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I have been a Professor of Biology since 1998 where I have taught a wide variety of courses including Nature Photography. Professionally in my research I have had ample opportunity to explore photography within my field, primarily with Pentax and Nikon equipment. I am a life long naturalist, environmentalist, and outdoors-men who began to seriously explore photography as a way to capture the beauty I had seen in the wild after failing miserably as a painter. As a nature photographer I am a generalist, but I do have a huge collection of photographs that focus on salamanders, frogs, snakes, insects, botanical subjects, and landscapes being as true to my natural subjects as possible. I have traveled extensively in North America, Asia, Central America, and Europe dragging my equipment along the way. I have been a photo-hobbyist since 1974 starting first with a Kodak Flashfun Camera which made an unfortunate underwater trip with me still attached to it. From there I moved up through Praktica SLRs, then screw mount Spotmatics, and now to my current fascination with Pentax K mount equipment shooting mostly slides. I have just crossed into the digital SLR world and look forward to many years of new photographic subjects.

Country: US


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Black Bellied Ducks

Gollum alive and well in Indiana

Dew covered Spiderwebs on fern

Female Rufous Hummingbird

Macro Murex pectin

Calico Scallops, Sanibel Island, Fl

Three Junos; Alabama, Florida, and Mexico

Lyria (ventrum) lyraeformis from Kenya and Somilia

Turrids, Tawain, Philippines, and Madagascar

Northern Sholver Ducks brisk California morning

Early Morning Shoveler Magic

Whooping Cranes Aransas10

Whooping Cranes Aransas10

Tiger Beetle NC

IMGP2429 EG Motmot

American toad croaking small1

American toad croaking small 3

Kirklands Watersnake Eagle creeksmall

Cypraea mauritana and maculifera tidepool

Fig shell small

Haustula hectica Hapuna Beach Hawaii

Cave Salamander2

Daughter at Newport, KY Aquarium

IMGP1038 Viragated squirrel.JPG

IMGP1243 Peace Falls.JPG

Clay-colored Robin Costa Rica National Bird

IMGP1578 Red-Legged Honeycreaper.JPG

IMGP1586 Social Flycatcher.JPG


Purple Throated Mountain Gem.JPG

IMGP1934 Crest Redstart

IMGP1992 Leaf-cutter ants1.JPG

Manakin Long Tail2 shot at ASA 400, lighting changed in photoshop.

Beach Shells, Cowrie, Conus, keyhole limpet, Dove shell.JPG Manuel Antonio Park, Costa Rica

Elephant Seals.JPG


Mt Fuji small

Mitaki Temple, Near Hiroshima

Miyajima shrine

Myosinjit Monks

Osaka Manhole Cover


Ice sculptures St Paul.JPG

London Bridge filter.JPG

Madaline Tugboat.JPG


Red Salamaner Weymouth Woods NC

Virginia Rail Small Ottawa

Aminoita small

Water Lilly Ontario small

West Minnesota Sundown small

Florida Softshell Turtle small

Redbellied Snake Weymoth Woods small

monarch3 small2

Tunnel Falls Clifty

ice storm Elon small

Vines Clifty Falls1 small

Butterfly Buckeye small1

Butterfly Silver Spotted Skipper small

Butterfly Spicebush Eaglecreek small1

Synix Moth small3

Synix Moth small4

Tiger Swallowtail Eaglecreek1 small

Tiger Swallowtail Eaglecreek2 small

Marsh Mallow Eaglecreek small1

Swallowtails Eaglecreek2 small

Glory of the Seas Cones (Solomons & Philippines)

Rare Spider Conchs (Lambis)

