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My credo is:

"Seeing with eyes and heart, creating with heart, hands, and mind."

Should you be reading this to gain insight into the person who commented/critiqued an image of yours: I try to say what emotions are evoked by your image, as well as what I feel reinforces or detracts from that thematic emotion. I do so merely because critique requests typically desire such viewer reactions. Of course, it is manifest that my reactions are merely that; they are not purported to be anything more. Furthermore, my ratings are how I felt about your art -- I will never "skew" a rating!

Additionaly, my personal philosophy and definition of art affects the way that I view your work. I have written, as nearly as I can, the way I view the essence of what art means to me. You are welcome to read it and then determine whether to count or discount my opinions.

"Art is an expression of our emotion, our life, our condition. Art is conducted by talent, whether learned or intuitive, and is expressed in a way that can be perceived by the senses. Art is an aspiration, not an end unto itself, therefore, art has a goal; it may not be random, though it may well be chaotic. Being an aspiration of the highest order, art’s goal must be noble. Therefore, art must not be cruel, it must not be malicious, nor must it pander to base emotions.

Even so, not all art is art to all. We may take this as a consolation, not as a curse or as confusion. For we then know that we have liberty of mind, and may not be pandered to.

In the end, art glorifies the Divine, and betters us." --Frank Jason, 2001




Macro Minerals

Travels in Chaos


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'Lightning -- Always Strikes Twice!'



Canvanasite on Stilbite (Digital Background)

Chabazite on Druzy Apophylite (Digital Background)

Golden Calcite on matrix

Gypsum var. Selenite on Basalt

Vanadanite on matrix

'The Chrysler Building, New York'

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"Fields of Gold -- The Farm"


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'Punctuated Equilibrium'