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p Hi all br I have been all my life around Photography and Graphic Arts. br I fight to take the kind of photos that make usual things become alive. br I hope you enjoy my photos. br Best regards. /p p Hola todos. br He estado toda la vida liado con la Fotografia y las Artes Graficas. br Lucho por conseguir el tipo de fotos que hacen que las cosas usuales cobren vida. br Espero que os gusten. br Saludos. /p


Pieces of my visual world



Last stuff from 2008

Toledo, Spain


Happy New Year 2009

New year, new OS, LINUX time


After Summer 2009

Just a step away from from new year

At the beginning of 2010

Spring time

Inside Summer 2010


Fields and palms

Inox chimneys

Colored legs

Half full, half empty.



Almond flowers

Great Court lights (Please, see it larger)



Lonely window

Time and Life



Time is red



London colors

Green in the rust - Verde en el óxido

Tranquility - Tranquilidad

Surprised - Sorprendida

Waiting hand


Curved wall

Reading room entrance

I see you!

Shall I go up?

Table in dark

Sowing light - Sembrando luz

La promesa

Hierro - Madera - Tiempo

Brick wall with streetlight (New version. Better larger)

Reflected windows

Retirement clearance sale

The mirror

Hand over black canvas (Please, larger)

The cat and the stone circle

Back light blind

Shades of cut old wood

Lines and grain

Concrete wall but...

The wounded path

Hammering fingers

Old stones and light

Discobolo looking down

Around the door

The storm was coming

Dos sillas vacias


The tale of the wall and the window


Distorsion sobre azul I

Distorsion sobre azul II

El circulo de piedra III

Maestro y alumno


Buenas noches

Window and children

Stairs to nowhere

Reflejos en una ventana

Someone was looking to the blue

Killing Time

Blue wall

Somebody is doing something

Wall and time

Coloured squares play

Tribute to painter Pepe Cacho (New version)

Twelve air exhausts

Funny wall

Earthquake graphics

The grape passage

Round world

Diagonal shadow in blue

Where is the bell?

Drying wiht light

Water forms

Light and cotton

Colored legs II

Inspired street painter

One One Point something


Handmade house

Walking in the light

Agave Americana

Light and lines


West summit

Blue and Yellow

Night lights

Last lights scape

Three times


Colored legs III

There was a window

Morning moon


Se vende cara

Working with God

Wrinkled canvas-scape

Haberdashery entrance

Wall collage

Composing with walls

Two drawers


Dew study

Misty winter morning

Smoke signals

Cold night

Shadow lines

On the way to work


Glass, black and reflection

The island

Color perspective

Warm light

Sunlight guardians

Roof lines

Time drawings

Inside lights

Toledo Christmas, Spain.

Living the night

Cold talk

Number one

Catedral de Toledo

Street in Christmas

<- ->

Delicatessen and beverages

Live stages

Medicinal lights


Angle play

Cistern II


Nice work with stones

Home entrance

Reinforced door

Safe door

Shadows and light

Etching exposition


Early morning fog

Diferent architect

Tourist trap

Silver tree

Pigeons palace

A little bit of sun

Toledo city scape I

Toledo city scape II

New colors for the Cathedral

Imposing tower

El Alcazar y la Luna

Narrow street

The blue bucket

Orange vapour

Seven bars

Crypt dome


Quiet reflection

Air conditioner, window, dog and cat

Light for a new day

Old mine trolley

Reflected landscape

Muddy zen walk

Dazzled dog

Earth, shadows and blue water

Very sharp house

Sunset on the cliffs

Sun, cliffs and clouds

Blue sea at dusk

Geometry in color

Old stairs

Nice lines

Walls and light

Walls shades

Abstract window

Projected windows


Fence shadow

Altocumulus or "buttermilk sky"


Ordered caos



Almond flowers - 2008

Walking with red

The rain was yesterday

Up the corner

Harmonious hollow

External light

Shades of earth I

Gyps fulvus (please, see larger)

Shades of earth II

Shades of earth III

Sown fields

Lines and bicycle

Smooth and rough

Light through the shade

Colors because of water

Iron colors

Light symmetry

I can see the light at the end

Agave stalk

Very light wheels

The square window

Orange fabric flowers


The green chair

Tetrahedron and light

It's hard to find home

Spanish village around 1975

Black windows

The stairs


The shadow of the hook

Blue, red and yellow

Mixed lights

A little bit of sun light

Framed sun

The ochre wall

Last lights

After the storm

A man, a woman and two black cats

"A man, a woman and two black cats" B&W version

Why not?

Red ribbon

Hay and sky

Details of an old wall

Green world


Broken darkness

Hard rain

Selling clothes?

Life go on

Ceiling or block?

Light and wave

Deep window

The window of the past

No mail


Simple refuge


Where shall I note down?

The image of sun

Fly me to the moon...

Moon light I

Moon light II

Seaside dinner


Tranquility II

Roofs, walls, things and light

The reef and the safety light

Relaxed at dusk

Seaside dinner II

Rocs at sunset

One is just looking

Yellow towel

Passage to the seaside

Going up with time over his shoulders

Welcome light

Caught phantom

Perspective study about dogs

Motorcyclist signature, he arrived too soon

Back light

Moon halos

Please, go left


Always is a different sunset

Ideograph II

The clouds factory


Moon on the rocks

Calmness at dusk

Seven hundred seventy seven or more

Rusted scratch over blue

Misty morning


Hidden behind the rock

Mysterious mist

A goal of sun

What should I buy?

