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Las Vegas by Night

Las Vegas Casinos and Shops

Copenhagen, Denmark

Riga, Latvia



France as photographed by Margita Lidaka

San Francisco

Hawaii April, 2003

Pigs in Oak Park, Illinois


Garfield Park Conservatory - Chicago, IL, USA

Carousel Horses in Oak Park, IL


The Roller Coaster is a part of an amusement park. I don't know if the park is there any more.

Ferris Wheel at the amusement park.

Two Pairs in Bologna

Department Store

TIVOLI Amusement Park

Motorbike rack

Scrooge's Marley - a Doorknocker

Museo de Cera - Museum of Wax

View of the Balearic Sea

Sagrada Familia - Antonio Gaudi, architect

Casa Battlo - Antonio Gaudi, architect

Casa Battlo - Antonio Gaudi, architect

Casa Battlo - Antonio Gaudi, architect

Sewer cover


From the Rhine

Tugboats in the Rhine River

A church on the shore of the Rhine

A town on the shore of the Rhine

Island in the Rhine

On the shore of the Rhine

The cellars of Rudesheim Winery

Barbary Coast Close-up

Fountain at the Paris Casino

Bellagio Casino

Paris Casino balloon

Las Vegas Boulevard

Bally Casino - outdoor decoration

Bally Casino - outdoor decoration

Bally Casino - outdoor decoration

Bally Casino - outdoor decoration

French Connection - Men's Clothing

Shopping Court at the Aladdin Casino

The Towers of the Excalibur Casino

Las Vegas Boulevard from the Bridge

Blue Screen over the MGM Lion

Red Screen over the MGM Lion

Blackjack Tables at the Paris Casino

Slot Machines at the Paris Casino

The Apartment Buildings of the Paris Casino

Le Salon des Tables Paris Casino

Beaucoup Slot Machines at the Paris Casino

The Base of the Eiffel Tower in the Paris Casino

Montmartre at the Base of the Eiffel Tower, Paris Casino

The Mirage Buffet

Barbary Coast Casino

Fountain inside the Paris Casino

Bellagio Casino

Bellagio Hotel Lobby

Swimming Pool at the Bellagio Hotel

View through the Window of the Bellagio Casino

Entrance Door to the Bellagio Hotel

A Church in Florence

Bridge in Florence

The Bridge a little closer

Giotto (Ambrogio Bondone - 1267-1337) Painter

Covered Sidewalk along the Piazza

Covered Sidewalk along the Piazza: Closer View

Another Covered Walk in Bologna

A Curious Bologna Restaurant

A Quiet Corner

Courtyard in Bologna

Fearless in Danger

River through the park in Riga

Only ducks in the river today

Government Building in late afternoon

One Doorway in Riga

The Gathering Storm

Waterside Apartments

Copenhagen from the top of Rudleturn ('Round Tower')

The Cirkus Auditorium

Danes at Dusk on one of the main shopping streets of Copenhagen


Pigeons attend to the Church

Golden Amber Jewelry from the Baltic Sea

Gotta Make a Living

An Office Building

Peaceful Autumn Plaza

Bridge across the Daugava River


Street scene

Riga Building

Latvia's Statue of Freedom

A building in Riga

Hotel at night

Hotel Parking Garage

Caracas Street at Night

Cityscape at Night

Another Cityscape at Night

Housing on the Hill, Stores below

Housing on the Hill

Boats at shore - Margarita Island

Beach scene, Margarita Island

Soft Drink Stand at the beach

Little brother wants to play

Cat on the Roof

Riga building


Door to the Government Offices

More Riga Buildings

Boats in the bay, Margarita Island

Boats on the beach, Margarita Island

Private Enterprise, Margarita Island

The Young Enjoy the Beach, Margarita Island

Hard Day at the Beach, Margarita Island

It's Nice Here, Yes? Margarita Island

Leaving the Beach, Margarita Island

Overlooking the Bay, Caribbean Sea

New Construction

Caracas Hilton grounds

Restaurant interior

Cafe by the piazza at Night

A part of the piazza

Sidewalk at night

Another old Building

The Fog Rolls In

A Tree Grows in Switzerland


Out for a Sunday Walk

Humankind Can Make a Rainbow Too

Will He Fly Today?

Maybe Tomorrow

On the shores of the lake

All in a row on Lake Geneva

Along the shores of Lake Geneva

Along the shores of Lake Geneva

Crane on a flatboat, Lake Geneva

On the grounds of the United Nations complex

Modern timepiece at the United Nations

My daughter Margita took this - she's 16

Lake View

Golden Domes

Apartments, photo taken by Margita Lidaka

Looking down on the city, photo taken by Margita Lidaka

A statue somewhere in Germany

Northbound on Mason Street from Nob Hill

Construction Crane

City Hall

City Hall - Entrance

Southbound on Mason toward Market Street, from Nob Hill

Former mansion at the top of Nob Hill

Office building

State Building

Sea Lions at Pier 39 of Fishermans Wharf

Angry Sea Lions at Pier 39

A Tree Grows in Golden Gate Park

Coin Tower and TransAmerica Pyramid

Pier 39

San Francisco's real Painted Lady


Wall sculpture, Empire Park in Chinatown

Wall sculpture - another view - Empire Park, Chinatown

Townhouses - architech William Polk



Pigeons in Chinatown park 1

Pigeons in Chinatown park 2


Tree in the Japanese Garden

Bridge over water in the Japanese Garden


Church of Sts. Peter and Paul

Cone Tower

Cable car tracks

Walkway in St. Mary's Square

Golden Gate Bridge

Rainbow over Honolulu

Storybook Pig 1

Flying Pig 1

Flying Pig 2

Pig of the Big Apple

Picasso Pig 1

Picasso Pig 2

Shamrock Pig

Storybook Pig 2

Curly Purpos

Hungry Pig


Going Home

Irv Kupcinet - Chicago


Yellow Flowers - species unknown