M Hamburg

First off, I'm not that Mark Hamburg, though I do love starting Photoshop and seeing "my" name in the credits. I've been taking photos for at least 25 years and owned an SLR for most of that time, but it's only been within the last three years that I've taken anything that I'd consider even remotely good. Before that, I had no idea how to use my equipment, and it showed. I have two small kids, they're my primary subjects, and I see my role as a photojournalist. I don't take many posed photos of them; rather I chase them around with a camera, shoot a lot, and hope for the best. A great shot for me is one that tells a story or brings back memories. I can't compete in the artistic realm; but I do think my better shots stack up well against the average newspaper photo. Since going digital, I've been using Canon gear; first a Rebel XT, now an XS and T1i.