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Death Valley 2007

Flowers & Plants


Black & White

Clouds, Skies & Sunsets

Places I've Been & Things I've Seen



Yosemite Trip July 2008

Big Cyprus Swamp

Reworked Images

Joshua Tree National Park

Chiricahua National Monument

White Sands National Monument

Chaco Canyon

Tumacacori Misson

San Xavier del Bac

Pecos National Monument

Saguaro National Park


Death Valley November 2009

Pixel Bender With Oil Paint Filter - Best Viewed Larger

Yosemite Valley- May 2011

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon

Horseshoe Bent

Monument Valley

Utah Trip - Pixel Benders


Frangipani Flowers in Concert

Heart of Palm


Single Red

Double Hibiscus

Yellow Amaryllis Bud

Purple Haze

Bird of Paradise


Leaves of a Feather-Coleus


Sabal Palm Leaf

Flight-Sabal Palm Leave

Elephant Ear Leaf




Colorado Sand Dunes Dusk

Independence Pass Colorado

Lighthouse Door Michigan

Lighthouse Window Michigan

North Carolina Farm Sunrise

Shacks Lee Vining California

Rail Road Trestle Sunset California

Reflection Canyon Lake Powell Utah

Sand Drift Colorado Sand Dunes

Snow Drift & Fence Coloado

Woody Creek Canyon Road Colorado

Morning Fog Sugar Cane Field Florida

Wawona Stream Boulder Yosemite

Yellowstone River

Wawona Stream Yosemite

Death Valley Sand Dunes

Aspen Ballet Colorado

Spring Runoff Merced River Yosemite

Red Amaryllia

Heliconia (Lobster Claw Plant)

Red Berries Michigan

Death Valley Dune

White Sands New Mexico

Silverton Colorado

Wawona Stream & Floating Boulders Yosemite

Clouds II

Morning Has Broken

Florida Everglades Sunset

Storm Front In Pastels

Keys Flats In Pastel

Bryce Canyon Winter

Butterfly Effect Train Tracks Colorado

Colorado Country School House Snow Storm

Colorado River Sunrise Winter

Island Living In New England

Lighthouse Road Scottland

Lighthouse New England Approaching Storm

Road To Loch Scotland

Wawona Stream Yosemite

Yellow Amaryllis Flower & Bud

Sandstone Formation At Sunrise Utah

Whiter Shade of Pale

Scout 6 Weeks Old

Here Lizard

Scout 10 Weeks Old

Scout 2 1/2 Months Old

Scout 4 Weeks Old

Scout 2 1/2 Months

Orange Jasmine Flower

Star Shine

Single White

Sabal Azure

Fisherman's Wharf Monterey

Aspen Grove Castle Creek

Escanaba Farm Sunrise - Michigan

Pittenween, Scotland

Eric Johnson Sculptor

Eric Johnson Sculptor Close

Old Friend Quieting Waiting I took this photograph over forty ago years when I knew very little about photography. It is not a good negative and very difficult to print.But it stills stirs me emotionally and saddens me each time I view it. There is a song by Simon & Garfunkel called "Old Friends" which always reminds of this photograph. "Quietly sitting on a park bench, old friends....."

