Jason L. Kefover [Jason L.]

Born 1965 A.A.S.: Photography from Antonelli Institute of Art, Plymouth Meeting, PA: 1986 B.A.: Physics from Mansfield University, Mansfield, PA: 1992 B.S.: Mechanical Engineering from PENN STATE University, State College, PA: 1992 I picked up my first 35mm camera in 1980. Started darkroom work in 1981. In 1983, several of my photographs were added to Ansel Adams' archive at the University of Tucson, AZ. (I have the letter from Ansel himself, signed.) I droped out of photography in 1987 to work on the degrees in physics and engineering. I'm just now getting back into it. I have just completed payments on a Wisner complete Expedition outfit, Plasmats and all.... I will let everyone know how good (or bad) it is. JK