Kyle Nicholls

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Las Vegas June 2001

Calico *Ghost Town* - 2001

Del Coronado, San Diego - 2001

Del Coronado, San Diego - Pentax - 2001

Rome, Italy - 2001

Nice, France - 2001

Menton, France - 2001

Tuscany, Italy - 2001

Switzerland - 2001

St. Paul-Vence, France - 2001

Antibes, France - 2001

Monaco - 2001

Marfa, Texas - 2001


Taking in the view by the Bellagio lake!

Bellagio Hotel - Las Vegas 110 degrees in the shade :)

Bally's walkway - night

Reflection of the Alladin - Las Vegas Blvd.

Barton with Cesars magnificent guards :)

Kyle in front of Cesars Pallace.

Paris Hotel - Las Vegas Blvd.l 110 degrees!

Barton in cage...

Barton and the glass bottle house

Kyle - Glass bottle house...

Kyle in general store

View from hotel room

Shoot 'em up

Shoot 'em up - the sequal

Wolds largest Thermometer!

Las Vegas syndrome

Hotel entrance

Lobby 2

Lobby 3

Hotel Beach

Beach at high tide...

Kyle in front of the 'Del'

windows in room

Sleeping in the hall...

Sunny Pacific ocean...

Leaving the 'Del' in the Lincoln...

las vegas blvd

Rocks on Coronado beach

more rocks....

more rocks....


fools gold

Pacific ocean

another shot at dusk

Kyle on beach

Bart on beach

Barton in the Bally tube...

Bart and statues

Faux Effiel

Falmingo - Day


Barton - apres coffee

after more coffee!

Kyle - poolside

Jim Thompson anyone?

Moon rising over the Del

foliage detail

room interior

Yellow Brick Road

Stylin' Bart

Giant Chairs :)

the two towers of Del

Classic Del shot

Corrado and Kaarin 1

Corrado and Kaarin 2

Kaarin on boat

Kyle and Danny


windows by colosseum

San Gimignano town square at night

Dead Sunflower

Alley way - San Gimignano


Pulcino Rest.

Medieval Manhattan...

Hotel in San Gimignano

View from hotel room - SG

Forum columns

Rome soccer team!

Kaarin - Kyle nxt. to Forum

Arturo & Kaarin - SG





Cocteau avec bubblegum

Kyle - taken by Danny on Arturos terrace

Cocteau museum interior

Menton - Fountain

Menton - fountain

Menton - street

Menton - Market

Arturo - Kyle in main square San Gimignano

Kyle in main sq. S. Gimignano (taken by Kaarin Von)

S. Gimignano - Internet Cafe

Del Crocifisso

Certaldo - Church

Certaldo - Church detail


Colosseum detail 1

Colosseum detail 2

Colosseum detail 3!

Roman Forum

Roman Empire circa ?

Forum detail

Kaarin in the Forum

Luck of the Trevi Fountain

Kaarin, Danny, and Kyle at Trevi fountain

Dunkin Dougnuts at the Trevi Fountain :(!

Bikini Kaarin!

Captin Corrado!

Arturo and Kaarin

Arturo imitating Kyle

View of San Gimignano

Interior room view

Room view detail

View from room

Lake Geneva

Montreux apartment building

House detail

Montreux - alp water

Detail of waterfall

Abandoned Hotel National

Bart, Carol, Bill avoiding traffic

Golden Pass

Diane, Bob, Carol, Bart - en route to Gstaad

View from Eggli

Walking from Eggli to Saanen

Self portrait


View of old city

Maeght Foundation - Sculpture garden

Maeght Foundation

Maeght Foundation - entrance pool

Maeght Foundation - Miro 1

Maeght Foundation - 2nd floor view

Maeght Foundation - Miro 2

Maeght Foundation - Miro fountain

Maeght Foundation - Miro detail

Maeght Foundation - Giacometti

Hotel Royal - Antibes

View from room

Antibes street

alley way

Street detail - wooden door carving

Antibes - street detail: door with hand knocker

Antibes - Market

Antibes - Church

Picsso Museum

Picasso - guitar sculpture

Picasso Museum - ceramics

Picasso Museum - sculpture garden

Picasso Museum - sculpture 1

Picasso Museum - sculpture 2

Antibes - coast line (Cote d'Azure)

View out to terrace

Rome - Campo dei Fiori

Monaco - Institute Oceanographique

Outside museum

Museum detail

Museum ceiling detail


Fish in Formaldehyde 1

Fish in Formaldehyde 2

Monte Carlo - Casino

Looking out from casino

Detail near Casino

Old city of Monaco

Map of Monaco

Jardin Exotique

Jardin Exotique - detail

Jardin - cacti detail 2

Cacti - detail

Cactus - bones

Maeght Foundation - Miro sculpture

Maeght Foundation - Kandinsky Retrospective

Entrance to town

Street view

Street detail

street detail - 2

Museum detail

Matisse detail 2

Matisse - Chapel model

Matisse - wall

Donald Judd window

Donald Judd window - interior

John Chamberlain installation

John Chamberlain detail

John Chamberlain detail 2

Marfa Bank

Marfa - Brite building

Marfa - railroad crossing

Marfa - the Palace

Marfa - building on street

Main Street

Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen horse shoe sculpture - Chinati Foundation

Dan Flavin installation - Chinati Foundation

Dan Flavin fluorescent light detail

Chinati Foundation - reflection