The Sandstone Ship

Barn Art

Cottonwood Pass School House

Fallen Juniper in Fog

The Walking Tree

Castor Bean Leaf

Everglades Reflections

Fish Hawk

Boulders & Sierra Nevada Range

Pastel In Light Green

Butterfly & Castor Bean Leaf

Fallen Juniper Colorado National Monument

Sticks & Stones

Illouette Creek Trail Yosemite

El Capitan Yosemite

Dechambers Hotel Bodie

North Window Monument Valley Approaching Storm

Fresh Snow & Barn Colorado

Lookout Cove Maine

Moraine Lake Banff Canada

Sevier River Sunrise

River Bed Sunrise Moab Utah

Maroon Bells

The Mittens Monument Valley

Sunrise Approaching Storm Col Nat Monument

Ranger's House Bodie

Moraine Lake Banff Canada

Young Ferns

Merced River Summer Yosemite

Colorado Rockies Winter Storm

Ron Alexander's Farm Moffit, Colorado

Aspens Castle Creek Colorado

Death Valley Dune II

Garden of The Gods Colorado

Lake Huron

Yosemite Falls

Four Crosses- San Francisco de Asis Church

Merced River Reflections Yosemite

Inspiration Point Yosemite Valley

South Lake Stream

West Mill General Store North Carolina

Hanging Lake

White Sands New Mexico

San Ysidro Church Doors New Mexico

Merced River Reflections Fall Yosemite

San Francisco de Asis New Mexico

Trees & Stream North Carolina

McClure Pass Approaching Snowstorm

Spring Runoff Glenwood Canyon

Death Valley Dunes III

Bryce Canyon Natural Bridge

Beatock Church Scotland

Garden of the Gods III

Canyonland Riff

Craie Street Pittenween Scotland

Illouette Creek Trail Boulders

Lower Yosemite Falls Spring

Burnt Forrest Yellowstone

Ron Alexander's Farm Moffit, Colorado Wide

Stovepipe Wells Dunes Sunrise

Rivers of Sand

Bad Water Basin Salt Flats Sunrise

Racetrack II

Racetrack III

Sunrise Zabriskie Point

Hot On The Trail

To The Right

First Rays

Lava Sand River

Black Wash

White Sand River

Anglin's Pier Sunrise


Blending In


Orchid Dream



Castor Bean Leaf

Maroon Bells

Single Red

Granite Slab and The Merced

The Pinnacle Bryce Canyon

Yellow Amaryllis

Sun's First Light Zabriskie Point

Liberty Cap Yosemite

Half Dome Yosemite

Half Dome Yosemite Spring

Half Dome From Awahnee Meadow

Canyonlands Rift II

Frangipani Trio


Stovepipe Wells Dunes Sunrise

Gaylor Lake Sunrise


Dawn's Early Light

Rock View II

Shark's Fin

The Shark's Fin Sun BW

Branching Out

Gaylor Lake Sunrise


Dawn Lower Gaylor Lake

Solid & Flow


Rabbit Brush

Boulder Field Sun Up

Alabama Hills Sunrise


Bristlecone Pine

Big Cyprus Flora View Larger)

Big Cyprus Flora II (View Larger)

Everglades Summer Clouds B&W (View Larger)

Grasshopper (View Larger)

Everglades Summer Clouds II (View Larger)

Cyprus Reflections (view Larger)

DeVine (View Larger)

Cyprus Wetlands (View Larger)

Cyprus Wetlands B&W (view Larger)

Bridal Veil Falls

Zabriskie Point Dawn B&W (View Larger)

Inspiration Point Yosemite Valley

North Window Monument Valley Approaching Storm (View Larger)

Stovepipe Wells Dunes Sunrise (View Larger)

Sunset Mount Whitney (View Larger)

Zabriskie Point Sunrise (View Larger)

Ralph Pickering (View Larger)

George Paris Lighthouse Keeper

Mojave Desert (View Larger)

Headstone At Sunset (view Larger)

Cholla Aglow (View Larger)

Last Light

Mojave Heat

Mojave Rock Garden (View Larger)

Too Tuft (View Larger)

Rock View (View Larger)

Granite Boulders (View Larger)

Ryan Ranch II (View Larger)

Mojave Sunset (View Larger)

Mojave Moonrise Sunset (View Larger)

Room With A View (View Larger)

Mojave Outcrop (View Larger)

White Tree (View Larger)

Black Tree (View Larger)

Boulder View (View Larger)

The Portal

Palm De Sol (View Larger)

Death Valley Mud Flat (View Larger)

Zabriskie Point-Earth Tones (View Larger)

Cascade (View Larger)

On Display (View Larger)

Mono Lake (View Larger)

Last Chance Texaco (View Larger)

Sierras Early Light (View Larger)

The Strand (View Larger)

Building Perspectives (View Larger)

Toccoa Falls (View Larger)

Cedar Key Clearing Storm (View Larger)

