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I'm a former English professor, 46, who currently owns a brokerage/financial planning company. About seven years ago I became fascinated with photography--I think it keeps me sane. Actually, I'm obsessed with photography, whether it's shooting, reading, or visiting exhibits and openings. I have lots of current photographic projects that I'm at work on and can never seem to complete: abstracts, photo impressionism, black and white landscapes, European secret places, local salmon habitat . . . The list keeps growing--fortunately there's so much to explore in photography! Currently, I'm represented by several stock agencies, including Acclaim Images and Alamy. I also show regularly in galleries: both B&W that I print in my darkroom and color that I print on an Epson 2200 and 7600. As a self-taught photographer living in an isolated part of Oregon, PN has been a great resource for me. In addition to all of the information and terrific photography on the site, I've enjoyed the comraderie of all the fine photographers here. My other interests include sports, reading, writing (many publications, including a book of poems, Sleepwalking with Mayakovsky, Kent State University Press), travel, and wine. Also you can see my blog at

Country: US


Single Photos

Central and Eastern Oregon

Eagle Sanctuary and Svensen Island

Ft. Stevens and Other Oregon State Parks

Astoria Waterfront

Scotland and Ireland


People and Portraits

California: Yosemite, Sequoia National Parks


Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier

Long Beach Peninsula, Washington

Moving Towards Abstaction

Unappreciated Abstracts

New Mexico

Utah and Nevada

Portugal 2004


Vegetal Matter


NEW PHOTOS: April 2005--Mostly GREECE

NEW PHOTOS: May 2005

Churches and Other Religious Iconography

Astoria Megler Bridge

Animal Kingdom


Wreck of the Peter Iredale

NEW PHOTOS: June 2005

NEW PHOTOS: July 2005

New Photos: August 2005


Clatsop Country Fair 2007


Photos, 2009

Photos: Best of 2010

What's New in 2012


Leadbetter Point State Park, Washington, USA

Late Spring I

Svensen Island

Near the Oregon Coast . . .

East Mooring Basin II

East Mooring Basin IV

East Mooring Basin VI

The Gate of Reason

The Astoria Bridge

Digging for Baby Clams

Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh

Girl Inside the Glass

Eagle Sanctuary II

Sunset, Forest Fire Site

Impressionistic Vase and Flower Arrangement of My Wife's Choosing (though I liked it too)

Sad Parade

Sir Walter Scott's Death Mask, at Abbotsford House

Bobby and the Jester

Stirling Castle, Rain

Astoria's Salmon Fleet

Rusted Hulls II

Still Life with Float

The Water Line

Gestures and Rust

The Infamous Gary Webb

New Scottish Parliament Cranes Its Neck over the Queen's Scottish Residence

Edinburgh, from the Camera Obscura

Eagle Sanctuary xi (infrared)

Eagle Sanctuary xv (infrared)

Grandpa Brown's Playhouse

Svensen Island, Abandoned Homestead, Winter

The Road to the River

head shot of me in my well-worn Nike cap, with a lot of photoshop black

Former Brewery Entrance, Transplanted

Old Church, Outside Dumfries, Scotland (Resting Place of the Ruthwell Cross)

Water and Steel II

Looking South, Before Twilight

Mooring Basin: Abstract I

Old Barn, Brownsmead (infrared duotone)

Rope and Hull (abstract)

Alder Grove, Tongue Point

Daffodils Looming Late

Abandoned Farmhouse, Brownsmead

Daffodil in Blue Glass

Giant Sequoia, Infrared Duotone

Yosemite I: Infrared Duotone

Yosemite II

Yosemite III

Bolts and Steel

Bolts and Steel II

Yosemite Falls Snapshot

Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley III

Yosemite Valley III (repost)

Red Riding Hood (Illustration for Book)

Woodsman and Wolf

Protest of the Cross

Protest of the Cross II

Sun and Steel II

Daffodil, backlit

south of the Column (panorama)


Door #8

Cathedral Trail

Smith Rock V

Slough, Columbia River

Iris IV

Mission III

Mission IV

Svensen Island

Wall, Mission San Juan

Espada Aqueduct (circa 1745)

Broken Wall, Mission San Jose

Nimitz Japanese Peace Garden

Bobby, Summer

205 Brazos

Osoyoos Valley

Young's River Falls

Forked Path

Pioneer Cemetery

Pasture and Range

Old Fredericksburg

Square, Victoria B.C.

