Chris Battey

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English. Born Febuary 1969. Left Handed. Graduated from Southport College of Art. UK(Photography & Design) 1988. Graduated from University of Wales College Newport (Documentary Photography) 1990. During the last ten years I have worked in Bio Medical Photography, Underwater Videoography, and freelance Video Camera. Currently freelancing in Stills and Video. Based Sydney Australia. Likes: Women in Photography (more interesting). Dislike: Multi storey Carparks ( I am always getting lost).


Single Photos



Hawkeye's Portrait. Please comment...

Saturday afternoon with the boys.

Trish, Saturday Night

Blind Boy in a light room...

Sleeping Security Gaurds. Housing Estate UK. 3am.

Blind girl swimming...

David in the Bath...On his 7th Birthday.

Father & Son. Northern Beaches Sydney. 2000

Sleeping Portrait

Sydney Harbour Bridge. Saturday lunchtime.

The tree climbers...

His mother's wedding...

Looking like her owner...?

A Sydney family try out new Binoculars, whilst looking at the Harbour Bridge Sydney. Location. Circular Quay, Sydney NSW Australia. July 2001.

An Australian family on a day out.

Waiting for his dad...

Giz and Cassy.

Bride and Groom, late afternoon. Sydney 2002. Copyright withheld.

Aboriginal Kids.

Aboriginal kids clown around.

Treeclimber, Australia Day 2002.

Circus Oz.

Kids climb to watch a performer. Australia day 2002.

Portrait of a dead man.

Christmas with Santa

Young boy in a council flat.Uk.

kneeling in Church...


Condemned Man

a young girl behind a fly screen


Mardi Gras 2003.

Three girls portrait.


Simon and his two daughters.

Charlie on Saturday

xmas lunch

Kaoru. Japanese Bride.

Bronte Pool Sydney

Roses on a table