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I first moved beyond the snapshot phase of photography during the late 1960's when I was 19. I found myself in a signal unit of the Connecticut Army National Guard and was told I would be a photographer. The unit had a beautiful darkroom and I was trained in the fine art of “Stateside” military black and white photography: Eight by ten glossies of posed generals, antennas, soldiers who needed haircuts I was often one, various military maneuvers and developing negatives and making prints of officer’s nude girlfriends. All photography was initially done with a 4x5 press camera. It wasn’t long before I discovered the artistic side of black and white photography and began shooting everything from rock bands to homeless people. I gave some thought to becoming a professional photographer at this point, but decided a career pestering fish in the great outdoors was for me. I moved to Logan, Utah in 1971 so that I could attend graduate school in Fisheries Science. Black and white photography and thoughts of purchasing my own large format camera soon faded with marriage, my new career in fisheries and a son. Photography became slides for work, but I took great pride in producing beautiful slides of fish, lakes and streams. My absence from black and white photography lasted for 27 years My girlfriend I was divorced in 1996, an avid black and white photographer, placed one of her Nikons in my hand one day in 1998 and the rest is history. In less than six months I had built a 4x5 camera and during the winter of 1999/2000, I completed a darkroom in my home. I "graduated from work" on December 31, 2003, after being a fish biologist of one form or another for 30 years. I now shoot for the pure joy of it. This is a gift. If I had gone into photography professionally 30 years ago I probably wouldn’t be as passionate as I now am. After all, I no longer fish with the same excitement I did 30 years ago. I don’t really stick to any one photographic subject. I just shoot what excites me at the moment and, have images of people, landscapes and various manmade objects in my portfolio. I do try to convey to others what moved me before releasing the shutter. On the other hand, what moves me sometimes occurs through manipulation on the computer and in the darkroom and is not always the same as my initial pre-visualization. RUMI wrote: “Out Beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase each other doesn’t make any sense”. This is where I want to take you with my photographic images.

Country: US


Single Photos

The Blues Highway 2011


Montana Back Roads


Big Ass Beer

Big Daddy Rat

Clarksdale Greyhound


Fruit Vender

Girl Watchin - New Orleans

Greenville Boy

Harmonica Bean at Red's

Lissa Two

Little Sister B&W

Luella's Store Store

Luella's Store

Man and Racoon

Mary Action Jackson

Mr Happy Feet

Patron at Poor Monkeys Lounge Two

The Daisy


Little Sister Color

Patron at Poor Monkeys Lounge

Po Monkey Himself

Road Hard

Shanquil and Fish

Walnut Street Blues Bar

Walnut Street Blues Bar

Watermelon Slim - Paints

Alvord Tracks

Less Than Meets The Eye

Deeply Rooted

Winter Settles in on the West Slope of the Steens

Lightness of Being

Alvord Wave

Khmer Monks

Tia Maria

Post Race Hose Down

Rock Pod Number 3

Descend into Light

More Lightness of Being

Pinch Bird Racetrack

Bait Diggers

Old Man in Racetrack


Old Cars

Old Ford


Boys on Bikes Three Pagodas Pass

Bangkok Barber

Pelicans and Seagulls

Pelicans and Seagulls..Take 2 Lighter hills

Chalk Art

Chalk Art Color

Big Daddy

Boy and Dish

Woman Pig Dog

Winners Daily

The Valley After Dark

Sand, Wind, Dust

More Sand, Wind, Dust

Three Boys and Pig

Two Worlds

At Earth's End...Take Two


Man and Girl

Life Long Commitment Has Many Shapes

Small Town Burlesque Lives !

Spring Time in The Alvord Take 2

Mr T-Model Ford Himself

Sring Time in the Alvord

Sand, Wind, Sun

Sleeping Sand

More Lightness of Being

Chopper and the Straw Boy

Coffee, Laudromat, Open, Closed, Nothin Playin......

Second and Third

Horse Tails

The Dune's Dream


Cerillo y Amiga

Lone Cowboy

Princess Lucky Buttons

Hand Rolled

One Hour in Downtown Butte

One Hour in Downtown Butte Take 2

Blow Torch Guy

BC Boarder Number Nine....Number Nine....