Big Cypress Swamp Summer

Four Crosses Golden New Mexico

Everglades Sunset

Horses Snow Storm

Yellow Lab Male 6 Weeks

Female Yellow Lab At Six Weeks

Cleaning Up

The Thinker

Knuckling Under


Scout Six Weeks Old

Scout Six Weeks Old

Scout Six Weeks-Shy Puppy

The Sit Stand

Sitting Pretty

The Pose Nine Weeks Old

Angel Trumpet Flower II

Stepping Up

Looking Up


Reflecting Back


Garden of the Gods

Moraine Lake

Vernal Falls Runoff-Yosemite

Yosemite Sunset

Monastery Road Utah

Reflection Canyon Lake Powell

Inspiration Point Winter

River of Grass Sunrise - View Larger

Sunrise-Moonrise Everglades

Cypress Hammock Sunrise


Big Cypress Sunrise

Stream Winter

Everglades Pumping Station-Summer Storm

Everglades Sugarcane Fields

Dawn In The Everglades

Everglades Sunrise

Snowmass Barn-Winter Storm

Rail Road Trestle-Pacific Ocean Sunset

River of Sand BW


San Ysidro Chruch - San Ysidro, New Mexico

Palm Frond


Double Salmon Hibiscus

Day Lily

Orchard City Colorado Farm Approaching Storm

Day Lily

Trumpet Flower B&W

Golden Trumpet - Birth

Allamanda Bud


White Sands Stormy Sunset

Dusk At White Sands

The Photographer-White Sands Sunrise

Sand-scape White Sands Sunrise

Pueblo Bonito - Doorways

Pueblo Bonito Ruins

Jimsonweed Flower & Buds

White Sands White Clouds

Tumacacori Convento

Tumacacori Mission

Tumacacori Church & Convent

Tumacacori Graves

Fajada Butte

Chetro Ketl Sunset

San Xavier Details

San Xavier Tower Details

Faraway Ranch's Barn Dawn

The Tack Room Faraway Ranch Dawn

White Sands Sunset

White Sands Pastel Dusk

White Sands Approaching Storm Sunset

Sand- Scapes I

Sand-Scapes III

Chetro Ketl Sunset

San Xavier del Bac

Pueblo Bonito Interior

Tumacacori Mission Yard

Tumacacori Mission Details

White Sands Last Light

Quiet Light & White Sands

Dune Details

Sandscapes IV

White Sands Waves

Sandscapes VI

Saguaro Sunset

Sonoran Desert Life

Old Galisteo Cemetery

Faraway Ranch Shed

Faraway Ranch By Dawn's Early Light


San Xavier del Bac

Chetro Ketl Ruins Setting Sun

Jimsonweed III

Jimsonweed IV

White Sands Storm At Sunset

White Sands & Clouds

White Sands Sunset

Gypsum Patterns


Desert Flora Dawn Ubehebe Cinder Field

Devil's Cornfield Sunrise

Devil's Cornfield Sunrise II

Symphony In Sand - Mesquite Dunes

Ebb & Flow - Mesquite Dunes

Dunes Last Light

Hard Pan - Soft Dune

Intimate Mesquite Abstraction


Artists Drive

Alone At Dusk - Death Valley

The Dune's Edge

Death Valley Landscape

Dry Creek

Canyon Wash Rising Sun

Death Valley - Haze & Pastels

Death Valley Dry

Ubehebe Cinderfield

Desert Scrub

Dunes End

Wind Sculpture

Mesquite Dune Patterns

Dune's Last Light

Mesquite Dune Patterns II

The Lay of the Land

Sand Design

The Dune's Edge

Badwater Basin Dawn

First Light Badwater Basin

Sunrise Ubehebe Crater

Mesquite Dunes - Death Valley

Dune Flow

Dune Side

Desert Life & Death

Desert Holly Dawn Ubehebe Crater

Death At Death Valley

Rising Sun At Ubehebe Crater

Dune Face At Sunset (View Larger)

