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Boston born and educated. Harvard College. Naval Reserve photographer during college. Retired Navy as civilian Human Resources and uniformed Navy CDR . Hawaii resident since 1970, pursuing second maybe third of planned multiple lives... Balmy trade winds to you wherever you are, Aloha, Gerry with a G.

Country: US


Various Subjects I Liked to Photograph, -unfoldered

Funny Bones

Some More People and Things I fancy

Single Photos


Families and Groups

Parks, Forests, National Monuments, and Scenery

Pets and Other Critters

Scrapbook I. Vitae. Personal Archived Family Scrapbook and Album/ for Family and Friends of Same

Portraits, models and friends

European Scenery



The Natural World

Shapes, Things and Forms

Our Town

Family Scrapbook II, Boston mostly.

Family scrapbook III, Virginia and D.C.mostly

Just for Sharon

Portland sights and scenes, Sept 2010

Bits of Asia. Bits of the Pacific

Honolulu Military Jewish Community


Nancy with straw hat

Lights in the parlor

Three Moods of Rachel,

Kathy and her Shepherds-1

Lupine on path near Mount Cook, New Zealand

Sensitive girl of fifteen


Fort Point, San Francisco, National Historic Monument

Lurene's Wedding

L'Chaim,to your health and long life..

Local family under banyan

Nancy, noir look

Hawaii State Capital Designed to image a volcano. Fluted columns above a carp pool ...

A really really slow chess match.. Washington DC near the Mall

Sharon, pose on stool

Lush stream in Yosemite Valley

Memorial Day at Punchbowl, Oahu; honoring a war victim with leis

Morgen, portrait

Eucalyptus bark,trifold

Lurene's Wedding-2

Sharon,against velvet

Orchid spray, Allerton Gardens on Kauai


Sharon,profile portrait,one light

Sharon, portrait in simple style

Morgen,sentry post

Navy Yeoman Alice (1963)

Morgen in down stay

Sharon and Carole backpacking Grand Tetons (1966)

Halloween Party

glacial moraine,Alaska coast

Early Nikon Enthusiast Arlington VA (70's) copy from Kodachrome stereo slide

New mom


In the senior portrait studio

Morgen, afternoon run time

Rainbow,drifting trade wind clouds

Bali head ceramic, dual image mode,Olympus C5050,stereo via slide bar separation. Window light..


Waiting for a standby



Jeanette, Study No 609


Exploring (Bishop Museum, Honolulu)

Navy Nurse in Starched Whites (1961) Bethesda MD

Valley road in misty rain,Smoky Mt. National Park, Tennessee

Sunset with trade wind clouds

You talkin to ME?

David and Maikai


Morgen, a headshot - window light, fomecore panel in back

Profile of Morgen on Black

Book Hound

"Madison" (age four)

Jennifer, a hapa Hawaiian girl

Morgen found a Coconut and carries it home

Stolen shot. Attendant waiting for standby to Honolulu at Portland lounge

Carole's Casual Orchid Plant

One Inflated, One Expecting... (Armed Forces Day visit to upper Susquehanna by USN craft) (1962)

Morgen and the big carrot

Banyan Tree in Winter

Banyan with "drop in sky"/ Emre's Photoshop Assistance and from other Photo Net helpers...

Army String Quartet visits from Nation's Capital

Self portrait of the old dude

Navy Blimp Hangar (1958) South Weymouth Air Station, ( MA)

Hex Wrenches


Ziggy (African Gray Parrot) and friend

Traditional Island Transit Solution

Sunbeam Alpine Roadster Bainbridge Navy Training Center, MD(1961)

From the Tank Deck at Sea Somewhere in the Med(1960)

Experiment in Stereo Twins (1963) Pacific Beach San Diego at Night

Pat,Florida Beach Friend (1957) from stereo chrome slide

Morgen and his favorite toy

City bus faces

Faces on the Country Bus No# 52 Oahu,Hawaii, (Black Friday 2008)


Sandy, a friend of a friend, Boynton Beach, Florida (1957) ... from Kodachrome stereo slide

On JOOD bridge watch, off coast of Crete (1959) from chrome stereo slide

USS Olympia, 'Great White Fleet Flagship' museum, dockside Philadelphia (1961)

NAS So. Weymouth staff flies to Florida- bumpy ride,no fare,no chair.(1957).

Naples Harbor with USS Constellation at anchor (1959)


Sharon near The Palms club, Pearl Harbor


Our 1961 Beetle Convertible, Pacific Beach,San Diego, 1963)

High Energy Kid

First car, 1960 Rootes Motors British Alpine roadster ( stereo chrome slide copy)

Triton Fountain, Piazza Barberini Rome, (1959)

Barcelona street scene (1959) from Kodachrome stereo slide

Carole and Diving Gear on salvage vessel, anchored in river near Havre de Grace MD. (1962)

Campus wear of 1956 in Havard Yard, (pressed chino pants, coat, tie,haircut, plus spiral note...

Acropolis with Parthenon (1959)

Carole and Davie in vintage Kodachrome color (1964);( Packard Bell stereo cabinet)

Funny story

Heading West to San Diego(1962) (baby on board)

Sharon and Missy (1967), Arlington VA

Rachel. Splashing joyfully in a rain red sea in the yard

Pat, a friend, Delray Beach, FLA (1957) chrome stereo slide copy

" Mr Cork", Souvenir shop owner and family Lisbon, Portugal (1959)

Carabiniere on duty, Rome (1960) from stereo chrome slide

Bellagio Hotel skydome and chandelier Las Vegas on The Strip(2007)

Lisbon City View (1960). Kodachrome slide copy

Positano, Amalfi coast south of Naples (1959) Kodachrome stereo slide cy

South Weymouth MA Navy Reserve DC 4 engine R-5D on tarmac for trip home Opalaca Field, FLA (1957)

Plumeria branches in Winter

My big brother. Meeting dad's flight at HNL. (about 1973)

Carole and friend, Paradise Park, Honolulu

Napping on A warm furry pillow

Kathy- 3, with her beloved germans under our fragrant plumeria tree

Just kids doing their thing

Gregory Peck candid on film set of "Guns of Navarone", Rhodes, Greece (1959)

"Mac" at home. (about 1974)

Street Puppeteer, Christchurch N.Z. (1984)

Sharon (ca.1974)

Generations,Great grandpa Mac (b.1911)and young Rachel(b.1986)..(Halley's Comet's period interval ...

