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I started photography at about 23 years of age - I'm 45 now - and I'm grateful for all that it has brought me in growth and satisfaction. I'm not a photographer who can lay claim to a specifically philosophical basis to what I produce. In general, I take the view that 'if it's right for you - then it's right', period. Each of us has our own notions of style, quality and aesthetic taste, and that's what enriches pages like these as we each attempt to bring out the best in what we can produce, and share that with others. Sometimes I get what I'm after with a shot - and sometimes I don't; that's what makes the shots that truely please me so rewarding, I'm not talented or skilled enough that this will ever be easy. There are a number of 'names' on this site (as in any hobby) and I respect some of their work as being among the best of our collective efforts; but I take a particular joy in seeing the efforts of the self-confessed beginners who sometimes exhibit wonderfully unselfconscious work free of the straitjackets of 'schools', 'styles' and the worst of tyrannies - the look that gets 7/7 and the compulsion to become a slave to one's own convention in order to keep the scores coming. My best wishes to all members and visitors. RO


Single Photos

Hometown - Wellington, New Zealand

America, England, France and Australia (2004-2006)

Cars and Motorcycles

The Street

New Zealand (other than Wellington)

Glamour etc


Statue - Tate Gallery, London

Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

Seddon Memorial

Studied Indifference

Thames Embankment

Early commute

Rail Yards

Vietnam War Memorial (with Washington Monument reflected)

Cafe Pravda

The Tower

Kitts Park

Gardens of Notre Dame

Floridita's place

Luna Park Entrance, St Kilda

WW1 Memorial

Atlas, Rockefeller Centre


Opera Garnier

Auguste Comte

Udvar Hazy Museum

Old Holborn Face

Korean War Memorial

The Majestic Centre

Majestic Centre - winter

Sainte Clothilde - Basilique Sainte Clothilde

Metro D.C.

Sandridge Bridge

Trafalgar Fountains

Seine south bank

Even when it's plastic . . .

Print no more . . .

NY Public Library

Old Parliament

Bel Air

Talking Shed

The Rod

Twin Chev Wedding


Pigeon perch

Dominion reflected

Roosevelt Memorial


Washington Monument and Vietnam Vet Memorial


Waterfront Walkway

Harbourside Playground

Hutt Valley Mist

Hutt Valley Mists (2)

Shed 5, Waterfront

Cafe Felix

Assuming the brace position . . .

Musee d'Orsay

Harbour Board

Railway Platform

V Star in Wellington

The Lady's Ride

V Star

Thorndon Blocks

Freedom is not free

Storm Brewing: Tararua Ranges

Wellington sunday stroll


Temptation (Paris)

Grand Central Entrance, East 42nd Street

No nuisance.

Union Station


Napoleonic Arch Detail

151 Cuba Street, Wellington

Forum Theatre

The 'Deserving Poor'?

Working Class vs Boutique 'Working Style'

'Boots' and 'Suits' on The Terrace (industrial action by Cleaners' Union members)

Industrial action - cleaners on The Terrace (2)

Same ol', same ol', harbour gales

Landed propellor

Floating Crane and Sculptures

Rainy Day Blues

Industrial action - cleaners on The Terrace

VW Sculpture at Te Papa

Tararua backdrop for rowers

Dawn at St Mary's Convent

By dawn's early light

Couching it nicely . . .




Library Palms

Michael Fowler Centre

Picadilly Sirens

Ancient Times

Corset and chair