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I am an avid hobbyist at this point in my life - until now I've never really had the time to devote to an in-depth study of the art of photography. Now, after spending 13+ years in the army and seeing a lot of the world, I have some perspective on life. I also have the dawning realization that my professional skills are just not widely marketable (I'm an interpreter) - so I am throwing myself into my hobbies while looking for a job. Maybe this could be parlayed into something "foreign correspondent" or "travel guide research consultant". Time will tell. Any and all comments are appreciated should you view any of my postings. Advice is always welcomed (but not always heeded). UPDATE 2/16/08 So, I find myself in Memphis, TN, heading into the home stretch of my first year as a public school teacher. What strange set of circumstances brought me here? Easy. I needed a job and I was offered one...


Single Photos

Architecture around the world

Statues and sculpture


Nature and decay

NASCAR at Bristol

Re-do's and touch-ups



Fassnachtbrunnen, Mainz, Germany - spring 2004

Gutenberg at the press.

Church of St. Christof

Church of St. Christof 2

Russian lacquered boxes - Moscow in February '03

Gargoyle on the Cathedral in Regensburg, Germany

Fountain, Teatralnaya Ploshchad', Moscow

History Museum, Moscow

Kazanskiy Cathedral, Moscow

Mainzer Dom

Marktplatz, Mainz

Eisenturm Gateway, Mainz

Carmelite Cloister, Mainz

Gateway of Carmelite Cloister

Riverwalk and Mainz Marriott

Church of St. Gereon, Nackenheim, Germany

Weingut Franz Petry

Gasthaus in Idar-Oberstein

Porto Negro, Trier

Porto Negro, Trier

Catholic Diocese of St. Gangolf, Trier, Germany

Trier Marktplatz

Trier Cathedral

Siberian crawfish

Statue of Russian poet, Vladimir Mayakovskiy

Statue of Karl Marx, Teatral'naya Ploshchad', Moscow

Hand-crafted space toys, Izmailovskiy Park, Moscow

Bear Show, Izmailovskiy Park, Moscow

Sculpture of Gutenberg at his press


Baron von Munchhausen and others

Brementown musicians

Crucifix in the vineyard


Vineyard, Nackenheim, Rhein river

Weingut Dr. Dietrich and vineyard

Tags in pedestrian underpass, Trier

Tags 2

Tags 3

Tags 4

Goolrick's Drugs, old town Fredericksburg, Virginia

Snow on Caroline Street

Red door in Old Town Fredericksburg

Decaying logs







Textures of decay

Fungi on a log


Dead leaves






Pre-race pyro trails at Bristol.

Acres of race fans

Card trick and pyro 2

Card trick and pyro

Outside the track

Flag-jumper 3

Flag-jumper 2

Pre-race lineup 2

Pre-race lineup

Pyro display at Bristol

The license plate is overkill

Race track exterior

Pre-race activities

Fight for the lead


Grandstands and jumbo video screen

Pit crews in action!

Pit stop

Pre-race activities

Pre-race lineup 2

Pre-race lineup

Spin-out near finish line

Back-stretch spin-out

Team trucks

Victory cookie!

Winning pit crew assembles

Another fine day.

Welcome Home 1st Armored Division!

Clouds over Camp Buehring

Church of St. Christof - cropped

Stained glass at Jungfrau Kirche in Trier, Germany.


Tulips 2

Tulips 3

Flowering cherry

Flowering dogwood

Morel mushroom

Morel mushroom 2