Moon and rain shower

Sharon (1969), in glorious black and white Century Graphic w 105mm Trioptar

Hawaii Family Annual Get Together (1988), Waialua, Island of Oahu

New England Ryan family, fm Kodachrome stereo slide (1957)

Snow is her name

Jeanette with plumeria blossom

Sunday park mini-luau songfest

Little dinosaur catching some rays

Plaza in Rome by Michelangelo

Dogs come in many shapes

My best friend

Racing motor whaleboats (1960)

Our '61 VW Convertible, new vinyltop and taillights, and paint, Pacific Beach San Diego (1963)

Dave and Carole. nosing up Eskimo style(1965)

Schofield Army Base Cheerleader Squad

Yvonne and her children at Hale Koa beachfront

Nancy S in pink

Kathy and her boys, pose 2

Bishop Museum Courtyard

Sharon by old CPO Club, Pearl Harbor HI

Sixth Graders at with teacher, Ms Aimee Waena Elementary (1999)

Rachel wearing "Omi's "peasant dress. 'Opa'below

Rachel with German peasant dress from 'Omi'

The really Big Bagel. A present from Steve at former Hawaiian Bagels factory in Kakaako

Camping with Sears tent, Cuyamaca State Park, San Diego County (1965)

Karen and Paul

Sam practices on his Martin

Pet my baby "roo". Australia Day Festival, Perth,Western Australia


Nancy with scarf

Ti leaf plant berries (macro)


Trail hikers at rest

Nancy with scarf- 2

Nancy with scarf-1

Rach (about1992)

Waiting for a flight home

Yellowstone Falls (1966)

Sandy, a lifeguard

Nancy La femme noir


Sentimental favorites together again

Bicycle mechanic, Mililani Shoppinng Ctr.

Me and Morgen (asleep). Our lanai. (Winter '10)

Rachel (1988)

Lobby rendering of Gerry for "Gramercy Ghost ".. ( Little theater poster, NTC BAIN '62)

Welcome Home Dad (1973)

Catlove. Sharon and Mai Kai ('72)

Rachel Norman (ca 1994) a young Cover Girl..

Rainswept coast in Bay of Islands, New Zealand (1985)

In the Beginning. Red clay yard soil of Mililani (1970)

Swan Lake

Smoky Mt N.P. (Elkmont Campsite)(1968) from stereo chrome slide

My earliest 'tear sheet' in print

Minnie and Me at the Town Centre

Geisha styles in Yokohama

Sharon as classroom subject

Shenandoah National Park (1961)

'Baron the First ' 1141 Felspar St., Pacific Beach, San Diego (1965) (stereo chrome slide...

Smoky Mt Park village (1968) (stereo chrome slide cy)

Temple of Athena, Island of Rhodes ('59) from stereo Kodachrome slide

Tea Party day at the Boston Commons (1956)cy of chrome stereo color slide

Finch with ripe papaya

Rome (1960)

Sharon at Orson's Chowder House, Ward Warehouse, Honolulu (1983)

Testing Caroles' s new red Panasonic (March/ 2010)

My Neighbor Ray and his new sedan

Dave (1978)

Everything blooms

Sharon and Carole, Foodland Supermarket "Silent Killer" display volunteers

Woman holding grapes cluster,location unknown

Ritual circumcision (brit) with friends attending (8/62) Naval Hospital Bainbridge MD

Sharon in the studio -2

Sharon in studio -3

Sharon in subbase studio-4

Sharon in base studio-5

Sharon in base studio -6

'Baron the Second', N.Underwood St, E.Falls Church, VA (1967)(chrome stereo slide cy)

Bed Races Face at Kapiolani Pk. (1976)

Sunset Picnic (1970)

Peking Duck for two, TAD stop at Hong Kong (1975)

Sharon, with guitar, in studio -7

Baby Rachel (1987)

Pupukea Beach (ca 1972)stereo chrome slide cy

Hospital Visit (1976)

Sharon, Waena Elementary (ca 1975)

Eight years on Oahu (1978)

Pacific Beach, San Diego CA (1963)

New Baby on Board, Navy Wherry Housing (9/62)

San Diego Pacific Beach Rugrats( 1963)

Crystal Clear

Charles River Boston Community Sailing Club (1957) Kodachrome stereo slide copy

F- 9F's, Winter Weekend Drill , NAS So Weymouth MA (1958)

Champs d'Elysee, Paris (1959), Kodachrome slide cy

4 Parkman St., West End, rooftop (1956) Mass General Smokestack in background

At Anchor, Bay of Naples (1959)

Great Grandma Rose (b. 1899), 4 Parkman St.West End Boston (1957)

Carole w/ '64 slant- six Valiant (1967),Arlington VA

Neighborhood Park Bench, Central Oahu ( 1970)


Aloha Jewish Chapel (9/75)

Yaki Soba, Nara Okinawa (1986)

walkway post carvings (1970).sandbox for cats on left :-) stereo chrome slide copy

Rachel home from Tripler Hospital (10/86)

National Park Camping, Smokies, with all in tent(1968)

How to shear a sheep in about a minute, Queenstown NZ (12/85) chrome stereo slide

Shirley Temple Dress from Grandma Mac (1968)

Gerry at Charlesgate,Boston (1958)

Napping on the trail at Yellowstone (1966)

McLaughlins/ Wanders elders, Chillicothe IL (6/72)

Artist at work (date unknown)

Wendy a musician and her daughter Lani, Manoa 1987

Sleek dive (1971)

USS Midway, August 1971 TDY to base to work on reversion of island of OKINAWA to Japan

First day of school, Kipapa Elementary. (9/1970)

Blues Saxophone

Yachtwear for whaleboat race Sunday at anchor (1959)

Actor Gregory Peck on set, Rhodes Greece (1959)

Wild Strawberries, Central Illinois ( June 1976)

Untitled (1974)

Mauna Kea Hotel Parrot, Oct 1975

Scouting (1975)

Kuahelani Drive to West ( Oct 1970)

Eleventh Birthday, Mililani ( November 1976)

Under the hood of a Cessna, Wheeler Aero Club (1972)

Sharon under banyans ,Waena Park (1971)

Up on the Space Needle, Seattle (1974)

Portage Glacier, Alaska (1974)

Ginger, Foster Botanical Garden (1976)

Charles, Prince of Wales at Mokuleia polo match (1974)

Sharon as swimsuit model (1978)

Downtown Boston near Mass General Hospital ( June 1972)

Hawaii family generations in uniform

Kamakura Japan shrine carving (1978)

Sharon at Manoa Pauls class (1985)

Hanalei Bay Kauai from Napali trailhead

Kauai Vacation

Sankeiyen Gardens Yokohama (1978)

Christchurch, South Island, NZ (12/85)

Funny mirror museum, Melbourne (12/85)

Siamese brothers

Front ca 1972 (Dave w/ Instamatic 500 stolen later by handlers at Clark A.B. P.I....