Red Admiral Butterfly Zionsville

Trap door spider small

Cave Salamander cave small

Conus pulcher byssinus

Florida Fighting Conch Sanibel

Banded Tulip dining

Giant Atlantic Cockle Small

Banded Tulip small

Horseconch Sanibel 2

Horseconchs Sanibel Is small

Mesh-pitted Chiton on Horseconch small

Lava entering sea hawaii

lava tube 20-35mm lens

Cedar Waxwing Carmel3 IN.JPG

Common Loon Eagle Creek2 IN

Ducklings Stony Swamp ONT

E Bluebird Starling.JPG

Great Horned Owl chick2 small

Hairy Woodpecker Mar Bleue1 Ottawa

Comical Blackbellied Ducks.JPG

Tricolored Heron Sanibel.JPG

Mississippi Kite Texarkana2.JPG

Pileated Woodpecker small Starling

Yellow Billed Cuckoo Santa Ana2 TX.JPG

Red Sholdered Hawk Eagle Creek3

Eastern Towee

Confused American Toads NC

Northern Leopard Frog IN

Pickeral Frog Blueridge PKy3

Morel Pair Starling 2011

Yellow Rumped Warbler Eagle Creek

Sora Eagle Creek Indianapolis


AZ Monument Valley

Scheelite Canyon Hike AZ

AZ Chiricahua Ntl Mt small

AZ Horseshoe Bend

AZ Milky Way

AZ night saguaro

Conus regilis w Nertina

Conus ximens

Melongela patula


Green Basilisk

Crissal billed Thrasher

AZ Spiny Lizard

AZ Fence Lizard 3

AZ Regal Horned Lizard

Az Eligant Trogan small

Day 3 Black Chinned Hummingbird female small

Golden Eagle2 Madera AZ1 small

Fence Lizard Miller Canyon IMGP1081 small

White Tailed Praire Dog IMGP5365 small

Vermillian Flycatcher Ajo AZ small

small field Marsh Mallow West Park

small pink Marsh Mallow

small Sunrise

Statue Puerto Penasco Mexico

China Beijing Summer Palace015

Panjiayuan Market Beijing Ivory seller

China Beijing Tea service004

China Great Wall1

China Great Wall2

China Great Wall China3

China Guilin Gold Silver temple

China Guilin view

China LChina Li River

China PanjiayuanFile0021

China Sign Forbidden City2001

China Small Half moon viewFile0002

China Small Half MoonFile0001

China Small Reed Flute CaveFile0002

China Small Suzhou Tiger HillFile0009

China Suzhou Small SuzhouFile0001

China Yi Gardens Shanghai

American Goldfinch West Park, IN

Sharkeye (Moonsnail)

