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I've been interested in photography since the early 50's when a friend showed me how to tray develop contact prints. In 1957 I was really hooked when a photo magazine of the day included in their magazine a duplicate colour slide, bound between the pages, of Venetia Stevenson, an actress and model, sitting at a table & illuminated by only two candles. It was the introduction of the highest speed colour film of the day, Super Anscochrome 100. Anyone remember that? I have done some work for hire, mostly weddings, though now I just photograph for me. I love viewing portraits, especially B&W, though my own work is mainly in the landscape area. I enjoy critiquing others' work if I feel I have something concrete to offer. I may play Devil's Advocate at times, suggesting a change even though I'm not fully convinced myself, just to see the reaction. It helps me focus & solidify my own thoughts & I learn from it. Best, LM. Update: 4 May 2014 Many thanks to Marc Bergman for his link to that Venetia Stevenson slide. I had been trying for decades to view again the slide that sparked my interest in photography. LM. Update: 20 March, 2016 Time to move on! I've been active on Photo.net for over 15 years, posting often and frequently accessing this site, sometimes several times a day. I don't know what my life would be like without Photo.net but starting on 31 March, 2016 I'm going to find out. I've decided to leave the site for a time, perhaps a year, perhaps less, perhaps longer. It's been a source of fun and learning and I thank all who's paths I've crossed over the years for the interaction. Best to all, Len Marriott.

Country: CA


20th Century

Elora - Fergus Ont. Area






Cabela's, Dundee MI


Leica School, Nov. 1963





1960- "The Card Game"








On The Beach





Kids trying to decide what to do next.

New Skates

Union Station, Toronto

On a gray winter day all we have going for us is shapes & tones.

Poppies & Phlox(?) in the wind.

Flowers in the wall

Elora Gorge (insertion point for those wishing to float down through the gorge on inner tubes).

Dead Bolt. (found in an old mill foundation)

'Roots on Limestone'

Orange on Placemat

"Did you ever have to make up your mind?"

What to shoot on a slow day? Well, what's in the 'frig?

Sands2, Detail of Singing Sands beach.

Sands4, Detail of Singing Sands Beach

SS2, Singing Sands Beach

Shrub on Limestone

Heaviest Dew This Year


Midday Flight at Elora Mill

Onion Farmer on a Mission

Wellington Home Museum


Forest Path 2

Forest Path

The Wannabe

Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II

Sunnidale Park Creek

Sumac Leaves, A prime subject every autumn.

"High Hopes" The quest for Brown Trout on the Grand River.

Hint of Spring on Willow Creek



Spy satellite photo of train crossing the plains.(plains look remarkably like a hardwood floor from that height)

Early Spring On Willow Creek

'Late winter blahs'? Pick up thy camera & walk!

Winter Loving Ducks on creek.

Blue Jay 2

Rushes in Winter

Walkin' the Dog

Patterns in the wheatfield got me wondering. Were they caused by legitimate farm activity or vandals?

Trumpeter Swan with day old cygnets.

Twilight Photographer


Lily Pads

Pond Detail

Lazy day on Kempenfelt Bay

Red Truck seen at 'Old Car' rally in Orillia, On.

Detail spotted at 'Old Car' rally in downtown Orillia, On.

Monarch (?) Spotted at 'Old Car' rally in downtown Orillia, On. Reminder: Next time take notes.

'32 Ford detail.

From a recent field trip to Algonquin Park, On.

'On-The-Fly' Grand River, Ontario.

Disks on Farm Machinery


Elora Gorge Bridge

Elora Gorge Bridge2

'First Light on Tea Lake'

'First Rays 2'

'Yellow Leaves'

Indian Paintbrush

Gulls at Shand Dam

Willow & Rock

Grand River Elms

Wye Marsh, On.

Summer Bloom

Cut Glass Patterns

Sunlight Filtering Through Snow Blowing Off Trees

Mist on Willow Creek

Sun Filtering Through Trees

Cedars on Willow Creek

Above Willow Creek

Backlit Fountain

Pine Tree

Hilton Falls, On.