Sun & Shade

Mesquite Dunes Last Light

Dunes At Sundown

Rolling Dune


Layers & Textures

Dune Swirl

Mesquite Dunes Setting Sun

Dune Interface


To The Point

The Dune Pool


Tail of the Dune

Zabriskie Point Dawn III

Zabriskie Point Dawn

Dune Shadows

Simply Nature

Dune Aglow

Mesquite Dunes

Pretty In Pink

Light of the Century

New Leaves of the Century

The Cutting Edge



Ryan Ranch

Double Salmon Hibiscus

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Everglades Grasshopper

Alabama Hills Dawn

Pueblo Bonito

Pecos National Monument II

Sunset Chetro Ketl

Ryan Ranch III


Rock Graden

Desert Heat

Joshua Tree

Adobe Walls

Ryan Ranch Adobe

Anglin's Pier Dawn


Blue Latan Palm Frond

Barn Art

Ed's Place

Mineral Springs, Colorado Farm

Escanaba Farm Dawn Fog

Wawona Stream

Joshua Tree B&W

Amargosa Opera House

Mortuario de Tumacacora

Loco Weed

Summer Dress

Palm Maze

Chaco Window


Butterfly & Castor Bean Leaf

Burned Out Shack McClure Pass

Illouette Creek Trail Yosemite

Cedar Key, Florida

Under The Falls

McClure Pass Snow Storm

Wawona Stream-Yosemite

The Door


Maroon Bells-Aspen Colorado

Silver Plume Mine

Half Dome From Omstead Point Summer

Chuckoluski Fish House

Colorado Dunes

Farm & Silo Benton, Michigan

Lower Gaylor Lake Sunrise

Lower Gaylor Lake Dawn Splender


Natures Bouquet


Wild Vine & Flower

Wild Vine & Flower-Pixel Bender Rendition

Red Berries-Pixel Bender

Barn Side Colorado

Merced River Summer - Yosemite


Lower Gaylor Lake Dawn

Colorado River Winter

Scene From A New England Forrest

Bob's News - The Reader

Cinema Pasadiso

Big Cypress


De Vine

Elegant Trio

Tumacacoria Convento


Loco Weed


Devil's Cornfield Sunrise

Ryan Ranch Joshua Tree National Park

Cascades of the Tuolumne

Golden Trumpet Flower & Bud

Monument Valley

Pretty In Pink


The Strand

Maroon Bells

Illouette Creek Trail - Yosemite

Artist Drive Sunrise - Death Valley

Covered Bridge Early Morning Fog

Ann Tiques

Toccoa Falls

Island Restraunt & Hotel Cedar Key Florida

Broken Branch In The Meadow

Omsted Point - Yosemite

Nature's Bouquet


Frangapani Trio

Naples Pier Stormy Sunset


Alone At Dusk

Loch Side Village - Scotland

Utah Desert Sunrise

New England Lighthouse Approaching Storm

Scottish Highland Sheep Farm

Colorado Rural School Snow Storm

Barn Side


Colorado Train Tracks

Castor Bean Leaf

Cliffside Aspens

Everglades Cypress

Sreet Life Denver

Wawona Stream

Butterfly & Castor Bean Leaf

Colorado Homestead Snow Storm (View Larger)