Good morning, light

Windy day

··· --- ···

I am going to cross the sea


Looking through ninety nine years

UFO at dusk

My village summit

Resting on his friend

Cowardly chairs

Footprints around

Four life niches

The drying towel over the antenna

Mediterranean summer night

Sit down if you are tired

Cold cloister

Obligatory direction

A red van

Footprints around (pls. see larger link)

Footprints around

The golden rat's hole

Dreaming about sailing other worlds

Mediterranean blue door

Lights over a granite floor

Sun ray over stones floor

Wavy door

Where snow melts

The armchair and the cement sack

How my camera sees a chair

How I see the same chair

Where are we going at last?

Boots and shoes dwelling

Universe axis

Painting after the storm

Synthetic under arrest

Stainless steel

Hanging in the light

Vitruvian's true centre of gravity

Anyone hear me?

Dangerous TV

The house of the winds

The other side of the wall

Historical patterns

Chaotic facade

Improvised child training

Four centuries between them

Gran Via

Where people live

Sky lines

Dear. Are you ready? No more shopping

Don't look at me in that funny way. I'm just a chair!

The ball on the roof

New model cave painting

Snow storm glasses

Jack's lucky number

Time window


Rest before going out

Time window II

Summer early morning


Composing with old stones

Drying clothes a cloudy day

CSE (Cubism Secret Entrance)

Four VS One

New home

The mirror and the towel

The blue sack

Bedroom window

Mind the slippery floor!

The wall and the burned trunk

Autumn 2008

Wire stitch

Slashed and stitched

Slashed net

A nobody shadow in nowhere

Blue tracing

Light in the corner

Just metal sheets

In Memoriam of Jose Maria Parraga - 1937- 1997

We're having some building work

Fixed eyes

On top of the world

You can find strange things on the handrail going down the stairs

Parts of a wall

Shadow wave

Little lonely horse

To park or not to park, that is the question

My own music light ufo

Ants under the sun

Rehearsal in blue

The way I saw it


No more play

Sweeping her part of street

After sweeping

The street sweeper

Coppery waves

New day sun

A piece of sky

Electrical death end

I will always shoot sunrises

Unattended paper spam

Lines - Light - Shadows

La Madre - Victorio Macho

Old patio floor

The banister

Playing with a blue canvas

The blue bread bag

Hidden clothes

The cyclist's dog

Children play

Chaotic facade

It's easy to prepare

Saturday market

Calle Picasso

The Talk

Calle del Pintor - Painter's Street

Night lights

My little natural dried bonsai

Dumb monitor

Beer niche


Morning ray of sunshine

Windows and wire...

Dark end

Roof eaves

Restricted growth

Twelve floodlights

Immortal TV


Composing with hanging clothes

Home light

Happy New Year 2009

Fallen agave

Snow fields forever...

...and the wheel on the roof - sees the sun going down...

Never Lose Hope

Snowy labyrinth

Work of art

Slow clothes dryer

Under the light

Drying under the sky

Graphic time

Streamlined shadow

Playing with light

Corresponding symmetry

Old man's shadow

Ladies and Rodin's walker

I don't know what to do...

Not a cold bronze

The shortest way

As cold as steel

Winter fans

Climbing shadow

Cubism I

Good morning wall

Just a piece of a wall

Nice curve

The blue box and its motorcycle

Neptune is very angry


An instant in the net

~ In Other Words ~

Deep blue


Cachaba's shadow

Beginning and End

A light in the night

Flirting hooks

After mankind

At the end, yellow

Wood-burning oven bread. Wow!

Take it easy!

Red & Blue


Foggy fields

Wrong way up

Rainy light

Correct way up

In Memoriam

Wonders of water


Wind and spikes

Summer-Fest street

Photo souvenir

Summer moonrise

The oldest alternative energy

Black and White Slats

You can't imagine what could be behind that door

Line Input

Joists and lanterns

The Castle

Shadows on blue

On the third floor have a new dryer

Searching for light


Shadow's dream

Against the light

Too much walk

Tap, hose, reel and nozzle

Water's art

Alone on the rock

Post-Traumatic Stress Time Disorder

Long time hung


The burst wall

Bamboo light

Nobody there?

Point of view

The wall and the stone

He invited me. Thanks

Christopher Columbus's rudder

As time pass by

Sleeping room


Secret encounter

Cooked paper

Water's art II

Light & Life

Life colors

Full wired moon

Falling ligth

Puddle on the rocks

Sky reflections

Virtual handrail

David and Goliath

The sun rose slowly above the dewdrops horizon

Blue and Yellow

Lonely streetlight


Waiting for next spring

The Grid

My blind self-portrait


A piece of sky

Pixellated dusk view

In-between light and shadow

Steps and light I

Black mesh

Steps and light II

Composing exercise 6542

Spring up

The Barrier


Riding a light wave


Big Nose


Generator meter


Moon, sea and fence