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I found photography interesting from a young age, but didn't get a 'real' camera until I divorced in '99 and needed to find something to do other than raise my children. Unfortunately, I've never become anything more than a guy who likes to take pictures, though I acquired the equipment through the years that made me look like a real photographer - most of which sits stagnant now because I've found that the tool that provides me with the most fun and flexibility is a Panasonic superzoom. I've gotten many shots with it that I could have never gotten without carrying around several much heavier lenses, and who wants to take those on vacation The shots I have on are pretty old, but my flickr page contains my latest, should anyone care to look.

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Bugs and Such


People and Pets



Landscapes and Structures


Moon Over Sunset

Sunset at Soccer Practice


Dining Mantis


Mud Puzzle

Wide Angle Sunset on the Farm

Waving Goodbye

Balancing Goose


Bleeding Heart Mom and Her Kids - Just Hanging Around

Little Bee, Little Bud


Honeybee Closeup

Razzmatazz at Canterbury ("Taz")

His Mother's Ears

Butterfly Wing

Beetle Feeding

You talkin' ta me?

Field and Sky

Driveway Tree

Driveway Thumbsucker

Gull Flight

Bobbing for Birdies

Just Another Swan Pic

Celtic Band Raises Dead

An Orthodontist's Dream



101 Uses For a Sleeping Dog - #32 (or Why I'll Never be a Cat Person)

Ghost Team

Cold Day, Warm Sunset

"Little Housefire on the Prairie"

Birdhouse at Sunset


Motion Sickness

The Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow



Say (cut the ) Cheese!

Yellow Swallowtail

Finches 1



Pollen-Covered Bee (or at least I think it's pollen)

Yellow Butterfly 2

White Butterfly (Great Southern White I think)

Leaving on a Full Stomach

Little Bee


Electric Towers

Field of Steams

Old Farm Equipment Hiding Out

Another Bridge in Lancaster County, PA

Tree and Bridge - Lancaster County, PA

Bridge in Lancaster County PA

Split 'Person-cow-lity'


Little Structure on the Prairie

Winter Sunset

Adairs Bridge - Perry County, PA

Amish Buggy

Standing Goose at Boiling Springs, PA

Mallard at Boiling Springs, PA

"I'm Hideous"

Wood Duck - Boiling Springs, PA

Grass-fed Goose

Mechanicsburg Cemetery

Kingfisher Flight

Kingfisher at Boiling Springs, PA

Pig-headed Geese

Rising Moon

Starbursts in Stream

Flying Duck

Things in the Sky

Just Back from the Stylist

Boiling Springs at Christmas

Duck Dormer

Outer Banks Sunset

Christmas Day Sunset

Winter Sunrise

Sun Begins to Rise over Roundtop

Backyard Sunrise

Orange Clouds over Farm

You sure there's a nut down there?

What The...

Love is Snowblind

Splash 1

Splash 2

Splash 4

Splash 5

Black Splash 5

Black Splash 6

Black Splash 8

Black Splash 10

Someone should have read the instructions.

Barn among the Soybeans

The Other End

Iron Bridge over the Yellow Breeches

Bridge at Messiah College

Storm at Pike's Peak

Canon at Mechanicsburg Cemetery


Train Lines


Train Bridge

Bridge-framed Silo