Lookout Cove - Dawn Rain


Foogy Cove Maine

The Dedicated Fishermen

Inspiration Point Winter

Utah Cabin Winter Snow Storm

Pittenween - Scotland


Daisy Chain

Horses Weathering The Storm

North Carolina River Fog Sunrise

Shack & Field Winter

Canyonland Utah

Smokies Sunset

Scottish Loch Sunset

North Window - Monument Valley

Lighthouse Road Scotland


Snake River & Gran Tetons

Alpine Snow Storm

Stream Glenwood Canyon

Lake Side Winter - Michigan

Cider Mill Creek

Fill Her Up

Half Dome Winter

Tres Bonitas

Soliel Creek Washington State

Hanging Lake Glenwood Canyon

Emerald Falls - Yosemite

Cypress Tree

Zabriskie Point Sunrise - Death Valley

The Old Lady & The General Store

Hillside Church

Bottle Brush Plant

Canyonlands Rift


Touch of Green In Winter

Monument Valley Setting Sun

New England Shoreline & Fog

Snowmass Barn

Baby Pine Cones

Barn & Silos

Colorado River Sunrise

Creek Bed & Branch

Wild Weed

Swiss Alpine Village

Tree Shadows In Snow

Orchard City Farm Approaching Storm


Merced River Yosemite Winter

Share Cropper's House

Winter Sunset

Small Town Park Sunset

Upper Yosemite Falls


Room With A View

Two Piers

Sandstone Cliffs - Utah

Creek - Michigan

Road to Loch - Scotland

Bird of Paradise

Lone Pine Snow Storm

Fishermen In The Fog

Lakeview Fog

Seaside Tree At Sunset

Highlands of Scotland

Winter On The Farm


Falling For Fall

Two Doors - Florida Keys

Small Town Snow Storm

Just Palms

Lake Shore Winter - Michigan

Two Ways Out

New England Coastal Storm

Early Morning Frost - Train Tracks

Clermont Station

Barn & Pasture Rainy Day

Flats Florida Keys - Sunset

Orchid & Leaf

Falls North Carolina

Home Alone

Cypress Tree

Monument Valley

Silverton Sliver

Reflection Canyon - Lake Powell

Pinyon Pine Overlook


Silverton Colorado

Fresh Snow Fall An Early Morning Delight

Sunflower's Twillight


Company Store & Housing


Beach House Norman's Cay

Stream Ice Art

Last Legs

Utah Plateaus

Dawn Cascades of the Tuolumne

Cascades of the Tuolumne Dawn

Forrest Tranquility

The Racetrack

Dunes At dawn

Old Galisteo Cemetery

White River of Sand

Boulder dash


Frangipani Dreams

Storm Over Mono Lake

Three Orchids

American Beauty

Zabriski Point Sunrise

Zabriskie Point Dawn

Jimson Weed Revisited

Zabriskie Landscape

Fancy Red Hibiscus

Anglin's Pier Damn

Alabama Hills

Leaf Flows


Yucca Peacock


Peace Lily

Just Divine

Leaf Vining

Bristlecone Pines

Storm Over White Sands

Cascade Creek Runoff

Upper Yosemite Falls, Merced & Meadow

Caught In The Middle-Spring Runoff Merced

Bridal Viel Falls Runoff

Cascade Creek

Yosemite Reflection


Cascade Creek Runoff II

Rock Solid

Bridal Veil Falls Runoff II

Spring Runoff-Happy Isles


Boulders II

Liquid Gold


Stranded II

Forest View

Forest-Early Light


Half Dome

Reflection-Three Brothers


Spring Runoff Bridal Veil Falls II

Upper Yosemite Falls, Merced & Meadow A La Pixel Bender

Upper Yosemite Falls, Merced and Meadow

Tree Crossing

Reflecting On Mount Watkins

Mount Watkins Reflection

Inspiration Point Setting Sun

Inspiration Point Setting Sun

Spring Rush

Yosemite Abstract

Half Dome Setting Sun Pixel Bender

Bridged-Color & Pixel Bender

Merced Runoff From Happy Isles


Forest Deep


Merced Shore


Three Friends

Merced Water Colors

Reflecting On The Merced


Cascade Falls

Old Galisteo Graveyard - Pixel Bender Filter

Red Rocks

Dawn At The Red Rocks

Zabriskie Point Sunrise

Zabriskie Point - First Rays

Meadow (View Larger)

Bristlecone Pine Ridge

Alabama Hills - Early Light

Alabama Hills Dawn

Shark Fin at Sun Up

Boulder View (View Larger)

Road To Lone Pine Peak (View Larger)

Desert Bouquet (View Larger)

Chaco Canyon Sunset (View Larger)

Fajada Butte-Chaco Canyon (View Larger)

Gaylor Lake Dawn (View Larger}

San Xavier Del Bac (View Larger)

Joshua Tree (View Larger)

Cascades of The Tuolumne (view Larger)

Lovely Intruders

Chiricahua National Monument Setting Sun (View Larger}

Chiricahua Setting Sun II (View Larger)

Many Flowered Golden Eye

Entrance To Faraway Ranch (View Larger)

Tack Room- Faraway Ranch Dawn (View Larger)

Shed-Faraway Ranch (View Larger)

Saguaro National Park-Sunset (View Larger)

Left Bank (View Larger)

Trees, Rocks, No Water

Mojave Flora

A Desert Rose

Sunrise Virgin River-Zion

Sunrise Virgin River-Zion II (View Larger)

Rainbow Wall Oasis-Riverside Walk-Zion (View Larger)

Hoodoos-Bryce Canyon

Nature Bridge-Bryce Canyon

Hoodoos At Bryce Point (View Larger)

Bryce Point Hoodoos II (View Larger)

Hoodoos Bryce Point (View Larger)

Hoodoos (View Larger)

Sunset-Sunset Point (View Larger)

To The Point-Sunset Point (View Larger)

Dawn At Inspiration Point (View Larger)

Hoodoos At Dusk (View Larger)

Hoodoos At Sunset (View Larger)

Sunset-Sunset Point II (View Larger)

Last Light At Sunset Point (View Larger)

Inspiration Point Dawn (View Larger)

Inspiration Point First Light (View Larger)

Inspiration Point Dawn BW (View Larger)

Natural Bridge Sunrise (View Larger)

Horseshoe Bend (View Larger)

Horseshoe Bend-Left Fork (View Larger)

Horseshoe Bend II View Larger)

Moonrise Over The Mittens (View Larger)

Moonrise-Sunset Over The Two Mittens (View Larger)

Mittens Moonrise (View Larger)

Moonrise Over The Mittens (View Larger)

The Mittens-Dawn (View Larger)

Monument Valley Dawn (View Larger)

Monuments In The Afternoon (View Larger)