Log in Rapids

Mid January on Willow Creek

#1 Grandson enjoying 1st year of life!


"Fly Ball"

#1 Grandson, 'just goin' for a walk'

Torrance Sumac

Wagon Wheel

Surprise on the Return Path!

Sunset at the Torrance Barrens

Trees & Ferns

Wrestling Grizzlies

Down for the Count!

Autumn Panorama

Joyful Summer

Farm, Elora, On.


1st Birthday Photo

Trillium Carpet

Path Through Grant's Woods

Midhurst Pines

Willow Creek in Winter 1

Willow Creek in Winter 2

Willow Creek Winter 3

Willow Creek in winter 4.

Willow Creek in Winter 7

Willow Creek in Winter 8

Snow falling through trees !

Tiny Marsh @ -24F

Sunrise at Tiny Marsh

Sunrise at Tiny Marsh

Easter Island Head

New Friends

Hogg's Falls, On.

The Depot

Jones Falls

The Depot (B&W)

Beaver River


Trading Post

Table on the Wharf

Willow Creek in Summer

King's Wharf Complex

Grand River Staircase

Edge of Autumn

Grand River

Cat 'n the Grass

Spanning the Gorge, 100mm

Spanning the Gorge 50mm

Spanning the Gorge, 28mm

Stairway to Elora Gorge

Elora Gorge Reflections

Quest for Brown

Grand River Bridge

Fergus Landmark

Chip or Dale?

Grand River Detail (another)

Tree in the Gorge

Rear Window

Winter in Sunnidale Park

Shrub on the Grand River

Itsy Bitsy

Geese in the Elora Conservation Area

Grand River Landing



Elk (and friends)

Grizzly (and friends)

Leopard & Baboons




Cape Buffalo & Lion


Elephant & Vultures

Elephant- Headshot

Black Bear


Deer by Falls




Wolf & Muskox

Moose Fight

The Challange

Dam on the Grand R.

Mono Cliffs Conservation Area.

Small lake in Mono Cliffs conservation area.

Horseshoe Valley Area

Willow Creek Winter 2005

Willow Creek 2, winter 2005

Ice Storm Residue

Lilac Dell in Winter

Oldtimers and Newby

Mono Cliffs Lookout

Verticals, Curves, & Colours

Brave or Foolhardy?

Leisure Time on Willow Creek

Forest Deep

After the Storm

Tree & Snow


Shipyards Crane

Shy Colt

Wetzlar Scene

Wetzlar Scene

Wetzlar Scene

Wetzlar Moment

Wetzlar Moment

Wetzlar Scene

Wetzlar Scene

Leica School instructor, R. Krauth.

Leica School instructor R. Krauth

Wetzlar Street Scene

Wetzlar street scene

Wetzlar street scene

Wetzlar street scene

Wetzlar street scene (I think I'm busted)

Wetzlar Candid

Wetzlar Candid

Wetzlar Candid

Wetzlar Candid

Wetzlar Candid

Wetzlar Storefront display

Wetzlar Pigeon in Flight

Macro of current (1963) Canadian postage stamp.

"Where is the rest of our crew?"

"Where the heck does this go?"

Rumor Mill

Little Girl by Fountain

German kids playing in the park

"I shot an arrow............."

Kids in Park

Kids in Park

Kids in park.

Kids playing 'Bows & Arrows' in the park.

Candid of kids playing on the streets of Wetzlar.

Lady, newspaper, dog.

A lady & her dog.

Wetzlar citizen and her dog.

Occupant of Wetzlar in Nov. 1963

German soldier & son.

Pete works with visoflex housing & (I believe) a 400mm lens.

Leica School student carries out a copying assignment in the lab.

Our instructor, R. Krauth, offers some copying advice to a Leica School student.(name lost in antiquity)

Leica School students work on their assignments in the lab.

Students in the Leica School lab work on their assignments.

Candid portrait of fellow student (name lost in antiquity) taken in the Leica School lab.

Leica School class, 11-13 Nov. 1963

A current (in 1963) Canadian Postage stamp.