Aerial fashion show,Continental enroute Guam (1984)

Calico Girl

Pony ride (1974)

Sharon in frame Manoa (1985)

Sharon , yellow lit bamboo grove Manoa (1985)

Guardian at his ease

Town Center opening soon ( 1987)

KCC Cook school Bread table

Susquehanna River MD, Armed Forces Day Regatta Race, command ship (1962)

Blue Ridge Parkway ( May 1961)stereo chrome slide copy

Carole Pictured at Monticello, VA, ( May 1961)

Class of 2004, Mililani High

New Honda Accord (1978)

Toe games (1987)

Bob, a shutterbug of the Nikon class (1972)

Bridgewater MA (1974)

1141 Felspar St, Pacific Beach, San Diego (1963)

Chillicothe, IL (1966)

Mai Kai blue point siamese (1970)

Wahiawa Botanical Garden Trail (1970)

East Falls Church VA (1967)

Colonial Williamsburg VA (1967)

Graduation Sunset, Aloha Stadium (2004)

Kaiser Ala Wai Harbor Hospital (ca 1974)

Feeling better at home (ca 1974)

Captain's Dress Inspection (1959)

"Guns of Navarone'' set, David Niven and cast,Rhodes 1959

Temple to Dionesius, Athens (1959)

Fontana di Tivoli, Italy (1960)

Castle Geyser,Yellowstone ( 1966) chrome stereo slide cy

Carole, Shenandoah National Park (1961)

Acropolis, Porch of the Caryatids columns(1959)

Playground (1972)

Tokyo bridal wear showroom in Ginza store ( 1971)

Alice and Fritz office party (ca 1974)

Chillicothe North Logan St. (1966)

Baron the second in VA (1967)

Wahiawa Botanical Garden (1972)

Just hanging out

Bridge lookout

Fruits in Alpine Valley near Geneva

Torquay England ship visit (1959)

Refueling a Turkish minesweeper in mid Atlantic,hauling line passed and caught... (1959)

Tivoli Italy fountains

Shenandoah Park (1961)

Unidentified stone building, enroute Geneva (1960)

Fueling LSD in MED (1959)

Bay of Naples with aircraft carrier at anchor (1960)

Rome's Colliseum (1960)

Swiss mountain stream nr. Geneve (1960) chrome stereo slide

Ranger walk Great Smoky Mt Park (1961)

Monticello mansion VA (1961)

Classical Greek Temple on Rhodes (1959)

Pompeii villa (1959)

Acropolis -2 (1959)

Speedboat races Armed Forces Day (1961)

Aboard race monitor boat, Susquehanna River (1961)

Potomac Park, MD, (1967)

Beach walk, Haleiwa (1988)

Rainy Day in Arlington VA (1968)

Carole puts on album on the Packard Bell (1965)

North Underwood St., Arlington VA (1968)


The Big audio chest (ca 1985)

Pool birthday party, (ca 1995)

Haunted house guest at the school

Sharon, ( October 1988)

Ward Warehouse event

Battleship Missouri in tow to Ford Island

Hawaiian Nene on Island of Kauai

Sharon on the stool pose on base

Young Morgen ( 2001)

Rachel in black swimsuit in yard

Gay at subbase lab

MHS Graduation

Hawaii Theater KHPR night for 20yr+ donors

Building a better bagel (4/10)

Ready to go to summer camp

Carole and arab stallion (1964)

Dinner for Two. Pacific Beach, San Diego ( 1964)

Fridge communication from the offspring (1984)

Philip and Rose Siegel wiith her younger brother 'Yossel' ( Joey ),bar mitzvah party (1927)

Boston Public Gardens (1944)

Gerry and 'Judy,' #25 Parkman St, West End (1944)

Boston Technical High Auditorium (1953-54)

Jake Cutler Linoleum. 5 Parkman St.. West End Boston (1947)

In the studio for a postcard shot, (1938)

GAY - 4

Pacific Beach San Diego (1963)

Horsey ride, San Diego (1964)

Punchbowl heights panorama of Honolulu 120 Slide film

Punchbowl memorial national cemetery (ca 1976)

Kodak's famed Hula Show in Waikiki (ca 1976)

East Falls Church, VA (1967) Carole ,David and Napoleon

Snow in East Falls Church Va (1967)

Jack Frost time, Arlington Va (1967)

Carole at North Underwood St, E Falls Church (1967)

Jogging the streets of Mililani (1978)

School friends of Sharon at Mililani High (1983)

Carole at Port Deposit MD nr NTC BAIN (1961)

Mug Shot

Charles River Basin Community Sailing (1957)

Meeting Senator Spark Matsunaga in his DC office (ca. 1980)

Sailing on the Charles, near MIT (1958)

Sharon in rose pattern dress (1987)

First grandchild (1986)

Nancy relaxed pose

At pier 15, Pozzuoli Italy (1960)

Aloha Party for office friend Kathy (1985)

Visit to the Capital w Senator Matsunaga In DC (about 1980)

Australia Day at the Park, Perth (1982)


Two Young Trail partners, Blue Ridge Mts. (ca 1984)

family's self portrait ( ca 1996)

Symphony run ( about 1980)

Haleakala Crater, Maui, silversword plant in bloom

Casual head shot of Sharon

Shell hunting at low tide, Oahu

Rose Siegel, Copley Place, Boston (1981)

Kings Canyon California (1981)

Yellowstone Park cataract (1966)

Grand Tetons and Snake River (1966)





Caribou boy, Phillipines (ca 1982)

Sharon and Roy Manoa campus (1985)

Driftwood and beach plants, Oahu

Sequoia landscape ( ca 1981)

Philip, Rose and friends, Portland Maine (1924)

Beach driftwood on North Shore Oahu (1982)

Rose's prized fur coat (1944)

Crater rim, Hale akala N.P., Maui

Leeward College Theater backstage (ca.1983)