BC Boarder Number Three

Lou's Chair

BC Boarder Number Four

Video Arcade---Bolivia

Digital Disconnect

Sleeping Baby

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La Casa y Hombre


Back Roads Nevada

A Bit Heavy Handed at Mickey

Oregon's Outback

Happy Soakers

Friday Night at the Reef

Rural Decay

Boys Playing - Greenville, Mississippi

Black Sky White Playa

More Rural Decay

On The Sunny Side A The Street....


Graceland, Graceland.......

Graceland Graceland....No People

The Many Shades of Wet....Dry......

Electro Glide

Classic Colombiano

One Foot in Indigenous Culture One in Western


A Taste of Guarapo ?


Wayuu Women

Off Duty

Streets Alive With Music

The Climb Never Stops

Arhuaco Boy, My Original Vision

Subsistence Fishermen, Pacific Coast of Colombia

Poetry in Motion

Bargaining for Bonito, Riohacha, Colombia

Arhuaco Number 11

Stairs and Ladder

Wayuu Woman Passing

Pescadores Muy Machistas

Arhuaco Man Number 11 Take 2


Street Music 2 Bogota

Happy Couple

Street Musician Take 2 Color

Sábado la Cuarta

Coastal Colombia Crewman--Take 2

Arhuacos Come To Town

A Psychoactive Stroll Through Chinatown -Take 2-More Orderly

More Free Range Children

The Princess

Oh Boy !?

Relaxing With The Burn

Thoughts ?

The Sacred Pull of India

Finally Figured Out What I Wanted To Say

Remnants...Desert Shores...The Sea

After the Evening Hatch

My Spine

I Have No Idea

Sand, Light, Pelicans, Mist

The Heat Of The Day

Family and Merchants

Small Boy on Bike

Harolds Truck

Khmer Boys

A Dying Breed

In An Instant

The Beast Lies Ahead


Surprise Visit

Out With The New In With The Old....Somewhere in NE California

Phone Still Works, Bar Doesn't...Nowheresville, NV

Fall Morning In Zion

Flow’s Residue

The Legend of White Sand


Twelve Years on the Road

I Love The Road....Coming on down to Winslow

A Sinking Feeling....Standing in Badwater



Rat At The Riverside

Mercury New Version Nik Software


A Life Less Troubled

Life is Less Troubled at Earth's End

South....Then East

Cluttering Life

On The Other Side

Dial Tone Still Present

Just Add Water

Is The Answer on The Other SIde ?

Help WIth Yard Word

Floating Koi



Amazonía Colombiana

Dark, BUT Magically Moving Forward

Who Says Camels Are Always Cranky ?

Man in Ger

Seeing Me

Kazakhs One

Kazakh Hunter One

Kazakh Hunter Two

Kazakh Hunter Three

Benzine Yes ?

Kazakh Hunters Four

Kazakh Hunter Five

Kazakhs Three

Lost in the Gobi


Dreaming of Fox

And More Kazakhs

Gone in a Flash


Still Incommunicado in Nevada

Finding Flow in Chaos

Please Keep Back

The Family.........



Dreaming of Fox

Muebles de Rolando

Covered Woman and Girl


Free Range Children #3


Blues Fans

Pete and Molly

Willie's Grace

Sublimation Terminated

Behind the Glass

Behind The Glass 2

Kazakh Friends

Mon Workers

Harsh Reality

Stone Cold

The Streets Are ALive

Kazakh Eagle

A Moment in Portland....yesterday ?

More Behind The Glass

Smokin Blues Man

Ger Life

Finding the way OUT

Women's Arm Wrestling #3

Tire Repair


Flowing Through Ruby

Rocks, Beings, Water

The Gift

The Gift - Take Two

Syd Now !

Buy a Polititcian


Sundown at Horseshoe Bend

Dunes with Prints

"Round Town"

Comision de Electricidad

The Boy, The Squid, The Dragon

One More Carnival After Dark

Late Model Flamingo

My Heart Waits

Kazakh GIrl

Mushroom Dune



Dark Times

The Crack Has Flow

Lenin's Tears

Left Behind in the Middle