorites (20)

landscapes (19)

toned nature shots (8)

why he writes about himself in the third person

sorry, that's not what I usually do :) I just do like the third person narrative to describe persons as seen e.g. in the movie "Amelie from Montmartre", so I thought I give it a try :)

* please never forget what is all about: all participants can benefit from the site, especially the critique feature, but only if it is used by all of us.
it's all about giving and taking, everyone is looking for critiques and hints for her or his photos, but it's essentially to also help others with their work.
my contribution (besides constructive critique) are the details added to my photos to help people understand a bit better how a shot was done technically. think about how you can improve this community, you are a part of it and it's a damn great place to be... :)


[Zeitlose Landschaft] - siciliana anyone?

[Bäume] - trees, our unnoticed friends

[ganz nett] - my emotional favorites

[unterwegs am acker] - in the field

[bereit fuer meEr] - seascape

[oh Ireland] - green paradise


a past time

living my life like it's golden (= title of a song by Jill Scott)

coming thru

you only see what you want to see - feel it

dream of a way out ...

waiting for next summer

one calm tree

a kind of tranquility

lonesome peer

not everything shining is made of gold...

a day at the lake

reaching to the middle (?)

a touch of autumn in february

nature's golden - just a shot into the blue

roots survive forever

how far is it?? - only a few feet and we're there...

got so far, and still a long way to go

a sundown smelling like downfall

tracks in the mud

follow the tracks

something in yellow and black

road to gnosis (former: road to perdition)

Golden lights

sunfloated clearing

catchting the light

... is in the air

baia del silenzio


calm yet risky seashore

a touch of religiousness over the sea

leaving sun, leaving day

the morning after

invitation to dwell

siciliana in your mind

gate to heaven

just do it!

seashore in the morning

going nowhere

a long days end

burning solitude

in sad solitude and calm company


a peek through misty roots

oh what a lucid winternight

just another day in farmers lovely life

a fairy tale in b&w

has seen better times

a dreamy afternoon in blue and green

a ghostly silent night (little pushed)

a warm winters eve

a sunny lane

crosses... all over

stones set up

ravages of time

the green isle

Omaha Beach or what's left of it..

a calm dream in b&w

standing on giants spine

hidden entries

a modern human fairytale

see the world, IN my eyes

a silent fairy tale

What a lovely moment of silence

caribic dreams in northern ireland

a little storm in infrared

another sunset in paradise

eternity at the coastline

stairway to a forgotten world

more than just an old Irish medieval monument

big storm's flimsy herald

slowly moving fast forward

Finally stranded

Way into the blue