Lexington and Concord Reeanactors (ca 1983)

Gerry and Judy, Blackstone School yard W.End (ca 1944)

Methodist Hospital School of Nursing, Peoria Il. (1958)

Nursing Student. Methodist Hospital Peoria School of Nursing (1958)

Fern local plant, front yard


Appalachian trail (1984)

Tetons, Wyoming (1966)

Front gate and lawn sprouting (1973)

Pacific Beach, San Diego(1963)

Nancy-5 noir subbase studio

Winter forest scene in the high Sierra (1981)

NTC Bainbridge Center Square, Navy Relief Carnival Day (1962)

Family with friend Sally Flynn (1977)

Bill McLaughlin Chillicothe IL (1969)

Playslide at McDonalds Moanalua

Ghirardelli Square San Francisco ( 1981)

Kuahelani Ave to East. w/ St Johns Catholic Church (1969)

Budgie meets Siamese

Kitchen horsing around with mom and the kids

Lighting the Channukiah

Sharon with her bunny

High School Junior Prom Night (2003)

Carole on her black model Apple II ( ca1987)

A close to home family (1982)

Pacific Beach. San Diego ( 1965)

Chillicothe IL visit (1974)

Carole's dad Bill (1974)

Rachel. play pool in yard ( 7/88)

Rainbow over Pearl Harbor (ca 1994)

Sharon, Manoa courtyard frame

Tires in the bay-1

Hurricane Iwa comes to Mililani

Doing Santa for Waena Elementary (1995)

Stage days for Dave at Leeward C.C. (ca 1980)

Bill and Gerry, Hanauma Bay (1989)

New home for Mai Kai ( ca 1975)

David (1964)

Sunday Brunch (1969), tech= Century Graphic w Tessar 100 mm. Roll 6X9cm film back

Nurses' Tea at NNMC Bethesda (1960)

Cafe stool whirleyride

David bar mitzvah aloha chapel (1974)

Butchert Gardens. British Columbia (1974)

Waimea Canyon, Kauai (1978)

Carole Kai Bed Race Event Face (1975)

Mt Fuji, sunrise at summit (1971)

Governor Ariyoshi Bike Sunday (1977)

Wendy Geyer swim teacher at YWCA (1974)

Paul's Z-Car (ca 1975)

Plum Island canada geese and seabird N. Wildlife Refuge, Newburyport MA (1957)

Nancy- 8 BW

Thermal Pool ,Yellowstone Pk (1966)

Castle gate entranceway, Lisbon (1960)

Pat Schneider, Florida Reserve trip, beach pal ('57)

Joe's cousin Sandy Boynton Beach FL ('57)

Marsh pond, Milford Track, N.Z. (1985)

Milford Sound N.Z./ Entrance from Sea (1985)

nancy casual bw-9

First campout w/ old borrowed tent, Cuyamaca State Pk,San Diego, CA(1965)

Trafalgar Square London (1959) kodachrome 25

Westminster and Big Ben (1959)

Enroute to San Diego (November 1962)

"When the party gets a glow on..." ,Center Couples, San Diego (1964)

Rose Siegel and Sonia Arafe, Summit Ave, Brookline (1974)

Carole at Luray Caverns (1961)

CENCO (Center Couples)S.Diego houseparty guest (1964)

Methodist Hospital Nursing School (1956)

A bridge construction in orange

Rose Siegel and brother Joe Sugarberg (1996)

Rachel and Lassie at Waena Park (ca 1998)

Shower tree in blossom, Mililani (ca 1997)

CENCO Social club meeting, S.Diego. (1964)

Graduation 1983

Chaplain LT. Loel Weiss (1976)

Our '69 Dodge Dart (1976)

99,999 on odometer (1976), '69 Dodge Dart

Pond blossom Kaaui

Paradise unbloomed sprout Kauai

Carole at banyan tree Rec I

Birds and siamese cat

Casual portrait of Kauai girl

Carole at Foster Gardens (1978)

Thirsty siamese

David at Renaissance Faire

Pool on Kaanapali Trail head

galaxy by the poolside

Torii gate. Miyajima Island, Japan (1984)

Welcome, visitors...

Japanese courtyard ( ca 1983)

Dave bar mitzvah oneg at Aloha Jewish Chapel (1974)

Manoa campus =2

Manoa campus=3

Chillicothe IL High School ( 1978 visit)

Joy of da run, agony of da feet

Untitled ( October 1988)

Driving her foreign 'garbage' but nice 626 Mazda LX. Bravo Pier Pearl Harbor (ca 1986)

Times Square on VJ Day , kind of- (and homage to Alfred Eisenstadt of Life magazine, sort of..)

Shipyard Security Office

Orchids of Spring by front door

Sharon and baby Rachel, Pony Soldier Motel, Gresham OR 7/87

Rose Siegel and Sharon Siegel Copley Sq. ( 1983)

Aloha Jewish Chapel display

Strange tree, Oahu watershed preserve

Wheeler Aero Club and Cessna pre-flight

Wheeler Middle School Band

Carole with Mai Kai, ca 1973

High School Volleyball team (1981)

Volleyball at MHS

At Subic Bay, P.I. Base Industrial Relations Office,the BIRO (1974)

Carole, braided hair by mother Madeline (ca 1946)

Counted cross stitch

Kay Dee and Dave, Big Island, HI

Donna and children, Pleasanton CA (ca 2002)

Carole and Judy W, Temple E event at park (ca 1978- 1980)


Carole and her friend Ella G.

Flying East, 1980. Carole and Sharon

Plum Island Wildlife Refuge ( Summer laborer job 1957)

Over the South Island N.Z Alps (1985)

Near Avon River, Christchurch N.Z. ('85)

Sharon on black velveteen velour/ SQA

from plant at old copra plantation, Diego Garcia atoll, British Indian Ocean Territory

December 1968, East Falls Church

The masterwork of the decorator art

Golden Arrow Dairy boy (1964) San Diego CA

Carole OCS blues , 1960

Dave poses for Nurse Corps publicity shot, (1967) Washington. D.C.

Reserve cruise from Fall River MA (1967-68)

Kids and Baron II, East Falls Church VA yard (1967)

R2D2 Cake, Aug '77, Mililani

Sharon on velvet (1988)/Bronica SQ A

Seder in San Diego with friends of family (1964) How many glasses of sweet wine, Dad?