Mid Afternoon Mitten (View Larger)

Monument Valley Dawn-BW

Riverside Walk Oasis-Zion

Boulders (View Larger)

Last Light At Sunset Point

Hoodoos At Sunset - B&W (View Larger)

To The Point-Sunset Point B&W (View Larger)

Sunrise Virgin River

Rainbow Wall Oasis - Pixel Bender (View Larger)

Virgin River Dawn BW (View Larger)

Horseshoe Bend (View Larger)

Hoodoos (View Larger)

Natural Bridge (View Larger)

Bryce Canyon Hoodoos B&W (View Larger)

Sunrise Inspiration Point B&W (View Larger)

Hoodoos At Dusk B&W (View Larger)

Bryce Point Sunset B&W (View Larger)

Sunset At Bryce Point (View Larger)

Hoodoos B&W (View Larger)

Bryce Point Hoodoos (View Larger)

Bryce Point Amphitheater (View Larger)

Dawn Inspiration Point (View Larger)

Natural Bridge PB

Bryce Canyon Hoodoos Pixel Bender (view Larger)

Three Sisters - Monument Valley (View Larger)

Blue Sky Over Bryce Canyon (View Larger)

The Watchman From Zion Bridge Sunrise (View Larger)

Virgin River Dawn - Zion (View Larger)

Sunset-Moonrise At The Mittens (View Larger)


Moonrise Over The Mittens (View Larger)

Sunset-Moonrise Mittens II (View Larger)

Moonrise Over The Mittens (View Larger)

Moon Over Mitten (View Larger)

The Mittens Dawn (View Larger)

The Mittens Dawn (View Larger(

Mitten First Light (View Larger)

Mitten First Light (View Larger)

Dawn Mittens (View Larger)

Dawn Mittens B&W (View Larger)

Bryce Point Hoodoos

Grand Opening

Frangipani Dreams Revisited (View Larger)

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Double Salmon Hibiscus (View Larger)

Blue Latan Palm Frond (View Larger)

Angel Trumpet (View Larger)

Flower Power (View Larger)

Single White

Windmills of Your Mind (View Larger)

Frangipani Trio (View Larger)

Blue Latan Beauty (View Larger)


Flight of The Heron (View Larger)

Everglades Reflections View Larger)

Sunrise Everglades Fog (View Larger)

Water Lilies (View Larger)

Castor Bean Leaves (View Larger)

Fanfare (View Larger)

Garden of The Gods

Day Lilies View Larger)

Red Day Lilies (View Larger)

Red Day Lilies Pixel Bender (View Larger)

Sun Struck


Mountain Top Garden

Corn Plant-Reaching Out

Shoreline View Larger)

Rush-Cascades of The Tuolumne (View Larger)

Angel Trumpet

Nature's Bouquet

Budding Hand

Leaves Bouquet (View Larger)

Double Salmon Hibiscus

Castor Bean Leaf (View Larger)

Scout 9 Weeks

Two Orchids (View Larger)



Angel Trumpets (View Larger)

First Born

Sea Grapes

Half Baked (View Larger)

Bird of Paradise (View Larger)

Bird of Paradise II (View Larger)

Single Purple

Branching Out (View Larger)

Red Berries (View Larger)

Crossed (View Larger)

Allamanda Flower & Bud

Angel Trumpet

Light From An Angel

Frangipani Dreams

Century In Pastel

Wings of An Angel


Garden Splendor (View Larger)

Sun Kissed Hibiscus (View Larger)

Day Lily In White (View Larger)

Hidden Beauty (View Larger)

Periwinkles (View Larger)

Inner Beauty (View Larger)

My Best Friend

Sevier River Stormy Sunrise (View Larger)

Shanty Delta, Colorado

Storm Front Sierras


Sugar Cane Worker's Dorms

Avon Chruch-Colorado

Cypress Trees Corkscrew Swamp

Sierra Nevada Moumtains-Lee Vining (View Larger)

Lovely Pest

My Morning Greeting

Trio In Yellow (View Larger)

Desert Rose (View Larger)

Yellow Frangipani (View Larger)

Spring Fresh

Frangipani Duo In Yellow (View Larger)

Frangipani Dreams

Desert Rose


Frangipani Pinwheels

Showered (View Larger)

Begining (View Larger)

Gardenia Light (View Larger)

Angel Trumpet Dreams (View Larger)

Mysterious Bouquet

Frangipani Frangipani (View Larger)