Moon Shell Black and White

Hidden small

Downy Woodpecker, Indianapolis

Shooting Stars

Large Yellow Lady Slipper Itasca MN 29

Small Yellow Lady Slipper Scenic State Park MN 13

Stemless Lady Slippers 7 Angleworm Lake Trail MN



Sandhill Cranes flying in

Sandhill Cranes JP small

Sandhill Cranes landing

Cedar Waxwing Carmel

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl, northern visitor

Cold American Kestral

Black Crowned Night Heron 1

Black Oystercatcher

Black Phoebe

Black Sholdered Kite1

Burrowing Owl

California Clapper Raill

California Slender Salamander 1

California Slender Salamander 2

Canvasback Muddy

Cinnamon Teals

Common Goldeneye

Fox Sparrow

Greater Scalp 1

Green Winged Teal

Horned Grebe

Least Sandpiper 2

Pied Billed Gebe

Ruddy Duck

Surf Scoter-28

Unknown Duck1

Bobwhite Illinois small

Mute Swans small

Trumpter Swans Blanford IN1 small

Trumpter Swans Blanford IN3 small

White Fronted Goose Blanford small

Belize Amergris Caye

Belize Half Moon Caye

Belize Milk Conch Fish Half Moon Caye

Belize Xunantunich

Eastern Medowlark small

Song Sparrow Carmel small

Eastern Bluebird West Carmel small

Eastern Meadowlark Carmel small

Northern Mockingbird Carmel small

Red Tailed Hawk Carmel small

Big B;ue Spring Ozarks






Redbacked Salamander Brown County

Tree Swallow Eagle Creek

Zionsville Green Frog 2

Zionsville Greenfrog 1

Zionsville Painted Turtle

American Bittern with Green Frog small


American Bittern Eagle Creek IN

Young Squaroot

Northern Black Racer Eagle Creek

Northern Racer Improved

Solitary Sandpiper


American Toad Brown County

Long-Tailed Salamander 1

Long-Tailed Salamander 2

Mystery eggs and Tadpoles

Mournful Thyris Moth

Worm-Eating Warbler

Green Frog

Baby Eastern Box Turtle

White Eyed Viero

Philadelphia Viero

Wood Duck Drake


Ground Hog


Black Legged Stilt

Strawberry Dart Frog

Mountain Salamander Poas



Palm Bat Ghost Bat



Wasps Carara



Smooth Skinned Toad




Waterfall near La Fortuna


Three toed sloth


Black Throated Trogan

Eifle Tower

France Stag Beatle Beary small

France Young Kestral

Large slug French Pyrenees



Wall Lizard Beary France


Fall Pyrenees

Cape Cod Razor Clam

Cape Cod Surf clam

Costa Rica Conus species Morum tuberculosum MA

Costa Rica Cypraea arabicula MA

Costa Rica Cypraea cervinetta MA

Costa Rica Nertina Manual Antonio

France Shells St Pierre sur Mer 1

Cedar Waxwing Eagle Creek

Eastern Phoebe Indianapolis


Porcupine mountain Rapids

Green Heron 1

Green Heron 2

Green Heron 3

Halloween Pennant Cox

Semipalmated Sandpiper small

Willow Flycatcher Cox Gardens


Eastern Cottentails

small ON Moose cow Algonquin 3

small ON Moose cow Algonquin 5

small ON Moose cow Algonquin 6

small ON Moose Cow Calf Algonquin 1

small ON Red Squirrl Algonquin 1

small Leopard Frog Ottawa

Small ON American Toad Ottawa

small ON Snapping Turtle Ottawa

small ON Snapping Turtle Ottawa1

small ON Bachmans Warbler Algonquin

small ON Night Heron Ottawa

Spruce Grouse Algonquin, Ontario

small PA Blue Jay Edinbora PA

smalll ON Virginia Rail 2012 8

Hyroglyphics 2

Mushroom Shades State Park1

Mushrooms Shates Park 2

Mushrooms Shades park 3

mushroom shapes 4

Great Blue Heron Fall ec

Fall Eastern Bluebird Carme

American Goldfinches Fall


Muskrat West Park small3

Muskrat West Park small4

White Throated Sparrow 1 small

Barred Owl

Northern Cardinal 2012

American Tree Sparrow small

Red Shoulderd Hawk small

Tufted Tirmouse

Feb Northern Saw Whet Owl 1

Feb American Tree Sparrow

Feb Female Downy Woodpecker

Feb Fox Sparrow 1

Feb Fox Sparrow2

Feb Mallard pair

Feb White Throated Sparrow

Feb White Throated Sparrow 2

Northern Saw Whet Owl Carmel

Bald Eagle1 small

Bald Eagle 3 small

Northern Harrier Grey Phase small2

stonefish shedd aquarium

Spotted Salamander Small 3145

Spotted Salamander smallIMGP3114

Small Mouth Salamander

Smallmouth Salamander two Western Chorus Frogs

Smallmouth Salamander Eggs

Western Chours Frog Female

snow bound Small Mouth Salamander

small Loon Eagle 1

small Loon Eagle Creek3

small palm warbler1

small pine Warbler hopping

Small Prarie Warbler 2

small yello warbler

small Common Yellow Throat

small Yellow Throated Warbler2


Small Cerulean X Northern Parula1 hybrid

small Cerilian Warbler 2 hybrid

small Cerulean X Northern Parula2

small Eastern Peewee2 EC

small kingfisher

Small Prothonotary Warbler 5 EC

Mating Copperheads

Pileated Woodpecker

small may white crowned sparrow.