Candidate Abercrombie at Mauka Elementary, July 2010

Wild morel mushrooms near Chillicothe IL (1981) Polaroid from Bill. Ready for batter and frying...

Untitled (1968)

Carole w/ Baron No I., (1964) San Diego Pacific Beach

Willard Lynne Mclaughlin, Peoria IL (ca 1935)

Class of 1983, Mililani High School

Westward Ho the 'wagen. Baby on board. Oct 1962 enroute Rte 66 to San Diego

Carole age one, Central Illinois

A young girl

A young scientist

Lupine trail Mount Cook New Zealand (1984)

Boston rising. Pru glass to Hancock. Old West End in foreground ( ca.1978)

Rachel and plush toys

Carole and Dave, San Diego (1963)

Sharon and Roy at Subase ( ca. 1985)

Smell the roses. Mililani (ca 1992)

Keiki hour at the Town Center Aug 2010

First pieces of furniture... Packard Bell stereo cabinet with turntable, 2 Ceramic Lamps, Seth...

Taping another album from the "Dual" to the "TEAC" ('77ish)

Bill and Madeline Hawaii visit 1970--X

David in Navy Recruit Command slide (1967)

North Island Mug Shot, (1964) l. to r. (Anderson, Pritz, Veach, Siegel, Barger....

Waena Park wood relief carving (1970) ...still intact that day...

Donna-2 , black reflectasol test image

Madeline visit to Mililani

Sandy on chenille, late fifties Kodachrome

Morgen in the park

Rachel with duck puppet, SQ A light test

Carole and Sharon at Navy Field (ca 1986)

120 pound foot warmer gets one girl stiff and sore

Saigon Street Vendors (1975)

Bicentenial display at the museum (1976)

Pat-3. Kodachrome slide cy

Young black belt demonstrates form

The old West End flat (1957) large collection of Galaxy sci fi magazines on shelf

Dave, Carole and Kate at SDiego Zoo (1964)

Sharon and Baron II Arlington (1967)

Father Leonard Feeney, Boston Common (1957)

Pompeii mosaic floor design (1959)

Del Ray Beach.FL., w/ buddy, Joe Lynch (1957)

Charles River campus (June 1958)

The Yard from University Hall (1956)

Dr. Kurt in his eye exam room (Aug 2010)

Repair Division, near Naples (1959)

After deck house (1959) chrome slide copy

Untitled (ca 1988)

Paul and Karen

Wedding of family friend, Patty at her home in Mililani

Nina and her cat

Lynne and Jack Hofstein ( June 1958, Morton Plaza Mattapan Ma)

Guitarist at recital Manoa Valley (1986)

Pearce Elem. 2 nd row,third fm right is Carole Mac

NAVY RECRUITER from 1968, Dave in Nurse Slide top rt.

Biking Kaena Point Trail (ca 1988)

Sharon graduates YWCA classes (1988)

Sales Pavilion view looking East to Waena Park, Nov 1969

Kodiak AK crabbers (1970)

Poi pounder (ca 1970)

Madeline Wanders McLaughlin (ca 1936)

Madeline and Isleta Wanders, Chillicothe, IL (ca 1926)

Sharon, grn.wh. floral top (1987)

Bill and Madeline cameos (1952/1959)

Local pineapple in field near orur town (ca 1976)

Tidal swirls on North Shore Oahu

Carole at Bainbridge Naval Hospital Maternity (8/62)

Lost River, N.Woodstock NH ( 1959) 16 mm frames from Elgeet Cine Stereo lens

Kathy and Sharon (ca 1975)

Hawaiian Sunset (1976)

Yosemite Valley

3-D imaging Waimea Canyon Kauai (1970)

Above Wailea River Kauai (1970)

Yellowstone mud vent (1969)

East Falls Church, VA. (1967)

Kodiak Island floatplane (1970)

Tree against sun

Carole, 'happy hour rigged,' Bethesda MD (1960)

Ward whites, Bethesd Naval Med Ctr.(1960)


Patty K. (1987)

Tire pyramid climber (1995)

Bill with the 'family tree' (1965)

On the trail, Grand Teton Nat. Park (1966)

Yosemite Valley (rescanned fm slide)

Finally, the extra half stripe.East Falls Church VA (1968)

North Logan St McLaughlin home (1966)

Nawiliwili Harbor Kauai (ca 1980)

Eight year birthday cake ( 1970)

Oregon Coast in late September 2010

Beach conifer, Cannon Beach, Oregon, (2010)

Cannon Beach overlook, Oregon N. Coast (2010)

Bicycle acrobat Pioneer Square Portland OR (2010)

Storefront Pirate Downtown Portland (2010)

Tomatoes at Wednesday Farmers' Market, Portland (2010)

Portland Sidewalk Musician (2010)

Apple Store people (2010)

Street statuary


Do real witches prefer BLACK cats.. (window display.. figure priced at 150.00)

Guardian, Tom McCall Park

Stacy Webb, Director 3-D Center of Portland

Cycle commuter along the Willamette Pkway (9/10)

Hawthorne Bridge over Willamette River

Cannon Beach overlook on the coast

Plantings in Pioneer Place Mall Courtyard

Food cart/ trailers where cars used to park, very popular, all cuisines on offer.

Urban waterfall park

Casual chic at Pioneer Square

Tasting Tillamook ice cream at the Plant

Center City

Farmer's Market at Park Place Wed noon

Feline screet sculpture

Multnomah Hotel Lobby as restored by Hilton

Flower landscaping by Willamette R. Hotel

Hawthorne Drawbridge from Esplanade South East

Fresh berries at Farmers' Market

Recumbent cycling on the parkway

Street trumpeter, Park Place Market day

Onions, Farmers' Wednesday Market Park Place

Wells Fargo Tower South West PDX

Waena Park play box and posts (1970)

Esplanade view of Portland

flower bouquets at Farmers' Market Wednesday

chanterelle mushrooms at Farmers' Market

Madeline visit (1971)

Carole and Madeline in front of our house (1971)

Sharon and David East Falls Church VA (1967)

Baron II and Missy square off, VA (1967)

The Giant Sandbox, Mililani, (1970)

Rachel and Sharon (1987)

Stereo graphics wall display at 3-D Center

A sleepover in Illinois Winter ( 1994)

The family by Frank Sharer At Home Portraits (1987)

Rachel entwined with banyan trunk

Winter rains (ca 1993)

Metering the outdoor light (1987)

