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My father was a professional photographer for many years, and now is a retired photographer. I nearly grew up in a dark room, and have happy childhood memories of sitting in pitch blackness while he was working, later on working along side him doing the more mundane work available in a professional commercial photography studio. He fanned my interest in photography when he loaned me one of his battered Nikon FM2s and a few of his older lenses: a 20mm 2.8 Nikkor, a 50mm 1.4 Nikkor, and a 35-105 zoom, to use when I was in Jr. High School. Growing up, I assisted him with various work at his lab, and also provided gear hauling/setup, lighting assistance - my favorite was acting as a mobile secondary flash stand as he worked a wedding or event - "crowd control" for various weddings and portraits he was hired to do, and later on as a secondary photographer. pWhen I graduated college, he wanted his FM2 back, and traded me for a Nikon 8008S. Gads I miss that FM2, it's probably one of the favorite camera bodies that I've handled over the years. pI broke into the digital realm in July of 2004 with a Nikon D70, did a lot of work with a D200, and recently picked up a used D800 to play with. While I'm not doing as much paid photography as I used to, I'm hoping to get back into shooting for fun in the near future.


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Hotel in Langley on Whidbey Island, WA

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Farquhar MacDonald playing the public room at the Dunvegan Hotel, Isle of Skye.

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