Roof and Sky

Near Cascade Peaks Viewpoint, Mount St. Helens

View from Windy Ridge of Spirit Lake, Mount St. Helens

View from Windy Ridge of Spirit Lake, Mount St. Helens, II

Mount St. Helens from Windy Ridge (Crater Obscured by Clouds)

Chinook, Washington Sunset

Lake, North Mt. St. Helens

Olympic Twins Ascending

The Sky Is Up in SF

from Butchart Gardens

Chinook, Near Sunset II

Near Crane Prairie

Felt Hills

Near Chinook, Sunset IV

The Great Ball, B&W

Into the Dunes


Youngs River Falls

Painted Hills, Near John Day Fossil Beds

A Short Ladder, an Open Door

Fort Rock III

Mt. Rainier, Trail from Paradise

Ecola State Park

Bend Factory II

Tower Theater, Alternate Crop

Smith Rock State Park

Fort Rock, Distant View

Smith Rock, River View

Dying Forest, Near South Sister

Woman Weeding Chinese Garden

Rope and Rust: Cropped Version

Pilings at Sunset, Near Chinook

South Jetty

Maggie and Astoria at South Jetty

Long Beach Boardwalk

South Jetty, Duo-Toned (wet darkroom)

Mt. St. Helens

Space Needle, Near Dawn

Laurelhurst Park

Fishing Boat Abstract

Fishing Boat Abstract II

River View, Winter

Abstract 16

Winter Scene

Abstract 19

Door Abstract

Window (desaturated version)

Late Afternoon and the Waters Are Calm

Blue Rope and Chain

Steel Rods and Rust

Astoria Megler Bridge



Sleeping Wife--1st shot with new (used) Tachihara with Fuji Lens


Abstract 73 (repost--severely edited)

Abstract 26 (edited version)

Abstract 17 (edited)

Algae and Rope (edited)

Pollock (edited version)

Abstract 34

Spacey Abstract

Abstract 74


Abstract 36

Reflection 2

Shadow Life

Fish Abstract

Daffodils and Incoming Storm

Florida Mountains

Florida Mountains after Short Hike

Florida Mountains Panorama

abandoned pueblo

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

Sky and Adobe

A New Order of Calla Lilies

New Order of Calla Lillies IIIa

Taos Graveyard

El Capitan, Guadalupe Mountains

Escape from the Desert

Just Another Floral

Just Another Lily

Abstract 56

Adobe and Sky 4

Bleak Weather

Bobby, Bleak Weather

Megler Bridge

Tracks and Trees, Brownsmead

Near Alderich Point




Astoria Bridge, Cross Processed

To the Light House

Protest of the Cross 7 (cross processed)

Dilapidated House

Bobby, Cathedral Trail

Bobby, Columbia River

Astoria-Megler Bridge Redux

Protest of the Cross, 12

Abstract 98

Bolt, Cross-processed

No Entry

Bobby in Pain

Tower III

Ruined Abbey


Ruined Abbey, Inistioge

Graveyard, Jerpoint Abbey

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rock of Cashel

Windmill, Abandoned Farm

Cathedral Trail

Jerpoint Abbey

Round Tower

The Chess Players

The Chess Players 3

Standing Stones

Flowers. Stone. Sky.

Bogs, Connemara

Ephemera 8

The Master of Time

There Were Too Many Clocks Ticking

Something's on His Mind


Leaf Study 4

Leaf Study 7

Leaf Study 2

Leaf Study 17

Leaf Study 22


Mt. St. Helens

The Mouth of the Columbia

In his Dream of Daisies Swaying . . .

Abstract 89



Julie 5

St. Mary's Catholic Church


Leaf Study 87

Abstract Buds

Bryce Canyon View

Bryce Canyon, Inspiration Point

Bryce Canyon, Sunrise

Bryce Canyon

Windy Ridge, Mt. St. Helens

Sunset, Windy Ridge

Leaf 53


Leaf 48

Iris in September (near panoramic format)

Leaf 83.4

Bryce Canyon V

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Near Bunratty Castle

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon XII

Gnat Creek

Gnat Creek (color version)

