Peter Volle [vidom]

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I work as a legal advisor in Rostock, Germany, near the Baltic See (great for land- and seascapes!) but my job has to pay for photography (most of it b/w landscape), which is what I do with the rest of my time. I'm a user/collector, owning something like 70+ classic cameras of German origin most of which I use. I'm shooting b/w exclusively whith my classic cameras and I'm doing my own darkroom work, using some classic equipment in my darkroom as well (Focomat 2c - love it!). My b/w pics published in the classic camera forum - most of them samples taken with classic cameras - are scans from prints, made on an old flatbed scanner. I don't shoot colour with analogue equipment any more, I have a Digital Rebel for that. I am able to process negative sizes from 35mm to 9x12 cm /4x5 inch and make prints up to 40x50 cm in my own darkroom. At the moment, my favourite working classics are a Contax IIa, Rollei 35 classic and some Leicas (M3,M5, IIIf, SL2), for 6x6cm a Super Ikonta III, a Pentacon Six and a Rolleiflex 3,5E, for 9x12 a Linhof Technika III. I also have some more modern gear for high quality b/w work (Fuji GW 690 II, Pentax LX, Leica R5, Konica Hexar AF), but I prefer working with my classic cameras. I try not to be too much of a gearhead but I really like to try and test old photography stuff. My home on PN is the classic camera section, but sometimes I'm with the Leica nuts. In 2004 I had my first exhibition of b/w pictures here in Rostock.