Debbie does Rachel's first 'do.. (ca. 1991)

Bishop Museum Courtyard Wedding Party

Family under banyan by Bill Dasher (84)

Carole and Dave at Sunday brunch( ca 1998)

Carole,Sharon and Baron II in VA (1967)

A San Diego Picnic near the beach (1963)

Felspar Street San Diego (1963)

First puppy, San Diego (1963)

CENCO party and meeting San Diego (ca 1964)

Ted, Peggy and two of their golden retrievers (ca 1998)

Young mother (1986)

Triplets and only one in there (1987)

Sharon on phone w an eavesdropper (1987)

Carole ( ca 1988)

Sharon by Frank S, at home (1987)

Tech High School French Class shenanigans (1954)

Halloween Party get up ( ca 1995)

Rachel with leaf hat (ca 1996)

Sharon in drizzle front gate, ca 1973

Carole in 1937

Candidate 628574/1105 USNR (Summer 1958)

Dave and Sharon (1966)

Tripler Maternity Ward (October 1986)

Hawaii team at Guam Teppenyaki (1984)

McLaughlin Fiftieth, Chillicothe IL (1986)

Rachel headshot ( ca 1992)

Self portrait ( sometime in the 1990s)

From 1963 120 film Kodacolor negative. San Diego

Wendy and Lani (1987)

Wendy, music teacher in her studio (1984)

Montessori kindergarten. Miss Judy and Rachel ( 1992)

my photo assistant (1987)

Brian and Patty, Mililani home wedding (1987)

Patty at home reception party (1987)

Glass window, old post office Hono (1990)

Heavy old glass window frame in old post office bldg-#2 (1990)

Shenandoah National Park (May 1961)

Luray Caverns VA (May 1961)

Rose Siegel. Oil over photo paper, (ca 1925)

Bryce Canyon ( Aug1966)

Bryce Canyon Utah, heading East trip (1966)

Chillicothe visit heading East (1966)

Saigon rider (1971)

Saigon traffic (1971)

Las Vegas CA enroute to D.C. (1966)

Zion National Park Utah (1966)

Carole,San Diego (1965)

Sherry and Shelley, high school seniors and pals

Bridge near Nikko Japan (1970)

Bangkok visit (1971)

Floating markets of Bangkok (1971)

Bangkok, frieze (1971)

Floating markets scene-2 Bangkok 1971

Bangkok temple (1971)

Bill :Greyghost" Meaut, Kaneohe (1972)

North shore lava rocks and tides (1975)

Carole and spring buds, Virginia (1969)

Carole dressed up for dinner, VA (1969)

young dave horsing around (1972)

Paniolo wall decoration, Big Island (1978)

Nap time in the rockies (1966)

Grand Teton National Park (1969)

Rocky mountain Summer scenery (1969)

At home with pineapples (1973)

Carport with our '72 Toyota Corolla (1973)

Town Center and Mauka when pineapple fields, E. view (1974)

Rocky mountain scene painterized in PS (1974 EK 64)

Carole with glass float, Bethesda MD (1960)

Carole and Rachel, test of amber gel on black (ca 1996)

Jack Horner helicopter sightseeing Kauai (1979)

Over Waimea Canyon by helicopter (1979)

Aerial tour of Napalii Coast Kauai (1979)

Bob Connelly (1975)

Helo stop on ridge on Kauai (1979)

Helo over Princeville (1979)

Helo over Waimea Canyon-2 (1975)

Madeline and Bill Mac's visit (ca 1971) (Sansui 2000A and Sansui speakers on left)

Waena Neighborhood Park blocks array (1970)

Mount Rainer, from the lodge (1974)

Sierra snowscape (1974)

Sierra lodge and fire , tripod shot of family (1974)

AT&T's 1974 Picturephone demo (1974)

Hawaii State Farm Fair (1974)

USS Bowfin diesel sub at P. Harbor (1974)

San Diego Pacific Beach apartment, alley view (1970)

1141 Felspar Apt. San Diego Pacific Beach ('70)

How siamese cats sleep warm (1970)

National Gallery Art. D.C. , (74)

At National Gallery.D.C. (1974)

Sharon bronzed (1972)

sleeping beauty (1971)

Carole fuels Cessna at Wheeler Aero Club(1972)

Cessna over Mililani (1972)

Bill McLaughlin in his worksop in Chilli (1972)

Max and Mai Kai on the lanai (1972)

Phillipine security patrol during martial law (1972)

Busing across Bataan peninsula from Manila (1972)

Sam and Yvonne at Hale Koa (1987)

Star Wars mania (1977) Dave, Sally and Sharon, cake by Carole

Virginia camp trail (1969)

Tent camping with box trailer and Valiant (1969)

Bryce Canyon trail walk (1966)

Grand Teton trails (1966)

Carole on horseback (1966)

First Aloha Chapel Quonset at Pearl Harbor (1971)

Flight planning at Wheeler Field (1971)

Cessna pre flight (1971) Wheeler Field, Army

Carole and Mai Kai (1971)

Spider orchard spray against louvers

Carole and Baron II, VA. (1967)

Colonial Williamsburg, Cannon,ceremonial, with George Rex embossment

At Orson's Chowder House Honolulu (1971)

Mclaughlins visit to Arlington VA (1967)

the Hope Diamond, Smithsonian D.C. (1967)

Utah highways heading East (1969)

Cades Cove cabin replica , Smokies (1968)

Carole posing in Rocky Mt Park, (1969)

Ford's Theater National Historical Site (1969)w EK 64

under construction, South, open lanai pad (1969)

Saigon pedi cab (1971)

Hikers on the Appalachian Trail (1984)

Climber gear duffels Mt Fuji base station (1971)

Checking the control surfaces, Wheeler (1971)

under construction the living area North (1969)

East Coast of Molokai heading Cessna to Maui (1973)

Diamond Head Crater from Cessna 150 (1973)

Carole's final approach to Maui airport (1973)

Sea cave, Molokai coast (1973)

Molokai shoreline and mist, from Cessna150 (1973)

Carole dollies out her Cessna at Wheeler Field (1973)

Carole and Mai Kai (1971)

Pet helper, Dave and Mai Kai (1971)

Fueling up, Wheeler Air Base (1971)

Maui, Iao Needle (ca 1971)

Secluded cove, Napali Coast, Kauai (1979)

Kauai Napali Coast from helo (1979)

