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Paris '64

Single Photos

Portland (Maine) Waterfront-ongoing project

Portland,Maine Streeet Shots

Ciro Test

Yarmouth Junction, Me

Amtrak Expansion Project

Nikon F


Rue de la Huchette. This street is now flooded with neon and fast food joints

Fishing In The Seine.I hope this is purely for sport, I would never eat anything that came out of that river. Old print, comment on subject and composition only please.

The stripes caught my eye.

Couple at Sidewalk Cafe Taken by the old trick of appearing to be fiddling with the camera while pointing it sideways

Deportation Point, Paris

Deering Oaks, Portland, Me.

Bees and Crocus

A fixture on the wharf

Deep Sea Dragger

Gear Detail

Ferries on the left, condos on the right,the gradual disappearance of the working waterfront.

Free Speech Exemplified

Street Tango

Bubble Chaser

Another Cafe Couple


Ciroflex F



A Foggy Morning In Maine

Monument Square, Portland, Me.

Ordinary Horse

Yarmouth Jct

REA Office

Repost. Baggage Carts at old RR station, now long gone.

Baptist Cemetary, Yarmouth, Me.

Luther Little


Rock Formation on Beach



Konica S2013

Konica S2015

Spike Pullers

Trimming overhanging branches

Konica S2012

Old Ties

High and Dry

Horseshoe Crab

Main St Cottage

Cotton Mill, Royal River, Yarmouth, Me

Royal River, Upper Falls

1910 Cottage

Nikon F032

Faded Glory

Restored Cottage

Roadside Flower

Royal River RR Bridge

Sunset over the dock

Cousins Island Sunset

sacre couer at night

Palais Chaillot Fountains