Sora bw1

Baltimore Oriole7

small Orchid Oriole-6

small yellow Billed Cuckoo ec2

Small Cedar Waxwing 4

Small Great Crested Flycatcher 3

small May Eastern Gardersnake

small May Eastern Gartersnake 2

small May Field Sparrow

Small May Kentucky Warbler

Small May Willow Flycatcher

Small May Meadowlark

SMALL aphids

small leaf

Invasive Mute Swan



Unknown Frog. Wapancco, Arkansas

Houston NASA1

Houston NASA2

Houston NASA3

Black Necked Stilts Flying

small Anhinga Brazos

small Carolina Wren Brazios

small Nightheron

small Pied Billed Grebe Brazos

small Purple Gallinue Brazos

small white ibis

small Magnificant frigratebird

small Laughing Gull

small American Anole

small Miss Indiana 4th July Parade

small WWII Trainer2

small WWII Trainer

small Uncle Sam

Aligator snapper

Timber Rattlesnakes

Pincher Bug Kendal Wis

Wis small American Beauty Wis

American Copper1

Grey Treefrog grey closeup Kendall Wis

Grey Treefrog Green

Grey Treefrogs Green Kendall Wis

Wis small Northern Brown Snake Dekay Necedah NWR 3

Northern Brown Snake Dekay Necedah NWR 1

Ky Butterflies

ky Female Tiger Swallowtail

ky Carrion bug Kingdom come

ky Dragonfly Kc

Ky Red Gorge Black widow 1

Ky Kingdom Come2

ky Horse jumping1

In Botany 6 Marsh Mallow

IN Botany 5 Marsh Mallow 2

IN Botany 5 Marsh Mallow1

IN Botany 4

IN Botany 7 Swamp Milkweed

IN Botany1

IN Botany 3

IN Botany2

Wis Botany 2

Wis Botany phlox

Wis Botany Purple Praire Clover

wis Lead plant

OH Green Bee battle chickoree Resthaven Ohio

OH Black Winged Damselfly

PA Fungi Unknown Erie NWR

PA Vioet Grey Bolete Erie NWR

PA Yellow Patches Mushroom Erie NWR

PA I Flame ColoredChanterelle Erie NWR

PA Whie Coral fungi Erie NWR

PA Yellow Orange Fly Agaric

PA Small Headed Gartersnake3

OH Cardinal Flowers Ottawa NWR

OH Forget me Nots Beaver Creek OH

PA Indian Pipe Erie NWR1

PA Pea family Erie NWR

PA Small Headed Gartersnake2

Gartersnake Carmel

Northern Cricket Frog

Carmel Sunburst flower

Carmel Annual Cicada

Carmel Black Tailed Swallowtai2l

Carmel Black Tailed Swallowtail

Carmel Halloween Pennant

Carmel Widow Skimmer

Small Sage Wren

Brown Co Green Frog

Brown Co Longtailed Salamander

Brown Co Longtailed Trail 9 Aug2

Brown Co Northern Watersnake

Brown Co Luna Moth wings

Small Alfalfa Butterfly

small Buckeye Butterfly

small flying bettle

small Flying Meadowhawk

small Kaydid shadow

small Saffron-Winged Meadowhawk

smal Unknown Vireo

small Cape May1

small Cape May5

small Red Eyed Vireo

small Yellow Throated Vireo 1

small Cape May6

small warbler

Milk weed Beatles 1

Milk weed Beatles 3

Aphids Milk weed

Wolf Slime Il


western Cottenmouth Il

sunrise Uniom County, Il

Black Rat Snake Il


Southern Leopard Frog

Black Rat Snake


Eastern Hognose Snake

Eastern Hognose Snake


Wolleybear Caterpillar

Morgan Monrole

Great Blue Heron in fog


6 point buck bedding down




Union Bridge IN

Virginia Opossum Carmel 2 small

Virginia Opossum Carmel 1 small

Tiger Snake Mt Field

Platapus Mt Field


Bennets Wallaby

Bushtail Possom

Eastern Quoll


Shy Albatross

White Bellied Sea Eagle

x tas austra;ian fur seal

x tas spot tailed quol

x tas wavy volute

X Tasi Cassis

x tas tasmanian devil

x tas paper nautalis

X tas Yellow eared parrot

x tas skink tas

x tas scarlet robin

x tas scallop

x tas pademelon

x tas lake

x tas jewel bug

x tas janthina

x tas forest tas

x tas flinders nw beach

x tas flinders fungi

x tas flinders beach

x tas flinders beach 2

X tas echidina

x tas copperhead

x tas co

x tas bassian thrush

x tas Boobook

x tas fairy wren

x tas Forester Kangaroos

1 SA Giant Cuttlefish

1 SA Western Kangaroo

1 SA Black Swan

1 SA Cape Barren Geese KI

1 SA Crab species KI

1 SA Crested Pigeon

1 SA Heath Monitor KI

1 SA Incredible Rocks 1 KI

1 SA Incredible Rocks 2 KI

1 SA Kangaroo setting

1 SA landscape

1 SA New Zealand Fur Seals KI

1 SA Scarlet Robin

1 SA Shingleback

1 SA Southern Right Whale

1 SA Jellyfish Whyalla

x tas landscape tas penn

x tas fires south