Oasis in the Sky


Cheltenham Badlands

Cheltenham Badlands

Cheltenham Badlands Detail

New River Bridge, VA

Shipyard Crane (CLR)

Shipyard Crane Pulley

Maine Whitecap

#1 Grandson



Barrie Skyline after a Rain !

Leaves & Fungus


Algonquin Landscape

Tea Lake Maple


Orange Thingy

Red Thingys

Rainbow in a Leaf



Royal Botanical Garden Red Leafy Plant

Wasaga Beach Sunset

Marchmont Mill Stream & Dam

Trail Bridge, Grant's Woods

Trail Bridge

Autumn Leaves

Sunnidale Park Detail

Expired Fargo

Old Fargo

Toadstools 2

Fall Colour

Decorative Cabbage



November's Subtle Colours


Ornamental Cabbage

Here's Lookin' at You !

Civic Shifter

Ornamental Cabbage White Ornamental Cabbage

Torrance Barrens Shore Detail

Torrance Barrens Oaks

Torrance Barrens Detail

Yellow Pine

Torrance Shoreline

Torrance Barrens Overview

Torrance Shoreline-Twilight

Torrance Twilight

Paper Flower

Pre-schoolers get a bowling lesson!

Waiting for Company

Ice Mounds on Georgian Bay

Grant's Woods Log

Ice Mound

Mat Abstract

25th Anniversary

Boys-in-the-hood! Circa 1957.

Girls-in-the-Hood !

Willow Creek Detail

Red Berry

Lilacs & Blue

White Trillium

Mountain Lion

Ah, breakfast!


Big Horn Sheep

Grizzly Bear Portrait

Raccoon & Clam

Cabela's Elk

Parking Lot Lighting (near Helicopter pad)

Soccer Balls

Orange Toadstools

Cheltenham Badlands





More Sumac!

Autumn Maple Leaves

Sunnidale Park

Villa Pizza

Snowman's Portrait

Hilton Falls

A Quiet Place, Autumn

Sumac & Poplar

Ducks in Collingwood Harbour

Autumn in Sunnidale Park

Awaiting Spring

New Hydro Tower

Old Man Winter (Tree Carvings)

A Quiet Place, Winter

Winter Fields & Fences

Birches '08

Willow Creek Pine

Trees & Rail Fence

Tranquility Garden

Winter, Trees & Fields

Cedar Rail Fence Detail

Farm Structure

Mid Winter

Sign of Spring

Rear Window

Rod Stewart Impersonator


Red Tulips



Potts Falls

Potts Falls

Sprig on the Rocks

Red Cone Reflection

Forest Floor Green

Samuel de Champlain Monument Detail

Dee Bank Falls


Bee Careful

Hidden Beauty

Installing the Battens

On Kempenfelt Bay

Pillars of Commerce

Orillia Detail


Red Dog, Blue Dog

North River, Marchmont

Willow Creek Pano

Willow Creek Sumac

Sunnidale Park Detail

Sunnidale Park Grasses

Sunnidale Park Detail

'Indy' tosses Archaeology, embraces Photography!

Cheltenham Badlands 4759

Horses & Pasture

Willow Creek Cedars 2

Cheltenham Badlands

First Snow


Daylight in the Swamp

Leica School Certificate

Red Wheel

"The Bare Essentials'" Originally titled "Cheeks"

Palm Frond

Cool Dude

Northwinds Beach

Knight & Sheild


Wye Marsh in April


Sunnidale Park Detail

Pink Ornamental Fence

Jessica, Day 1 (still tired from the move)

Cooling Down

Rhubarb Pie, Step 1

Forest Stream

Life & Death in Grant's Woods

Willow Creek

Red Berries

Leaves Turning in July?

Hopeful Mooch

Life Preserver

End of the Day, Stowing the Sail

Horned Owl

Jessica @ 3 months

'Dragon', Turkey Vulture

Horned Owl Demo


Ship's Boiler, most likely

Nice Portrait for Mom & Dad

Grand River, Fergus, On.

Kakabeka Falls, Circa 1960


Horned Owl

Sweet Find

Storm Coming!

