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Ryan Aldrich was born in Gardner, Massachusetts on May 26, 1983. Since the age of 7, Ryan has been taking pictures with various cameras, starting with inexpensive 110 film cameras, and even using 35mm disposables as his primary medium until the age of 20.

In 2003, Aldrich received a Nikon Coolpix 2000 as a gift from his parents. It marked the beginning of his heavy involvement in photography, He began exploring the many perspectives of photography: capturing candid shots at college parties, taking scenic drives in western Massachusetts, and taking trips to Vermont, Maine, and Montreal, Canada.

In 2006, the trusty Nikon Coolpix decided it had enough. Aldrich, knowing his budget was tight, bought a Konica Minolta DiMAGZE Z6 to fit the bill. He continued to hone his skills with an emphasis on floral/macro photography, a strength of the Konica Minolta Z6. He also made his love of photography known among his friends and co-workers by asking them to critique his work, aiding the learning process. Aldrich received a Pentax Spotmatic F and lenses that his father wanted to pass down, and also obtained a pristine Yashica TL/Electro X with authentic Yashinon lenses so he could learn SLR photography.

June 2, 2007 would turn out to be a life-changing day for Ryan. Just eight days before his own wedding, he received a text message from a co-worker at 2:30 AM, stating that his friend's wedding photographer bailed out at the last minute. Four hours later, Aldrich shot his first wedding in Lake George, New York. Despite not having professional equipment, the bride and groom were thrilled with the delivered images. Suddenly, the same friends and co-workers that critiqued Aldrich's work were offering to pay for wedding and portrait services. It was the birth of Aldrich Imaging.

New to the business of photography, and newly married, Ryan and Holly Aldrich purchased Nikon digital SLR's, speedlites and lenses. A website was created, and the couple spread word of Aldrich Imaging via e-mail and word of mouth. Local online classified ads were posted as well. Excited to join and help, Holly drew up paperwork and a service catalog for clientele.

Since June 2007, Aldrich Imaging have worked several weddings and major events, school sports team portraits, and family outdoor portraits throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In December 2008, studio lighting added studio portraiture for individuals, families and small groups to their repertoire. The future of Aldrich Imaging looks quite bright for this energetic and talented duo.

Ryan and Holly Aldrich reside in Meriden, Connecticut. Outside of their part-time venture in Aldrich Imaging, Ryan enjoys a full-time career in human services as a site supervisor, and Holly works as an administrative assistant in industry and sales.


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Meriden, Connecticut

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Sophie, Maine Coon Cat, Pleasantville style.

Trinity Church and Skyscraper, Boston, MA

Native American Hoop Dancer, Grand Canyon, AZ

My wife. Glowing Edges inverted in Photoshop CS2.

First Wedding! Lake George, NY

Pink Blossoms, Meriden, CT

Little Gemini, born May 30, 2007.

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Lake George Wedding, Lake George, NY

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My Wife, Holly

Soldier Memorial, Meriden CT

Rhode Island State Captiol, IR/B&W

Boston Skyline, IR/B&W

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Inner Tulip

Ginger's first studio shoot

Ginger's first studio shoot

Wedding Reception R&R

"Do you want my hand, or the bottle?"

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My parents, Ronald and Diane. One of the first SLR images I ever shot.

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