Carole on Kauai pinnacle with Horner helo (1979)coca cola hebrew shirt

A hidden waterfall, Kauai by helicopter (1979)

the most happy fellow Pat Cicotello (1975)

Bill and Carole by the shore (1979)

Carole and father Bill at Hanauma Bay (1979)

Kauaui's north coast from air (1979)

Waimea Canyon aerial view (1979)

College Commencement June 1958 w Rose and Aunt Sonia

Commodore computer with compact cassette tape drive ( date unknown)

High school reunion, Illinois (2005)

home from the high school band concert (ca 2003)

Sunbeam Alpine on alpine ridge (1960)

'Lounge Lizard' Period (1978)

Schoolkids with red and black boy girl backpacks, Japan (1970)

Cherry blossoms near tidal basin D.C. (1969)

Sharon with Dumbo. Arlington VA (1967)

Crab fishing boat, Kodiak AK (1970)

Carole under western skies (Utah 1966)

Birthday dinner in East Falls Church (Dec 1966)

Yellowstone Park ( Sept 1966)

Colonial armory at Williamsburg, VA, (1967)

Musket demo, Colonial Williamsburg (1967)

Winds on the Nuuanu Pali overlook (1970)

On the Mall (1967)

Above Oahu's pali, in a Cessna 150 (1970)

Snake River, Jackson Hole WY/Carole and Sharon in frame pack (1967)

Latte stone display, Agana, Guam

River canyon in the rockies (1970)

Nikko buddhist shrine, Japan (1971)

At Newport OCS , Summer 1958

In liberty blues, Fall 1958

Gerry near Tech high school back bay area (1953)

Rose Siegel studio portrait (ca 1923-4)

Rachel posing again ( ca 1995)

Rachel poses again, single umbrella ( ca 1995)

Rose Siegel in satin dress, ca 1925

San Diego apartment, (1965)

Philadelphia Naval Base BOQ (1959)

School photo ( 11 years old, 1948)

Gerry and cousins Lilian, Robert, Gloria and Marlene (ca 1942)

Christmas for Bill at home in Chillicothe (around 1954)

Philip Siegel (around 1925)

construction almost done ( Sept 1969)

Neighborhood board bike tour of town (1997)

Rachel in black boa ( 1997)

Christmas In Chilli (1950s)

Uncle Harold Wanders, Chicago ( date unknown)

McLaughlin family tree... (photo dated 1978)

Hong Kong Harbour (Dec 1975)

Honolulu Charity Bed Race, hospital entry

Bed Race trade wind tours entry

Tuning air traffic control in pineapple field (1975)

Yosemite Valley in Fall (1974)

lava field on island of Hawaii

lava flow on Big Island of Hawaii

Prince Charles at Mokuleia Polo (1974)

window self portrait after rainstorm ended (12/21/10)

Donna S., ROCMM office Party (1975)

San Fran Bay Bridge from Alameda

Bill enjoying a beer at home (1978)

Reel to reel tape listening (1978)

David, in middle school years (1975)

tent camping in 1967 with screen house

Kechler arab farm, Rancho Santa Fe S.Diego(1965)

sea monster carving, Lisbon (ca 1959)

Sharon and Rachel in Mililani (1987)

Bill Paz and Janice Shimokawa (1975)

Gold coral from Maui ring

squadron friend Joe Lynch at Opalaca Field with R5D transport., (1957)

Frank Lloyd Wright design synagogue near completion in PA (1959)

USS Mattabessett deck crew (1959)

Oil drums go down forward hold hatch (1959)

Gerry w/ new stripes, E.Falls Church, VA, (1968)

Signal bridge forward to bow, 3"-50 mount no #1 (1959)

USS Chewaucan from USS Mattabessett in MED anchorage (1959)

ROTC cadet, Harvard Yard (1957)

Vesuvious wall paintings excavated

lube oil transfer to the ship's cargo hold (1959)

mooring mast blimp hangar (1957)

Avon lady-1 (1970)

Avon lady-2 (1970)

Acropolis view,the karyatids -2 (1960)

quarters on the tank deck (1959)

Mess at BOQ Philadelphia Naval Base ( 1958-59)

Community seder, Rabbi Rosenblatt. 1973

Mililani neighbors ( Keim) (1973)

1973 stereo, Sansui 2000A, Dual table, Sony tape Barzilay cabinet kit

Helen Kechler and arabian horse at S.Diego ranch (1964)

house party, San Diego (1963-4)

field observation in rainy day (1973)

YWCA swimming lessons (1973)

glass blower at the mall (about 1974)

backscratching parrots

boy's room (1976)

girl's room (1976)

Budha at Kamakura Japan (1973)

Sharon's greenstick fractured arm bike fall (1973)

Our lanai with the popular pachinko machine (1976)

David and Sean on Haleakala crater Maui (1975)

reading den (1976)

Block carver Japan (1973)

Sharon with pink rosebud -1

Sharon with pink rosebud-2

Carole in front of Rec Center I Pool (1973)

cat in pretzel pose (1973)

Living room entertainment center (1976)

number # 1 son bdrm door (1976)

Naples orphans visit ship, eat in crew galley (1959)

tree germinating on Old Post Office column capital

Jeepney taxi, Manila (1970)

Barrio style house after super typhoon "Yoling," P.I. (1970)

Barrio home, P.I. (1970)

Tricycle motor cab, P.I. (1970)

Debris at Subic Navy Base after super typhoon Yoling (1970)

Sharon, Max next to horse carving (1974)

Remnants of West End from Holiday Inn (1972)

Carole, Bill, and Rachel (1989)

Columnade. Honolulu Old Post Office/Opera Bldg (1990)

oldcabinet face, original Hotpoint (1976)

Puget Sound ferry (1974)

Cousin Barb, Chillicothe IL (1974)

Mt. Rainier National Park (1974)

Carole w long hair in shade (1973)

Chillicothe, IL Amtrak Santa Fe station (1974)

Illinois River rising in Peoria downtown (1974)

McLaughlin family cookout, Chillicothe, IL (1974)

Aloha Chapel wedding on the lanai (ca 1993)

Carole, Winnie, Barbara, Security Office friends

Taxiing at Wheeler Field (1974)

Rose Siegel, Holiday Inn West End (1972)

Peter Fanueil Elementary School, Joy St. Beacon Hill (1972)

Make up and cup mirror shot of Carole in Mililani (1971)

Three other moods of Rachel (ca 1992)

Floyd H.