Reflections, Rock

Gnat Creek 4

Gnat Creek 11

Kylemore Abbey

Farmland, Near Sligo

Gnat Creek 25

Dolmen, Standing Stones

Bog: Connemara

Tracks, Brownsmead

The South Jetty

The Eagle Sanctuary

Gnat Creek 32

Morning Glory, Evening

Eagle Sanctuary, Dusk

The Progress of Power

Big Creek

Big Creek

Big Creek 78

Big Creek 98

Decaying Salmon and Leaf

Big Creek 62

Big Creek 81

Big Creek 103

Big Creek 88

Big Creek 117

Big Creek 126

Big Creek 142

Big Creek 165

Gnat Creek 108

Portrait of a Salmon (deceased)

Viewing Platform, South Jetty

Big Creek 189

Pilings: Sunset

Filling Station, Hammond, Oregon

Abstract 146

Pilings, Dusk

Abstract 138

Abstract 198

Bryce Canyon, Hoodoos

Bryce 17

Bryce 34

The Chess Players 7

Down by the River

Abandoned Truck


Red Eagle

Rose 16

Shively Park

Stable, Bunratty Castle

Cedar Breaks NP

West, Barview (color version)

Abandoned Trestles



Young's River Falls

Maggie 4

Zig Zag

Car and Brush

Oak, Sunset

Log, Gnat Creek (uncropped version)



Cross, Sunset

Young's Falls Panorama

South Jetty, Sunset

Oak Grove, Near Dusk

Oak Grove, Near Dusk 2

Cottage, Connemara

Padraic Pearse Cottage

Prickly Pear

Bamboo and Column

Celtic Cross, Drumcliffe Churchyard

South Jetty, Sunset 5

Shadows, Santa Fe


Troubled Sleep 5

Troubled Sleep 11

Troubled Sleep 16

Troubled Sleep 23

Ruins 1

Ruins 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Abandoned House


Santa Nino de Atocha

Alder Point

Slough on a Slow Afternoon

Puddle, Cow Pasture, Sunset

Boat Ramp, Alder Point

Boat Ramp, Alder Point

Boat Ramp, Alder Point (color)

Barn, Brownsmead

Bandelier National Monument

Bandelier NM 7



Bobby, Swim Meet

Abandoned Farm, Svensen Island

Tower, Rocky Butte


Aldrich Point

Trestles and Rock

Trestles, Sunset

Three Stones

Rock, Sunset

The Storm

Alders, Quarry

G. Webb

East Mooring Basin 17

East Mooring Basin

Detail, MS JULIE

When the Levee Breaks

When the levee breaks (color)

Rotting Boat Landing (pinhole)

East Mooring Basin 7

Bobby and Dylan (color version)

East Mooring Basin 18

East Mooring Basin 26

Slough 5


Into the Mountains

South Jetty, Winter Storm

Tidal Stream

Tidal Stream

The White Horse


Abstract 189

The White Horses

Make-Shift at Low-Tide

Abstract 194

The Mud Fields

Arcadia State Park

Arcadia State Park 2

Arcadia 3

Arcadia 4

Arcadia State Park

Seagulls, Arcadia State Park

Arcadia State Park 11 (Holga)

Columbia River, Dusk

My Son Investigates the Horrors of War

Haystack Rock from Arcadia State Park

Maggie, Arcadia State Park

Arcadia State Park

Eagle Sanctuary

Trail, Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park

Rivulet, Arcadia State Park

Beach Path

Abstract, Arcadia Beach


Battery, Fort Columbia

Bent Pine (a la Dr. Seuss)


Blocked Path, Near Ft. Canby


St. Marys

Astoria-Megler Bridge

Lighthouse, Near Ilwaco

Small Cove, Columbia River

The Dark Cove

Quiet Inlet

Reflection, Old Young's Bay Bridge

Red Berries on Light Blue

Hiking, Florida Mountains

The White Bloom

The Dark Cove

Log at High Tide

Clearcut, State Lands, Near Chinook

Clear Cut, State Forest Lands 3

Clearcut 17

Ilwaco Lighthouse

Longview, Midnight

Abandoned Tank

Logging Road

Anchor, Near Chinook

Beaver Fan

Mildly Erotic Shell

Ilwaco Lighthouse #23

Rail Crossing

The Japanese Garden

Logging Road Pano

Rail Crossing 2

Rail Crossing 3

Quince, Late Winter

View, from Astoria Column

Graveyard, Daffodil

Abandoned Barracks, Fort Columbia

Like a Hole in the Head


Seal Amongst the Sea Lions

Standing Stones

Capela Dos Ossos

Detail, Capela Dos Ossos

Abandoned House, Near Peneda-Geres National Park

Standing Stones


Column, Stained Glass

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Garden

Chromeleque dos Almendres

Street, Morning

Batalha Cathedral

Courtyard, Cross

Morning Walk, Obidos

Saint, Batalha Cathedral

Tulip, Toned

Ne M'Oubliez Mye

Late Bloom

Bleeding Heart (singular)



