Brad Farwell

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born northridge, ca 1975 BA architecture, yale university 1997 MFA photo, school of the art institute of chicago, 2006 lives and works in brooklyn, ny.


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Coney Island and Far Rockaway - NYC Beaches


Coney Island, weekend after 9-11

Shot down the beach toward the housing projects, with the spire of a local church just barely visible.

Coney Island Winter

Far Rockaway Beach, view from the boardwalk back across no-man's land toward projects.

Far Rockaway Beach

View through no-man's land toward projects.

Breakwater at Far Rockaway beach. Only barely visible in the scan are three equally spaced tanker ships on either side of the sign.

The only vendor open on a Winter afternoon at Coney Island. Barely visible in the scan, he is a huge, huge man sitting on a bar stool.

Guy walking his kid in a stroller along Coney Island boardwalk in extremely heavy wind and freezing rain. (yes, shooting it was lovely. ;)

Under a highway off the railroad tracks in New Jeresey. Near Orange, NJ, I think, following the NJ Transit tracks back toward NYC.

Sepia-toned shot of some oilfields in the midwest during a cross-country bus trip. I sorely regret that I didn't have a red filter with me; the clouds were an important aspect of the shot, and are only just possible to burn in.