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cyclamen 1 bw

Icelandic Poppy about to Open

Seedball for ?

Innards of an Icelandic Poppy


Lilly Innards

Another Horizontal Calla

Rose Close-up

Chive Blossom

Prairie Grass at Sundown

Lilly Innards

Tulips at Descanso

Clown Fish (acutally anemone fish)

Blue flower in the Garden

Pink/Orange Rose

Black and White Rose

Tomato Close Up

Another Small Tomato

B&W Magnolia

Lilly Pollen

B&W Calla

Leeks Before Dinner

black and white rose redux

Red Rose

From the Train


First Icelandic of the Season

Icelandic about to open

Black and White Pear

Gerbera in the Lab

Another Icelandic About to Open

Sunset in Palau

Icelandic in B&W

Another icelandic

Icelandic in B&W (again)

Tulip at Descanso

First of Spring

Cup Corals

Lightly toned camelia

Garden Eel in Palau

Day lilly

Futuristic Slinky

Lilly Close Up

Stolen from my neighbor

Frogfish in Au Au Crater

Eucalpytus Stalk in B&W

Another Eucalytpus

Looking Up at the Guggenheim


Chive Blossom Again

Mentryville Pump

Christmas in the Caymans

New Winter Rose

Blue Pansy on New Year's Eve

Remnants of Dinner

Black and White Iris

Black and White Irises


calla in b&W

Social Feather Dusters

Some Textured Anemones in Utila


Black and White Iris

Cuttlefish with Dinner

Pink Anemone Fish in PNG

Red Lipped Batfish

Rainy Day in LA

Tube Dwelling Anemone

Tube Anemone Redux

Pink Cyclamen

Feeding Coral

Feeding Coral Redux

I Won't Bite

Nudi Laying Eggs

Cute huh?

Baby Spinecheek

Christmas in Fiji

A Lionfish from Fiji

A tiny Spanish Shawl

Red Anemone in Catalina

Mr. Cabezon

Nemo at Home

Another True Clown Fish from the Solomon Islands

Sid Vicious from the Solomon Islands

Mr. Spinecheek

See Right Through Me

Porcelain Crab

Mr. Crabby Redo

Rainy Day in SoCal

Blue Nudibranch


Pygmy Seahorse

Feather Duster from PNG


Tiny Cuttle Fish

Pair o Crabs

Very Tiny Cuttlefish

Nice Yellow Chromidoris

A true clown fish from the Solomon Islands

Spinecheek Anemone Fish

A tiny lionfish at night

Watch Out

A Pink Frogfish from Indonesia

You looking at me?

Tomato Head at Home

Common but Nice


Lion Fish Face

Red Lipped Batfish

A tiny guy

A Nemo Family


Blue Lips

A Jawfish Daddy with His Eggs

PNG Blenny

Another view

A Nudibranch from PNG

A Rhinopias

Christmas In Belize

3 more nemos

A lionfish from The Solomons

Blue Fire Dart

A Barnacle Attached to a Wire Coral

Nemo and Son

A Freckle Face Blenny from Mary Island

Bugs Bunny



Don't Touch

Blue Banded Goby

Hermissenda crassicornis

Spanish Shawl

Another view

Blue Ribbon Day

A little green anemone


A tiny nudibranch from the Philippines



Red Spotted Blenny

California Nudibranch

Local Fringehead