Menage a trois

Red Tulips, Late Afternoon

Daisies Bursting

Scotch Broom

The Red Tulips

Toned Tulips

An Apertif

Three Daisies

The Three Daisies

Batchelor's Buttons

Bachelor's Button, Tulip

Tulip, Toned #34

Iris 21

My Blue Period, Pansies

Lily of the Valley

Bachelor's Buttons, Toned

Forget-me-nots 22

Iris (macro)

Kinda Blue

Flower, Reclining

Kinda Blue 2

Pink and Green


The Orchid's Revenge

Orchid 71

Orchid 74

Roman Bridge

Rose and Iron

The White Rose

Spring 4

Tulip and Shadow



Impressions 16

Impressions 54


Inner Iris 21

A Green Thought in a Green Shade

Impressions 19

Impressions 37

Impressions 53

Poppy 11

Impressions, 76

Foxgloves, Clearcut 2

Vous Etes Invite

Graffiti #6

Paris #22

Paris #39

Hydrangea Leaf, Diseased

An Unfortunate Path




Skull and Bone

Ferris Wheel, Louvre

Paris Catacombs

Eiffel Tower

St. Eustace

Palais du Papes

Apres Midi

Near Gruyere

Abby 2

Abby 3

Graffiti, Roman Colosseum at Arles

Graffiti, Roman Colosseum at Arles 2

No Lures Allowed

Leaf, Gnat Creek

Leaf, Gnat Creek 6

Relfections 7

Clearcut, b&w

Roman colosseum, Arles

The Wreck of the Peter Iredale

Detail, Wreck of the Peter Iredale

Detail, Wreck of the Peter Iredale

Detail, Wreck of the Peter Iredale

The Wreck of the Peter Iredale 5

Detail, The Wreck of the Peter Iredale

Abandoned Gas Station

My Reflection

Gnat Creek

One Leaf

Fisherman's Cross


Moon and Dead Tree, Mt. St. Helens

Burnt Forest, Mt. St. Helens

Mt. Rainier

View, from Eiffel Tower

Unappealing Pyramids

Water Snakes?

On Their Way to Separation

He Came in, Out of the Blue

Something to Celebrate

Girl, Sunset


Girl in Sand

Maggie and Becca, Windy Ridge

Colorful Street, Lisbon

Building, Botanical Gardens

Elevator, Lisbon

View, Elevador de Santa Justa

Reflection 38

Reflection 76


The Joyce M


The Red House

House, Obidos

Reflection 89

Detail, Double Falls

Detail, Upper North Falls

Detail, Double Falls

Detail, Upper North Falls

Detail, Upper North Falls

Detail, Upper North Falls

Detail, Convento de Cristo

Town Plaza, Midnight

Street, Colors

Street, Arcozela

Greenhouse, Botanical Gardens

Night, Arcozela (b&w version)