x tas cockles cove

w wa australian trumpet port smith

w WA Red Tree FRog

w wa b flower beehve preserve

w Green Turtle western Australia

w wa baobob Kimberly

w WA Batfish exmouth

w wa boobook port smith

w wa Bustard

w wa butcher bird

w wa butterfly port smith

w wa closeup granet karijinini

w wa conus victoria port smith

w wa dragon karijini np

w wa dragon millstream

w WA Dust Devils WA

w WA emu Pin

w wa euro Port smith

w WA Euro1

w wa flowers karijini park

w wa frog poster broome

w wa gecho

w wa giant green treefrog

w wa gorge karijini np

w wa gorge karijini

w wa great northern hwy view

w wa honeyeater 2

w wa Kalbarri gorge

w wa landscape karijini np 1

w wa landscape millstream np

w WA Little Corella

w wa lizard millstream

w wa millstream fire damage

w wa Millstream Oasis

w wa money cowrie port smith

w wa monitor port smith 2

w wa monitor port smith

w wa Monkey Mia sunset

w wa mudskipper port smith

w wa northern nail tail

w wa octopus 1

w wa octopus 2 port smith

w wa octopus 3 port smith

w wa octopus 4 port smith

w WA Pelicans Sharks Bay

w wa Port smith landscape

w wa ringneck

w WA Shell Beach closeup

w wa tawny frogmouth 1 port smith

w wa tawny frogmouth 2 port smith

w wa top

w wa tree great northern hwy rest stop

w wa waterfall Karijini

w WA Wedge Eagles termite mound

w wa white headed stilt

w Whale Shark 1

w Whale Shark 2

wWA Baby Turtle exmouth

wWA White Plumed Honeyeater

w2 WA IMGP7599 echidina

w2 Wa IMGP7796 carpet python

w2 WA IMGP7806 python

w2 wa IMGP7825 tommy wagtail

w2 WA IMGP7847 Sterling range

w2 wa IMGP7854 fantail 1

w2 wa IMGP7866 albany beaches

w2 wa IMGP7882 albany beaches

w2 wa IMGP7891 chitons

w2 WA IMGP7906 Banskia rel

w2 wa IMGP7936 karri wlk

w2 wa IMGP7991 quokkas

w2 wa IMGP8000 costal morning

w2 wa IMGP8039 rams horn spir

w2 wa IMGP8042 costal sceen


w2 wa IMGP8137 western rosella

w2 wa IMGP8191 red tailed cockatoo

w2 wa IMGP8202 Leewuin coast 1

w2 wa IMGP8209 leewun 2

w2 wa IMGP7939 kari forrests

w2 wa IMGP7980 karti forests

w2 wa IMGP8226 pied ostercatchers

w2 wa IMGP8285 crab

w2 wa IMGP8301 costal lichen

w2 wa IMGP8312 leewun

w2 wa IMGP8321 sw forest

w2 wa IMGP8340 galah

w2 wa IMGP8350 carnaby's cockatoo

w2 wa IMGP8358 western grey kangaroos

w2 wa IMGP8444 shelduck

w2 wa IMGP8476 pink eared ducks

w2 wa IMGP8499 botanical garden perth

w2 wa IMGP8509 wc honeyester

w2 ws IMGP8377 stramatolites

w2 ws IMGP8441 australian shoveler

NT IMGP0015 Katherine butterfly

NT IMGP0029 Ornate Burrowing Frog

NT IMGP0037 Un Frog sp 1

NT IMGP0041 Gecko sp 1

NT IMGP0046 Olive python head

NT IMGP0052 Olive python

NT IMGP0067 Katherine gorge 1

NT IMGP0098 Freshie Croc Katherine

NT IMGP0106 Blue winged Kookaburra

NT IMGP0107 Little Fuit bats Katherine

NT IMGP0132 Rainbow lorachetes

NT IMGP0138 Greater Bowerbird

NT IMGP0139 Ble Eyed Honeyeater 1

NT IMGP0154 Blue Eyed Honeyeater 2

NT IMGP0205 Fruit bats katherine

NT IMGP0239 Frog speies 2

NT IMGP0254 KD landscape

NT IMGP0260 DRagon sp 1 KD

NT IMGP0279 Forest Kingfisher 1

NT IMGP0304 Archer fish

NT IMGP0366 Green Ants

NT IMGP0388 Salty 2

NT IMGP0401 Forest Kingfisher 2

NT IMGP0417 Salty croc 2

NT IMGP0433 Magpie goose 1

NT IMGP0452 Kakadu 1

NT IMGP0461 Nankeen Night Heron

NT IMGP0466 Kakadu 2

NT IMGP0470 Kakadu 3

NT IMGP0475 Magpie geese 2

NT IMGP0483 Green Geese

NT IMGP0573 Eagle Kakadu

NT IMGP0582 Lizard ID 1 Kakadu

NT IMGP0605 black kites fire top end

NT IMGP0619 fire top end 1

NT IMGP0677 frog 3

NT IMGP0690 Species tree frog

NT IMGP0700 Frog speies 3

NT IMGP0712 Northern Dwarf Treefrog

NT IMGP0716 Green Tree frog

NT IMGP0808 flower id

NT IMGP0917 Jabiru FD


NT IMGP0959 Royal Spoonbill

NT IMGP0988 freshie cros FB

NT IMGP1004 Paper Euc

NT IMGP1027 Orb spider

NT IMGP1031 Foggy Dam landscape

NT IMGP1053 Darwin seascape

NT IMGP1063 Darwin 20 ft tide

NT IMGP0816 Whistling ducks

NT IMGP1085 Cycade Litchfield NP

NT IMGP1154 Dragon sp Darwin

NT IMGP1200 Scrub fowl nest Darwin

NT IMGP9526 SC Cockatoo