Sharon and Roy, Manoa (1985)

Cooling off, Utah (Summer 1966)

Sharon and Rachel posing for me (1987)

Gerry with polo barong and Carole w/ ivory strand, at home (1973)

Carole and parents (1938)

Carole, Peoria (ca 1958-59)

Opening of Aloha Military Jewish Chapel (1975)

Berry pickers, Bill and grandson David (1974)

David and Max (1975)

Norman and Nan Fizette, Arlington VA (ca 1974)

Gerry at ROCMM Pearl desk (1975)

Promotion to O-5 party, (1974)

Sequoia, Gen Sherman Grove (1975)

Spanning Kipapa Gulch (1976)

One by Frank Sharer of At Home Portraits (1988)

Central Oahu pineapple fields (1976)

Bob Connelly retirement aloha party (1976)

Office potluck with Director Bill Paz (1976)

David cub scout Kipapa Elementary (1970)

David, cub scout mtg Kipapa School (1970)

Carole's Aunt Mary (date unknown)

Office ROCMM Christmas Party Potluck (1975)

ROCMM Pearl Harbor office (1975)

Family gathering in Chillicothe (ca 1976)

yard ornament at North Logan St house (ca 1976)

Joy Doi, Admin staff, ROCMM (1975)

Jeanne and her children at Halloween Party (1996)

Rachel and Amber, Wahiawa Botanic Garden (1995)

Gerry (ca 1943)

Gerry (ca 1945)

Bedroom of house in progress, Summer 1969

Sybil Norman and her son and grandson, Sharon and Rachel (1987)

Carole rests on lanai framing ( 8/1969)

Two scotsirishers filterated

Carole and Bill (1990)

Honest advertising in auto repair

Sharon's hamster (19740

The Blowhole, Oahu

Hidden valley on Kauai from air

Dole pineapple exhibit area on Oahu

David's Bar Mitzvah day (1975)

Dave Bar Mitzvah-3 (1975)

banyan roots (1987)

Omayra Liz on the patio shot ( April 2010)

Omayra-2 patio shot ( April 2011)

Omayra Liz-3

Omayra Liz-4

Yokohama Park guide (1978)


Omayra-6 headshot

Sharon and Rachel (1987)

Carole and Uncle Cecil McLaughlin (ca 1985)

Kristie and 'friend', (Softlighter II and Apollo fill)

Kristi flamenco style backlight-2

Kristie- 2

Kristie- facebook type shot

Kristie, kneeling side pose-1

Kristie with skirt pose


Kristie -hd and sh

Kristie, h & sh-3

At Anna Miller's (1987)

Kristie with myoball


kristie lateral cropped-2

Omayara in tangerine dress

Omayra side light w screen refl

Kristie studio series-7

Omayra head portrait on patio

Strawberry harvest north of Chillicothe (1975)

Chillicothe family visit, in parlor No Logan St. (1975

Carole w bowling league date unknown

Nishiki Competion road bike (ca 1975)

Beverly and the grandkids

Omayra sits w/ Aloha print dress

Max and Mai Kai snuggling in warm space

Bishop Museum Courtyard Wedding Party


Kris b and w

Doctor Bill

Sunset against park Norfolk Pines, mid October 2012

Pat, Del Rey Beach, (1957) stereo slide cy

Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Point

Fifties teen glamour shot

Skyline Drive VA with family, 1967

Kids in the tub in Arlington ca 1967

Navy Fleet Activities Yokosoka, Joanne and other US civilian staff (1978)

Val Herman, at work in Navy personnel office, Yokosoka, Japan (1978)

Hiroshima Memorial ( ca 1982)

Hiroshima Castle ( ca 1983)

Pat, Boynton Beach FL

Fountain in St Peters Square Rome (1959)

Barcelona Square and Garden (1959)

Communithy sailing on the Charles (1958)

Walter Reed Hospital in D.C. (1961)

Bull ring in Majorca (1959)

David makes cookies, mid 1970s

Blowhole on Oahu ( 1980)

Flag deck at sea in Mediterranean (1959)

Party time (1975)

Virginia scene, fish hatchery (1968)

Carole flash photo against Pacific Beach SDiego bground, at night (1963) one of stereo pair

Kauai overlook on stream, Carole with Kodak (ca 1980)

San Diego County Fairground with family (ca 1964)

Kalalaua Valley Kauai panorama ( ca 1980)

Waimea Canyon, Carole in foreground, stereo slide (1980)

Arlington VA, Carole and our cat (1968)

Dave and Sharon and playmate, North Underwood St. (1967)

Carole and Dave, Mission Beach, SDiego (1963)

Carole and kids, Cades Cove, Smokies, (1967)

Sharon,Carole and Baron II Arlington (1967)

Millwheel at Cades Cove, Smokies (1968)

At sea in Med, 3"-50mm turret in bgnd (1960)

Starfruit platter



Dolly, future rock star

Carole Nurse Whites near National Naval Medical Center Bethesda MD

Kris in the studio

Trip home NAS Opaloca FL (1957)

Carole's Aunt Isleta-date unknown

Uncle Ed Wanders, Carole's maternal uncle

Umbrella plant in blue planter

Wedding portrait of Rose and Philip Siegel (1922) Boston MA after elopement to NY

Gerry on Reserve Weekend ( ca 1975)

Family portrait under Rec I banyan tree (1983) by Bill Dasher



Chere mademoiselle en couleur Solid and engaging miss with steel underneath

Elvira from Latvia

Camping in the Appalachian National Forest

Sharon, a young girl

Carole and mom and dad (1938)

Carole at door in late 1970s

Gerry in coat and tie around 1987

Playful NW adj again horsing around in bed kids copy

Scale model of late 1950's VW Convertible, 8" long EM-1 w two book lights and window light fill

The cutting room scraps

" That was a spicy black bean burrito"

Kaiser entryway info girl

Conrad, test shot with adapted Minolta lens

Self portrait

Rachel with plumeria blossom

Eucalyptus trunks med w bdr copy

Eucalyptus small size bark

marigold closeup

Green vase with LED flashlight

Army soldiers and family orientation day

Outdoor still of Bali head with legacy F 1.2 Minolta lens

Small arms practice on fantail at sea

Conrad,neighbor, 92 years young. Retired CWO Army pilot

Called Blue Daze and blooming ripely

Trikes and training wheels in Northern VA


Evening Night School Boston 1912