Botanical Gardens, Arcozelo

Remnant, Forest Fire, 1998

3 Tomatoes

Trail, Obsidian Flows

View, Mt. Bachelor

The Three Amigos


Four Mushrooms

The Little Guy

Lake, Grass, Log

A Bend in the River


A Red, Red Rose

Impressionist Landscape 21

Impressionistic Landscape 73

Impressionistic Landscape 5

Impressionist Landsape 8

Impressionistic Landscape 57

Abstract Floral 45


View, Mt. Angel

View, Mt. Angel

Tractor Shed, Svenson Island


Forest 2

Field and Sky

Chateau, Burgundy

Buildings, Roussillon

Medeival Church

Detail, Roussillon

Abbaye de Senanque

Detail, Sainte Chapelle

Window Display, Paris

Tomato 9

Tomatoes 18

Detail, Window

Columbia River Express

Abstract Landscape 103

Clear 87

Clear 109

Clearcut 67

Impressionistic Landscape 43

Sinking Gillnetter

Sinking Gillnetter 2

Old Brig

Clearcut 215

Flood, Svenson Island

Skyscape 23

All Spawned Out

Rock, Big Creek

Another Dead Fish

Fall, Big Creek

Rock, Big Creek

Salmon, Big Creek

Salmon, Rock

Big Creek 37

Salmon, Big Creek

Abstract, Big Creek


Salmon 116

Impressionistic Landscape 98

Impressionistic Landscape 89

Fall, Big Creek

Puddle, Gnat Creek

Fall, Big Creek 2

Expressionist Stream

Pear and Squash

Detail, Squash


Pear 32

Impressions 167

Bobby and Maggie, Hoyt Arboretum

Into the Clear

Abstract 248

Stables, Burgundy

Stables, Burgundy

Forest, Now Clearcut

Four Chiles

Logging Road

A Study of Three Pears

Impressions 271

Study of Three Pears 11

A Study of Three Pears 18

Study of Three Pears 4

Impressions 212

Impressions 261

Impression 265

Study of Two Pears

Study of Three Pears 18

Ceiling, Sainte-Chapelle

Street, Monsaraz

Lisbon, Half Marathon

Mountain and Cloud

Slough, Columbia River

Barn, Near Westport

Slough, Columbia River

Woman on Beach

View, Pacific City

Rock Abstract 13

Barview, Sunset

Harbor, Nehalem

Old Truck, Tillamook

Barbed Wire and Sky 5

Flood, Svensen Island 5

Flood, Svenson Island 11

Flood, Svenson Island 16

Slough, Near Westport

Barbed Wire 17

View, Knappa Dock

Barbed Wire 25

No Trespass 69

Barbed Wire 26


Fishing Boat 3


Slice 16

Detail, Fishing Boat


Bow 14

East Mooring Basin 11

Dock 2


Abstract 242

Alders 23

The Remains of the Day

Park Service Bridge, Near Ilwaco

Detail, Carnation

Ocean Fresh Crab and Seafood

Remains of the Day 3

Boat Ramp, John Day River

Christmas Card, 2004

Trois Fleurs

Trois Fleurs, b&w

Cold Sunset

Wreck of the Peter Iredale

Wreck of the Peter Iredale 18

Wreck of the Peter Iredale 19

South Jetty

Abstract 245

He's Goofy

Net Shack, Brownsmead



Barn, Falling

Trio (acappella)

Serene (2)

Close Encounter with Small Herd of Elk

Abstract 289

Abstract 298

Dock and Float 15

Dinosaurs, Looking East

Semi-Erect Rock Formation, City of Rocks State Park

Bryce Canyon

Street, Evora

Almost Home

Ocean Beauty

Castle, Obidos

Creek 5

Waterfall 32

Waterfall 17

Clearcut 309

Clearcut 321

Lonely Window

Street, Obidos 25


Sea Lion 14

Tidal Stream

On a Rainy Day Alone in a Room with Daffodils

Sunset, Self-Portrait

Bobby, Seattle Arboretum (digitally altered)

Golden Winter Light

Young Photographer

Maggie and Bryanna Explore Tidal Flats

Line and Shadow

Line and Shadow (2)

Metal Abstract

Bobby and Metal

Metal Abstract 5

Brick and Shadow

Astoria-Megler Bridge

Astoria-Megler Bridge (2)

A Slow Sunday Afternoon on the Slough

Under the Bridge 16

Station of the Cross

Cross 13

Lutheran Church, Birkenfeld

Lutheran Church, Birkenfeld

Remnant, Clatsop County Forest

Strormy Afternoon near Agamemnon's Tomb

Statue, Corinth

Old Kitchen, Grand Meteora

The Grand Meteora at a Distance

View, Varlaam Monastery

Object 3

Meteora 16

When the Levy Breaks 8

The Blue Alley

Wildflowers and Tower Ruins

Olives, Outside Areopolis

Night Scene, Nafplio



Mountains, Near Areopolis

Ruins, Kefala Castle

Ruined Tower

Meteora 7

Plaza, Areopolis

Club, Delphi

Monastery, Meteora

Angry Men of Antiquity 12

Detail, Parthenon

The Caryatids

Athens, After Midnight

Angry Men of Antiquity 3

Ruin, Parthenon

Angry Men of Antiquity 16

Battery Russell Redux

Battery Russell 7

Angry Men of Antiquity 18

Christmas Cactus 12

Tholos, Sanctuary of Athena

Narthax, Monastery of Osious Loukas

The Race at Delphi

Almond Grove, Monastery of Osious Loukas

Almond Grove, Monastery of Osious Loukas

Bobby, Sleeping

Farm Building

Trillium (past its prime)

