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Soeren Engelbrecht left a career in (primarily underwater) acoustical engineering to pursue a significantly more interesting one: Web design and photography. Among other things, this led to a year behind the counter in a photo store - taking pictures part-time to pay the bills - and a second master's degree, this time in inter-human communications and internet usability.

Today, he is fortunate enough to do internet for a living. When not taking pictures, his favourite pastimes are travelling with the family, pointing out design and usability failures, and putting together stuff from IKEA.

He dislikes people who are pretentious enough to write their bio in the third person.


Single Photos

Minolta CLE

Jodi Cobb LOVE Project


Paris, 2005 - Dog and Wine

Amsterdam, 2004 - Kid Playing with Toy Car

Paris, 2005 - Reading

Amsterdam, 2004

Copenhagen, Dec 16, 2004 - Asta is one day old

Paris, 2005 - Asta and Pia in the Metro

Lisbon, 2005

Lisbon, 2005

Basel, 2006 - Asta in the local Art Museum

London, 2007 - Trafalgar Square

London, 2007 - St. Paul's Cathedral

Tokyo, 2007 - Kimono Shop

Tokyo, 2007 - Asta taking a drink

Tokyo, 2007 - In the Metro after a long day of sight-seeing

Minolta CLE

Voigtländer 28/3.5, Leitz 40/2.0 and Minolta 90/4.0 lenses

Minolta CLE

Asta and Anton: Riding our Cargo Bike together for the first time


Sunday morning in Anton's bed

In the garden

Asta and Anton: The Chase

Asta and Anton: Learning to walk

Asta and Anton: In the sandbox

Asta and Anton: A helping hand

Asta and Anton: Tickle, tickle :-)

Asta and Anton: After the bath


Asta, Basel Art Museum, 2006