NT IMGP9551 Magnetic termite mound Litchfield

NT IMGP9563 Litchfield waterfall

NT IMGP9576 Litchfield waterfall 2

NT IMGP9589 Black Headed Python

NT IMGP9609 Litchfield waterfalls

NT IMGP9640 Waterfall Litchfield 2

NT IMGP9657 Red Winged Parrot

NT IMGP9665 Mary River Hike

NT IMGP9666 Mary River Hike falls

NT IMGP9676 Toadlet Mary River

NT IMGP9678 Kakadu falls

NT IMGP9690 skink species Mary River

NT IMGP9720 Brolga

NT IMGP9732 Wallaby Top end

NT IMGP9735 Pool 1 Mary River

NT IMGP9755 Cane Toad

NT IMGP9761 Rocket Frog Katherine

NT IMGP9767 Milky way

NT IMGP9786 Mary River falls 3

NT IMGP9827 White Faced Heron

NT IMGP9848 Mary River hike 3

NT IMGP9903 Silver Crowned Friarbird

NT IMGP9928 Fruit Bats

NT IMGP9945 Fruit bats 2

NT IMGP9995 Katherine Gorge

NT IMGP9998 Katherine Gorge 2

NSW IMGP3573 opera house vivid

NSW IMGP3680 opera house 2

NSW IMGP3630 Sydney harbour

NSW IMGP3461 Sydney

NSW IMGP3951 Three Sisters Blue Mts

NSW1 IMGP0728 Bansia Royal NP

NSW1 IMGP0731 Little Waddlebird

NSW1 IMGP0738 Flower uk Royal

NSW1 IMGP0753 SC Cocatoo

NSW1 IMGP0786 Woodduck Royal NP

NSW1 IMGP0804 Aust Magpie Royal NP

NSW1 IMGP0807 Purple Swamphen Royal

NSW1 IMGP0823 Great & Black Corm RNP

NSW1 IMGP0841 Crimson Rosella RNP

NSW1 IMGP0869 Satin Bowerbird bower Royal NP

NSW1 IMGP0887 Water Dragon RNP

NSW1 IMGP0891 Water Dragon 2 RNP

NSW1 IMGP0901 Eastern Yellow Robin RNP

NSW1 IMGP0911 Green Catbird RNP

NSW1 IMGP0936 Morning Glory RNP

NSW1 IMGP0948 Laughing Kookaburra RNP

NSW1 IMGP0958 Satin Bowerbird RNP

NSW1 IMGP0963 Powerful Owls RNP

NSW1 IMGP3606 Nosey Miner

NSW1 IMGP3857 ravine Blue Mts

NSW1 IMGP3889 Creek 2 Blue Mts

NSW1 IMGP3901 Falls 3 Blue Mts

NSW1 IMGP3962 Vista Blue Mts

NSW1 IMGP3985 falls 4 Blue Mts

NSW1 IMGP4004 Vista Blue Mts

INSW2 MGP1910 Trees Dorrigo 2

NSW2 IMGP1318 Myall Lakes NP view

NSW2 IMGP1322 L Kookaburras Myall Lkes

NSW2 IMGP1337 fog sceen Kempsey

NSW2 IMGP1347 Arabic cowrie Yamba

NSW2 IMGP1374 Ring Cowrie Bundjalung NP

NSW2 IMGP1383 Bundjalung scape

NSW2 IMGP1405 Lined Bubble Bundjalung NP

NSW2 IMGP1413 Pelicans Bungjaling NP

NSW2 IMGP1453 Umbrella Snail Sp Bundjalung

NSW2 IMGP1470 Ring Cowrie 2 Bundjaling

NSW2 IMGP1828 Eastern Grey Kangaroos 2 Bundjalung

NSW2 IMGP1833 Kangaroos Bundjalung

NSW2 IMGP1851 Crab waste, Moonshell eggs Bundjalung


NSW2 IMGP1902 Waterfall cave Dorrigo

NSW2 IMGP1910 Trees Doorigo

NSW2 IMGP1918 Fig tree Dorrigo NP

QD6 IMGP1490 Lamington Tree

LHI IMGP0580 Catfish reef

LHI IMGP0709 Puffer angle

LHI IMGP0568 reef1

LHI IMGP0575 endemic tun

LHI IMGP0578 catfish

LHI IMGP0611 reef fish1

LHI IMGP0621 reef corals 1

LHI IMGP0662 Bird Wrasse

LHI IMGP0688 Giant Clam 2

LHI IMGP0702 Fish tbd

LHI IMGP0707 fish tbd

LHI IMGP0708 fish tbd

LHI IMGP1966 breakers

LHI IMGP1967 Overview 2

LHI IMGP1969overview 4

LHI IMGP2000 landscape 1

LHI IMGP2002 emerald dove

LHI IMGP2005 endangered Placostylus bivaricosus

LHI IMGP2023 Banya

LHI IMGP2028 shark

LHI IMGP2030 turbo

LHI IMGP2041 milky way

LHI IMGP2051 spider uk

LHI IMGP2064 pained Norfork milky way

LHI IMGP2086 Buff Rail 1

LHI IMGP2096 Lucrine clam

LHI IMGP2105 landscape 3

LHI IMGP2108 Landscape 2

LHI IMGP2134 crab uk

LHI IMGP2134 urchines

LHI IMGP2139 endemic turbo

LHI IMGP2152 Red flatworm or nud

LHI IMGP2162 Starfish

LHI IMGP2173 Middle Beach

LHI IMGP2196 Landscape 5

LHI IMGP2201 North Bay

LHI IMGP2217 cliffs

LHI IMGP2256 Tropic bird

LHI IMGP2264 Landscape 7

LHI IMGP2278 Aqua fungi

LHI IMGP2292 Buff B Rail 2

LHI IMGP2296 Cushion stars

LHI IMGP2305 Partrage ton

LHI IMGP2313 Giant Clam

LHI IMGP2327 Soft corals

LHI IMGP2367 Providence Petral 1

LHI IMGP2403 landscape 8

LHI IMGP2423 Rock Cod

LHI IMGP2435 anem

LHI IMGP2436 polychet

LHI IMGP2507 Woodhen

LHI IMGP2545 crab 3

LHI IMGP2564 By the Wind Sailor

LHI IMGP2585 Sacred Kingfisher

LHI IMGP2593 Walking Palm

LHI IMGP2607 seascape 1

LHI IMGP2640 LHI Skink

LHI IMGP2651 Aqu fungi 2

LHI IMGP2656 Antler fern

LHI IMGP2659 fungi 2

LHI IMGP2660 forest