Abandoned School

Rocks, Meteora

Varlaam Monastery

Trillium 16

Trillium 17

Waterfall 19

Temperate Rain Forest

Foot Bridge

Quinault River

Three Tulips

Two Lilies



Five Tulips, Waiting

Calla Abstract

Calla Abstract 5

Bachelor's Buttons

White 7

White 12

White 18

White 19

Calla 25

Iris 6

Iris 21

Iris 26

Iris 29

Iris 31

Iris 36

Iris 42

Iris 43

Iris 48

Calla 81

Tulip Abstract


Iris 56

Iris 61

Violet 4

Abstract 54

Iris 81

Snapdragon 11

Snapdragon 15

Decaying Iris

Snapdragon 26

Snapdragon 17 (toned)

Detail, Iris

Gnat Creek Falls

Miniature Lichen, Gnat Creek

Gnat Creek 8

Impressions 88: Scotch Broom

Impressionistic Iris

Iris 89

Impressionist Clearcut

Leaf, Gnat Creek

Gnat Creek Falls 16

Hydrangea 4

Hydrangea 14

On the Edge of Darkness

Hydrangea 23

Shapely 3

pond flowers 43

Birch 5

Rhododendron 5

Impressions 195

Gnat Creek 121


Impressionist Rain Forest 4

The Road Out

Scotch Broom 4

Impressionist Rain Forest 19

Impressionist Rain Forest 25

Impressionist Rain Forest 31

Rain Forest Abstract 6

Ferns 4

Falls 2

Purple and Blue

Pink Iris 5

Into the Forest

Into the Forest (BW)

Hot Pink Iris 13

Into the Forest 3

Into the Forest 4

Into the Forest 5

Inside a Foxglove 5

Hot Pink Iris 11

Beach Cottage

Souvenir 6

Beach Hotel 4

Glacier NP 5

Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald 4

Storm, Lake McDonald

An Imperfect Storm

Glacier NP 14

Baring Creek, Glacier NP

Bison, Big Sky Country

Lake McDonald, Sunset

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

Lake McDonald Triptych

Lake McDonald, Sunset


Thunderstorm, Lake McDonald

Dock, Lake McDonald

Street Dancers

Crowd, Food Court


Lost Strawberries

Dancing in the Rain

Clouds, Lake McDonald

Clouds, Lake McDonald

Plastic Bags

She's Not Gonna Dance in the Rain

Canoe, Lake McDonald

Storm, Two Medicine (best viewed large)

Bobby, Adam, and Noah terrorize Sunday market, firing marshmallow guns at innocent bystanders

Sunset, Lake McDonald

Abstract 21

Boy, Fishing

Clematis, Gate

12th and Duane

Abstract 343

West Mooring Basin

Leaves 7

Small Town Parade, 4th of July

Street Artist with Hat

Dahlia 17

The Casualties of the Front Line

Moondrops, 100%

A, B, or C?

God and Country Throw Candy to Seduce the Children of America

4th of July Parade

The Photographer's Hand Is Always in the Frame

Parade 18

Street, Areopolis

Abstract 311

Abstract 359

Mother and Son

21170 and Orangish Light

Detail, Fishing Boat

Areopolis, Evening (cross-processed)

Street, Areopolis

Working the Corner

Ride, Seaside

Girl in Red, Cape Meares

Sunset, Pacific City

Sunset, Pacific City 2

Abstract 389

Before Sunset

Photographer, Sunset, Rainbow

Beach Debris, Cape Meares

At the Beach

Good Ole Boys Drive the Oregon Coast

Haystack Rock, Night

Three of a Kind

This Way and That

Orange Building, Sunset

Guy, Driving

Two Pianists Enjoy a Turn on a Cheap Keyboard


scratch-Offs 2

County Fair #14

County Fair #11

County Fair #21

County Fair #31

County Fair 26

County Fair 35

Sunflower's Edge


A Green Thought in a Green Shade

Sunflower 4

Ice 17

Ice 5

Look Into the Eye of the Sun

Intimate Landscape 109

Terraced Farm, Parc Nacional da Peneda-Geres

Slough, Summer Lake Wildlife Preserve

Sunset, Summer Lake

Rock, Abert Lake

Trailer, Christmas Valley

Rock, Abert Lake

The Artist's Brush

Still Life, Fall Leaves

Fort Rock

Fort Rock

Dahlia 6


Twisted, not Shaken

The Last Angry Man

Mission Mountains

Maple Grove

No Parking

Impressionist Maple

Black Elms, Autumn

Black Elms, Autumn

Hyperbolic Cooling Tower 2

The Rusted Door

Hyperbolic Cooling Tower 11 (copper toned)