Glass Canyon

Gathering Storm

Elora Mill Spillway

Jessica @ 4 1\2 months

Maple Cross Section

Checkin' out the Turbo

Jessica @ 7 months (almost)

Yoke, Buckets, St. Marie among the Hurons

Storeroom, St. Marie among the Hurons. Life in the 1600's

Staircase, Ste. Marie among the Hurons

Coldwater Mill

There's a gate? NOW you tell me!

Woolly Caterpillar

Nature Lesson: Woolly Caterpillar

Serious Dudes (Well, most of them)

Mount Royal Winter Activities

"Louis R Demarais" Launch, 8 July, 1977

Descent to Montreal Airport 1960

"Mom" at the kitchen table.

Toboggan on Mount Royal

Mount Royal Cross

Swamp Detail

Old Fort Willow Detail

Fort Willow Detail

Toronto, East from CN Tower, 1979

Toronto-South from CN Tower

Georgian Bay

Toronto, West from CN Tower

Arboretum Detail

'While strolling through the park one day, In the merry merry month of May.....'

Struggle for Control


Lily Leaves


Clematis Bloom

High Falls

High Falls

High Falls

Below Potts Falls

Apple Annie's

Wheels in Motion

Orillia Downtown Detail

Summer Cool Down !

Jessica @ 14 1\2 months

Poised for Action!

Never Ending Task !

Left, Right, or Straight Ahead?


Canon Theater

Indian Falls

Bruce's Caves Detail

Hot Gen



Canada's National War Memorial Cenotaph

Canada's National War Memorial Cenotaph

Construction Crane

Skinner's Bluff

Respecting a Classic !

"Large, Double Double, and a Bagel"

"The Players"

"The Opponents"

"The Partner"

"The Enemy"

"The Play"


"Earth is Our Home"

Dying Tree


Jessica & Friend

Retired Laker

Tyler @ 6 months!

Ice in Collingwood Harbour

Dufferin County Farm

Silo Stairway

Roofer in Snowstorm

Fieldstone Retaining Wall

Winter Stubble

Staircase to Spring

CF-116 (F5) Detail

Ice Break Up in Collingwood Harbour !

Portrait by Window Light

Marchmont Millpond & Spillway !

Jessica @ 22 months

Fountain at Centenial Park

Jessica @ 2 years & 3 days!

Wild Rose

Credit Valley Train

Into the Light!


Quest for Minnows

Wild Sweet Pea

Wharf, Gravenhurst, Ontario.

Farmer's Market Vendor


Creemore Cumulus

Algonquin Park Detail

Window & Weather Vane

Then & Now

Trail Bridge 2

Track Detail

Lonesome Pine

Halloween on a Hill

St. Thomas Anglican Church

"Say Cheese" !

November in Grant's Woods

Days Bygone!

St. Jacob's Pastoral

'Cold enough for ya?'

Autumn Tradition

Jedi Wannabe

Old Man in the Woods

Tiny Marsh Detail

Swallow Penthouse

Boardwalk, Point Pelee Nat'l Park

Aiden @ 4 months

'100 Years of Separation'

Reflecting While On The Run!


Milking 101

Boardwalk Trail Detail

Summer Day on Georgian Bay

'Aiden', at 7 Months

"What do you Think?"

Muskox & Offspring

Extending His Reach

Willow Creek Reflections

Ballet 101


Crowned Lion

CN Tower & Smoke Stack

Watts Boats

Kites in a Snow Squall

Elora Mill

Then and Now

Tiny Marsh Stream

Georgian Bay Detail

The Face Painting

Aiden (the farmer) @ 15 months


Rainy Day Near Creemore

Willow Creek Detail

"Budding Ballerinas"

Seal of Approval !


Jump Trial

Glass Insulators

"Store Closing"



Sumac ll

Oak Leaves

Common Teasel, October 2013

Magic of Christmas

Hey! Don't Shove!

Beech & Maple

November on Georgian Bay

"So long, see you next year"

Fishing for Rainbow


Tiny Marsh Reflections

Winterfest Wanderings

The Chase!