Overcast Sunrise Sawgrass (View Larger)

Big Cypress Reflections-Sunrise (View Larger)


Big Cypress Swamp (View Larger)

Big Cypress-Cypress Tree (View Larger)

Foggy Sunrise Everglades (View Larger)

Storm Over Big Cypress (View Larger)

Trees & Boulders-Joshua

Mojave Desert Flora-Cholla (View Larger)

Monster of the Mojave (View Larger)

Joshua Boulders (View Larger)

Late Afternoon-Mojave (View Larger)

Shark Fin Rock-Alabama Hills (View Larger)

Reflection Pool-Cascades of the Tuolumne (view Larger)

Merced Boulders (View Larger)

Crossed (View Larger)

Merced Runoff From Happy Isles 32 Bit (View Larger)

The Watchman Dawn (View Larger)

Virgin River-The Watchman Dawn (View Larger)

Merced Reflections-Summer Haze

Yosemite Sunset-Hazy Days of Summer (View Larger)

Colorado Sand Dunes Sunset (View Larger)

Merced-Nose Boulder (View Larger)

Covento de Tumacacori II (View Larger)

White Sands Stormy Sunset (View Larger)

Last Light In Pastel-White Sands (View Larger)

White Sands Sunset (View Larger)

White Sands Sunset BW (View Larger)

Allamanda Trio

Pink Flower & Buds

Glenwood Cayon-Spring

Yellow Flowers-Wild Vine (View Larger)


Sun Kissed (View Larger)

Buttercup Flower & Buds (view Larger)

Buttercup Duet (View Larger)

Blooming (View Larger)

Merced Spring Runoff (View Larger)

Hibiscus (view Larger)

Morning Side (View Larger)

Spinners (View Larger)

White Orchids (View Larger)

Angelic Angel Trumpet

Star Power (View Larger)


Solo View Larger)

Three of A Kind (View Larger)


Flock of Orchids



Three (View Larger)

Flower Burst

Double Red Hibiscus (View Larger)

Orchids (view Larger)

Two Orchids

Just Leaves

Leaving-After The Rain (View Larger)

Angel Trumpets (View Larger)

Castor Bean Leaf

Three of A Kind

Drop Shot

Leaving (View Larger)

Back Side (View Larger)

Center Stage

Yellow Heart (View Larger)

Hidden Beauty (View Larger)

Yellow Pastel Dreams (View Larger)

Heart of Gold

Gardenia ( View Larger)

Frangipani Frangipani (View Larger)

Heart of Palm (View Larger)

Jimson Weed & Bug (View Larger)

Loco Weed (View Larger)

Jimson Weed Flower & Bud (View Larger)

Angel Soft (View Larger)

Palm Frond

Hanging Around

Star Light, Star Bright View Larger)

Loco Weed Duet

Chaco Doorways (View Larger)

Mesquite Dunes (View Larger)

Merced River Reflections (View Larger)

Dune Patterns (View Larger)

Early Morning Dew (View Larger)

Cornered (View Larger)


Ebb & Flow (View Larger)


Yucca Burst

Tres Flores (View Larger)

Tucked Away (View Larger)


Hanging Around (View Larger)

Field of Dreams

Three Violets (View Larger)

Sun Lover (View Larger)

Pinwheels (View Larger)

Three of a Kind (View Larger)

Trumpet Solo

Sunlit ( View Larger)

Ixoria (View Larger)

Two of Us

Sunrise Zabriskie Point (View Larger)

Colorado Sand Dunes Near Sunset (View Larger)


Stone Fingers-Zabriskie Point (View Larger)

White Daylilies (Larger View Available)

Unfolding (Larger Vieaw Available)

Moored- Cedar Key, Florida (Larger View Available)

Bird of Paradise (Larger View Available)

Frangipani In The Rain (Larger View Available)

Frangipani In The Rain II (Larger View Available)

Hidden (Larger View Available)

Just the Two of Us

A Whiter Shade of Pale

In The Mist of Bridal Veil Falls (Larger View Available)

Forrest View - Yosemite

Cinder Field Near Ubehebe Crater- Death Valley

Mesquite Dunes III (Larger View Available)

Sunset Mesquite Dunes (Larger View Available)

Desert Hard Pack Meets Sand (Larger View Available)

White Day Lily

Peek A Boo (Larger View Available)

Frangipani Dreams (Larger View Available)

Coleus Flight (Larger View Available)