Poinsettia Leaf Macro

South by Southwest

Stream, Glacier NP

Wildflowers, Glacier National Park

Wildflower, Toned

Waterfall 34

Water Abstract 16

Boy Fishing, Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

Flood, Svensen Island

Abstract Sunset 14

View of Indian Beach

Lost in the Rain Forest

Blossom, Tree

Like a Hole in the Head 3

Astoria-Megler Bridge

Grunge Abstract 25


Abstract 401

Beautiful Longview, Washington

Abstract 412

No Mooring

Pallets, Reflection, and Sky

Pallets, Reflection, and Sky (color version)


Sea Lions, Sleeping

Jetty Wall and Ships, Columbia River at Dusk

East Mooring Basin, Dusk (best viewed LARGE)

Astoria-Megler Bridge

Painted Pallets

Abstract 451

Razor Clam Diggers, Oregon Coast

The Eagle Sanctuary

Embryonic Baby Corn

Abstract 456

Firehouse Door

Crocus 5

Crocus Abstract 11

Christmas Cactus 11


Abstract Cartography

Abstract Cartography

A Dozen Easter Eggs

No Mas!

Mummy and Doll

Purple and Yellow Pansies

Abstract Cartography 28

My Daughter's Piano

Calle, Guanajuato

Detail, Upright Piano



Correos Mexico




Square, Guanajuato

Woman Leaving a Father Hidaldgo's Cathedral

Pansy 11

Greetings from the Crew


An Optical Mouse

High-Key White Baby's Breath--best viewed LARGE


Lily Abstract 11

Calle, Guanajuato


Yellow Tulip

Pineapple and Knife

Yellow Tulip

Cherry Blossom 6

Two Fuchsia (Bleeding Heart) Blossoms

Marguerites (small wild daisies)

Tulip 53

Broken Arm

Broken Arm

The Inner Glow of Tae Kwan Do

A Whole Lotta Neck and Chin

Three White Tulips

White Tulip: Abstract 28

Toned Tulip 11

White Tulip

Detail, Razor Clam

Calla Lily Abstract

Impressionist Oranges

Baby's Breath

The White Bells

Two White Bells

Razor Clam, before Dinner

The Four Lilies

Calla Lily 81

The Luxury of the Laptop

Serious Chat


The Secret Order of Tines

Clam Shell Geography 101

Gothic Fence

Forget-Me-Not 11

Maggie Plays with Her Hair

Abstract 411

Small White Flower

Abstract 512

Reflected Vine Maple, Gnat Creek

Gnat Creek

Rock Formation, Ranch

Park Avenue, Arches NP

Courthouse Towers


Desolate Landscape

Monument Valley

Two Mittens

Monument Valley

At the Beach

At the Beach

Shipping and Receiving

Harbor, Westport

Westport Harbor

Crab Pots and Net Shed

Net Shed and Crab Pots (Squared Version)

Florida Mountains

Wheat Field and Power Poles

Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock State Park

Crater Lake

Water Abstract 67

Ceramic Bowl on Blue

Abstract 412

Abstract 415

On the Docks

Running Is the Key to Happiness

East Mooring Basin, Early Evening

East Mooring Basin, Early Evening (color)

Rusted Oil Barrel 4

The Smell of Oil

A Rough Night

A Prettier Picture

Just an Orange Rose

Impressionist Maple Tree 15

A Biohazard is Right at Hand

Red Fuchsias in Apertif Glass on White Background

Soup Can 12

Christmas Cactus Macro

View from an Abandoned Net Shed, Columbia River

View from an Abandoned Net Shed, Columbia River


An Interesting Orbit

Loop-O-Plane Abstract

The Loop-O-Plane Walks

Yoyo, Clatsop County Fair




Jennifer, I Love You

Mt. Rainier Shot with a Canon 10D that has been converted to a b&w infrared only camera by Lifepixel.

Sign and Shadow

Vine and Barn

The Long Walk to Forever

Pure Morning

Painted Hills Abstract

The Wreck of the Peter Iredale

from The Painted Hills

Hull Abstract 46