LHI IMGP2677 Golden Whistler

LHI IMGP2699 Providence Petral 2

LHI IMGP2735 Providence petral 3 head

LHI IMGP2787 Port Man War

LHI IMGP2945 plane view 1

LHI IMGP2982 plane view 2

LSI IMGP0689 corals 3 fish

Fitzroy Island Queensland sunset

QD1 IMGP1597 P Riflebird

QDLD IMGP1523 P Riflebird 4

QDLD IMGP1499 View

QD1 IMGP1660 Rainbow Lor Lamington

QDLD IMGP1508 Lesser Yellow Robin

QD6 IMGP1490 Lamington Tree

QD1 IMGP7366 Black Bittern



QDB IMGP7480 Brush Turkey 1

QDB IMGP7488 Staghorn Antler fern

QDB IMGP7453 whistler

NSW IMGP1229 Powerful Owl 2





QDC IMGP6907 railside forest townsville

QDC IMGP6991 Koala Mag Is 1

QDC IMGP6962 Koala crossing

QDC IMGP7023 Koala Mag Is 2

QDC IMGP7029 Koala 3

QDMI IMGP7067 Koala sleeping

QDMI IMGP7072 Koala sleeping 2


QDMI IMGP7078 Large Spider Magnetic I

QDMI IMGP7084 view Magnetic i

QDMI RIMG0015 Dead Coral

QDMI RIMG0021 overgrown corals

QDMI IMGP7092 Beetle

QDWS IMGP7097 Blacktip reef sharks MI

QDWS IMGP0283 Triggerfish

QDWS IMGP0295 shark

QDWS IMGP0508 Conus vexillum

QDWS IMGP0524 Giant Clam 2

QDWS IMGP8947 Whitsundays 1

QDWS IMGP8961 Whitsundays 3

QDWS IMGP8969 Whitsundays 4

QDWS IMGP9030 Butterfly Arline

QDWS IMGP9039 Arline

QDWS IMGP9044 Butterfly 2 Arline

QDWS IMGP9072 rainbox skink

QDWS IMGP9102 Lace Monitor

QDWS IMGP9126 Lace fungi

QDWS IMGP9166 Crawfish Bay Hook I

QDWS IMGP9225 Lace Monitor stumpy

QDWS IMGP9236 young monitor

QDWS IMGP9253 conus striatus

QDWS IMGP9493 Green Ant nest

QDWS IMGP9495 Wallabies 2

QDWS IMGP9278 WAlking Stick

QDWS IMGP9310 Hook Is sunrise

QDWS IMGP9348 scorpin

QDWS IMGP9350 Hook Is trees

QDWS IMGP9352 Fig tree Hook Is

QDWS IMGP9440 Greater Bower Bird Bower 1

QDWS IMGP9449 Greater Bower Bird Bower 2

QDN IMGP1186 Great Barrier Is

QDN IMGP6145 Cains mts

QDN IMGP6147 bandicot

QDN IMGP6170 Sugar Glider 1

QDN IMGP6180 Sugar Glider 2

QDN IMGP6208 Stripped possom 1

QDN IMGP6215 Stripped possom 3

QDN IMGP6219 Spotted Catbird

QDN IMGP6266 Victorias Riflebird

QDN IMGP6290 Victorias Riflebird 3

QDN IMGP6377 Victoras Riflebird female

QDN IMGP6395 Butterfly tableland

QDN IMGP6412 Turtle species Tableland

QDN IMGP6443 Ama Python 1

QDN IMGP6455 Ama Python 2

QDN IMGP6489 Am Python 4

QDN IMGP6536 LOng Fin Eel 2

QDN IMGP6572 Kauri Trees

QDN IMGP6635 Tree Kangaroo

QDN IMGP6660 Strang Fig

QDN IMGP6670 Strang Fig Waterfall

QDN IMGP6686 Green Lipped Treefrog 1

QDN IMGP6690 Macleays Honeyeater

QDN IMGP6698 Yellow-Spotted Honeyeater

QDN IMGP6720 Bathroom Frogs

QDN IMGP6731 Foliafe

QDN IMGP6748 Paupan Frogmouth

QDN IMGP6767 frog species 2

QDN IMGP6783 Daintree butterfly

QDN IMGP6790 Daintree view

QDN IMGP6807 Rainbow moth

QDN IMGP6814 Brush Turkey

QDN IMGP6817 Daintree Beach

QDN IMGP6825 Crab heart beach

QDN IMGP6861 Fig tree

QDN IMGP6884 Daintree stream

QDN IMGP6887 Daintree stream 2

QDN IMGP6894 Daintree ep ferns

QDN IMGP6895 Stinging tree

QDF IMGP0365 Giant Clam

QDF IMGP0858 Nudabrach 1

QDF IMGP0878 Six Banded Anglefish

QDF IMGP0880 Angle tbi

QDF IMGP0888 Nudibrach 2

QDF IMGP0898 Green Turtle 1

QDF IMGP0899 Green Turtle 2

QDF IMGP0903 Corals 2

QDF IMGP0927 Nudibrach 3

QDF IMGP0946 Green Turtle 3

QDF IMGP0950 Green Turtle 4

QDF IMGP0951 Green Turtle 6

QDF IMGP0952 Green Turtle 5

QDF IMGP0987 Lionfish1

QDF IMGP0988 Lionfish 2

QDF IMGP0989 Lionsfish 3

QDF IMGP0994 Blue Spotted Stingray

QDF IMGP1011 Lizaedfish

QDF IMGP1019 trumpet octopus

QDF IMGP1070 Vagabond Butterflyfish

QDF IMGP1096 unknown Wrass sp

QDF IMGP1098 Christmas Tree Worm

QDF IMGP1106 Nudibrach 4

QDF IMGP1122 Picasspfish Triggerfish

QDF IMGP1133 Coral 4

QDF IMGP1135 Crown of Thorms 1

QDF IMGP1140 Crown of Thorns 2

QDF IMGP1143 Crown of Thorns close up

QDF IMGP1144 Octopus l Spiderconch turbo

QDF IMGP1145 Commercial Trochus

QDF IMGP1164 Soft coral 1

QDF IMGP5976 Sunset 1

QDF IMGP5991 sunset

QDF IMGP6017 Evening squid

QDF IMGP6031 Nudty Beach FI

QDF IMGP6037 Scrubfowl

QDF IMGP6138 Giant Triggerfish

QDWS IMGP9266 Giant Walking Stick

QDWS IMGP9355 skink sp.

