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Hello! My name is Ilia. I was born in Russia in 1976. I started photography when I was 7 years old with russian all-mechanical camera Smena 8m, which I disassembled a few month after starting using it. Of course, when I re-assembled there were some spare parts. I had to "borrow" my dad's camera ("Orion"). On my 14th birthday I got my first SLR - it was russian Zenit-TTL. I was mostly in b&w photography, processing everything in my home darkroom, though I had some experience with Orwochrome slide films. Now I mostly use slide films, partly because I don't want prints to occupy all my living space. Photography isn't my source of income - I do network engineering for living.


Single Photos





Rosenborg Slot (castle)


Bumble-bee in a poppy flower


Copenhagen's skyline after sunset

Statue in Royal Square

Lake in a city park

Danish National Library -"Black Diamond" (#3)

View over the lake to Frederiksborg Slot

Frederiksborg Slot and fontain

Frederiksborg Slot - Bridge to the castle

Fontain in the front of Town Hall

Ship and rising moon

Lur Blowers and clock on Town Hall

Statue on a roof

House and lake

Test - making pannorama with TS-E lens

Who said that human can't fly?

Champs Elysee (Jam)

Sacre Coeur (Montmartre)

Lights on Hotel de Ville at September 11, 2002

Traditional russian house (izba)

Arc de Triomphe (seen from Champs Elysee)

Portrait of a man

House in the forest

Bench and dead tree trunk

Lifecycle of a tree

Moored caravel on a foggy morning

Evening tranquillity

On the bridge