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Bought my first camera with my own money at the age of 9. It was a Kodak Instamatic. Then I got a Nikon FM at the age of 20. That's when I started shooting more creatively. Problem was, not a lot of money & film & developing cost a lot. But it made me practice. 1981 I started at a privet Film & Television college here in Los Angeles. This is when I met my husband of now 22 years. He's a cameraman & Steadicam Operator mostly doing TV series. Then I became a mom & has spent the last almost 21 years photographing my daughter etc. Finally I had degraded to a P&S. But I needed to do some real photography & the P&S didn't work. So here we are, I buy the D200. Since I got it I've gone full speed ahead back into photography. I always wanted to shoot wildlife & now I'm working on it best as I can. I love to learn & grow. It's my time to get back to this & enjoy.

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Single Photos


"The Thief"

"Hosta" Lester A. Dine Kiron lens

"Beauty of Peace" Lester A. Dine Kiron lens

"Our Pride & Joy" Andrea the Actress

"White Beauty" Great Egret

Energetic Snowy Egret

"Golden Light Fishing....." IV American Avocet