"Here, let me help you up!"

#*8 C.J. Garcia, Barrie Colts

In Full Control!

The Transfer!

"Charlie Horse", Barrie Colts Mascot.

#8, Ryan Van stralen, Ottawa 67's

On the Offensive!

#28 Zack Hall, Barrie Colts

Race for the Puck

The Threat!

Aiden @ 26 months

Black-Capped Chickadee (Poecile Atricapillus)

Black Squirrel (Sciurus Carolinensis) Known Locally as: Tree Rat! :-)

Goldfinch (female) {Carduelis tristis}

Barn Owl {Tyto Alba}

Mouse? What mouse?

"..........And Don't Come Back..........."

Canada Goose Family

American Redstart {Setophaga ruticilla}

Song Sparrow {Melospiza melodia}

The Agony & the Ecstacy {Who's team just scored?}

Leap of Faith

"Kiss Me, I'm really a Prince! What? I have pond scum on my lip?"

"Lunch is Ready"!

Dancin' in the Street

Red Fringe

Sparrow With Lunch!

Dove 1

Dove 2

Street Abstract


Gray Catbird {Dumetella carolinensis}

Downy Woodpecker (male, possibly juvinile) {Picoides pubescens}

The History Lesson

Turkey Vulture

Downy Woodpecker

Beech Leaves


Autumn Leaves

On The Wing!

Autumn Reward

American Goldfinch (?)

American Goldfinch 2 (?)

Kool Kids

African Violet

Wise Man

Red Squirrel

Stanley, The Laner Falcon

Red Winged Blackbird

Bridge Grafitti

Canada Goose (Best Seen Larger)

Beech Tree

Black Squirrel

Spring on Willow Creek (Best Viewed 'Larger')

Birches (Better Viewed Larger)

Ontario Place from Coronation Park (better viewed Larger)

Toronto Lakeshore

Doin' The Hokey Pokey


Good Food, Great Wings..........Yah, Right!

A Harley D Kind of Day

MiG 15 (Czech Republic)

Grackle (peanut thief)


Goliath & Spike (Spike: "Come on Goliath, let's go beat up a cat!")

Starling in Flight

Riverside Nursery (Best Viewed Larger)

Soft Landing

Painted Turtle

Red Winged Blackbird (in flight)

Song Sparrow

Red Winged Blackbird on the Wing!

Eastern Kingbird

Blue Jay in Flight

Grackle in Flight

Treetop Melee (Best Viewed Larger)

Grackle (landing)

Safe at Second! (best viewed 'Larger')

'Nothin' but Air'! (Best Viewed Larger)

'Hey, don't bother, I'm already here'! (Best Viewed Larger)

'Maybe This Time'! (Best Viewed Larger)

'Got a piece of it'! (Best Viewed Larger)

'And if I don't hear you guys cheering louder for us, you're outa here'! (Best 'Larger')

"Hello big guy! Why don't you come up and see me sometime?" (Best viewed Larger)

Brave? Foolhardy? Your call!


Lookin' for a Receiver (don't take too long!)

The Haagen Dazs Temptation

Mine, Mine, Mine!

Duck in Flight

"Goin' Down"!


Waxwing in Flight!

'Kick Blocking Attempt'

'Lift Off'! (Best Viewed 'Larger')

Duck in Flight (best viewed 'Larger')

Heron in Flight (best viewed larger)



Seventh Inning Stretch!

George White Steam Engine Detail

Spawning Rainbow Trout

The Shadow!

The Steal!

Hey, No pressure!

Mano a Mano!

The Fox and the Hounds! (Best Viewed Larger)

♫♪......All alone, I'm so all alone......♫♪

Positioning for the Pass!

Clearview Township Eco-Park Detail

Repairing the Old (not so rugged) Cross

Opportunity Knocks!

CN Tower-Edge Walk

End of Season

Birches & Pond

Nature's Sculpture

Stand Off!

Cranberry Surf, Collingwood, Ont. Canada

"X" Marks the Spot

Eco Park Detail

Parking Boss

Trees 'R Us !


Jockeying for Position!