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Thimble was born in Kenya to a very kind and generous family. Unfortunately unforseen circumstances forced them all to move to Vancouver where thimble now resides and works as a tailor/upholsterer. Somewhere along his journeys he picked up a camera and enjoyed shooting pictures. Since that moment he has accumulated alot of stuff, and annoyed alot of people. Thimble travels alot and has a vey interesting work and life ethic. He works to live and he doesn't live very hard. Besides photography, thimble enjoys cooking almost as much as he enjoys eating. His number one hobby however is sewing and he loves it so much he sews for a living now. Some people think thimble is very lucky, thimble thinks most people are sleepwalking through life...and for the most part have no idea what it is all about, but he must continually remind himself that that is not for him to decide. Thimble lives in a big house which he loves to decorate but hardly has the time. He lives with a wonderful woman whom he calls his girlfriend, and a little dog whose name is Frango.


Single Photos

Travelling in europe

My Vancouver

People and their stuff!


new photos 2002


"The Nachtmarket"


"Tribute to WAR"


Hmmm where to next?

Birds and Boats

Now this is warped!!!

Me at 8mm in my bathroom, mediocre scan...sorry

No description needed.



The Cola Guy

Laughing Dog

Nosy Dog

What do you want?

Lighthouse, up close and personal like.

Someone's boat

He apparently owns the farm now!!

Night Out

Pulling in the city


Apartment Building

Hotel vancouver...A reflection

Seymour Building....See More?

Shutter Release Cable



Photshopped version of St Marco's

Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy

Look at me!

Caged Animal...Beware

Here Lizard...Lizard...Lizard!!!!

Marimba Fire

A look through the tambourine

Trumpeter Extraordinaire