QDWS IMGP9386 Arline bracket fungi

QDWS IMGP9391 bromilid orchid uk

QDWS IMGP9401 Arline Skink sp

QDWS IMGP9416 Arline Emerald dove

SI IMGP4075 Kaikoura Beach

SI IMGP4098 Giant Petral

SI IMGP4150 Sperm whale 1

SI IMGP4152 Sperm Whale 8

SI IMGP4153 Sperm Whale tail 3

SI IMGP4166 Albatross sp

SI IMGP4181 Humpback Whale tail 2

SI IMGP4199 Humpback Whale 5

SI IMGP4206 Humpbackwhale tail 2

SI IMGP4174 Humpback Whale 1

SI IMGP4216 Humpback tail 3

SI IMGP4241 Shy Albatross

SI IMGP4253 Sperm Whale mountains

SI IMGP4263 Sperm Whale 8

SI IMGP4335 Sperm Whale nose

SI IMGP4361 Common Dolphins

SI IMGP4366 Cape Petral

SI IMGP4385 Oaro seascape

SI IMGP4401Kea 1

SI IMGP4404 Kea 2

SI IMGP4426 Aurthers Pass mts

SI IMGP4452 White Eye

SI IMGP4454 Falls Arthurs Pass 1

SI IMGP4465 Tomtit Arthurs Pass

SI IMGP4499 Arthurs Pass forest1

SI IMGP4500 Southern Beech

SI IMGP4510 Birds nest fungi

SI IMGP4512 mountainf Authurs Pass

SI IMGP4523 Fungi 2 Arthurs Pass

SI IMGP4540 Arthurs Pass Forest 3

SI IMGP4541 Arthurs Pass Forest 4

SI IMGP4546 White Eye 2

SI IMGP4556 Arthurs Pass mountains 4

SI IMGP4570 Central west lk=ake

SI IMGP4656 Pancake rocks 1

SI IMGP4657 Pancake Rocks 2

SI IMGP4706 Pancake rocks2

SI IMGP4719 Pancake Rocks 3

SI IMGP4725 Pancake Rocks 5

SI IMGP4728 West Coast forest

SI IMGP4780 Weka

SI IMGP4793 Pool West Coast

SI IMGP4819 Waterfall 4

SI IMGP4855 Tomtit

SI IMGP4864 Tomtit 2

SI IMGP4871 Tomtit 3

SI IMGP4903 Bellbird

SI IMGP4928 Beach Haast

SI IMGP5029 Lake Wanaka 4

SI IMGP5097 NZ Fur Seal pup

SI IMGP5101 NZ Fur seal 1

SI IMGP5126 NZ Fur Seal 2

SI IMGP5140 Yellow Eyed Penguin

SI IMGP5150 Yellow Eyed Penguins 2

SI IMGP5241 Yellow Eyed Penguin trio

SI IMGP5274 Venus clam 1

SI IMGP5275 Varried Turnstones

SI IMGP5283 Silver gulls

SI IMGP5298 Royal Alb stom contents

SI IMGP5303 Aster2

SI IMGP5308 Paradise Duck pairs

SI IMGP5361 Paua Albalone

SI IMGP5387 Living Paua Ablanoe

SI IMGP5391 Moeraki Bolders 1

SI IMGP5395 Moeraki Boulders 2

SI IMGP5412 Maurea punctulata

SI IMGP5436 South Alps1

SI IMGP5437 Southern Alps 2

SI IMGP5440 Aouthern Alps 3

SI IMGP5446 Southern Alps 6

IN IMGP5524 horton Beach terns

NI IMGP5480 Rot gyser

NI IMGP5536 Thorton beach Ostrichfoot shells

NI IMGP5565 Coromandel forest ferns

NI IMGP5568 Hotwater Beach

NI IMGP5574 Brachiopod Hot water beach

NI IMGP5576 bay of islands

NI IMGP5608 Hochsettlers frog

NI IMGP5646 Hochsettlers frog 2

NI IMGP5671 Stream Comomandel Pen

NI IMGP5661 ferns Comomandel pen

NI IMGP5677 Birds nest fungi Comomandel pen

NI IMGP5684 Falls Comomandel Pen

NI IMGP5702 Hidden Beach Ocean Beach

NI IMGP5709 Ocean Beach Hidden beach

NI IMGP5842 NZ Fantail

NI IMGP5751 New Zealand Dotterel

NI IMGP5869 Hokinga Harbour

NI IMGP5870 Hokinga Harbour

NZ IMGP5832 Tui Aroha Island

NI IMGP5882 Tāne Mahuta Kauri2

Fiji RIMG0046 reef 1

FJ Hawksbill Turtle Fiji

FJ IMG0381 Teardrop Anglefish

FJ IMGP7570 Butterflies Naviti 1

FJ IMGP7623 exposed reef Naviti 1

FJ IMGP7625 Brittlestar naviti

FJ IMGP7640 Sea cucmber1

FJ IMGP7654 Red Eyed Crab

FJ IMGP7656 Fairy Shrimp

FJ IMGP7672 Fiji Fisheyed Skink

FJ IMGP7678 Sally-Lightfoot crab

FJ IMGP7774 Naviti

FJ IMGP7813 Flatworm

FJ IMGP7817 Sptted Toby Naviti

FJ IMGP7834 Hermit crab spider conch

FJ IMGP7840 Blue Starfish

FJ IMGP7843 grape Algae

FJ IMGP7851 naviti beach

FJ IMGP7854 Sea Cumcomber

FJ IMGP7975 Pacific Triton

FJ IMGP8113 Octopus 1

FJ IMGP8118 octopus 2

FJ IMGP8120 Octopus 3

FJ IMGP8126 Octopus 4

FJ IMGP8129 Octopus 5

FJ IMGP8138 octopus 6

FJ IMGP8138 octopus 6

FJ IMGP8177 Morey Eel 1

FJ IMGP8183 Lizard fish naviti

FJ IMGP8187 crab 2

FJ IMGP8224 Miter miter naviti

FJ IMGP8296 Hidden octopus

FJ IMGP8298 Spider conch Naviti

FJ IMGP8343 Fiji Snake eyed skink 1

FJ RIMG0046 coral naviti

FJ RIMG0085 Chamis Naviti 2

FJ RIMG0087 Crown Thorns naviti

FJ RIMG0087 Parrot fish 1

FJ RIMG0094 Crown Thorns 2

FJ RIMG0101 Crown Thorns 3

FJ RIMG0135 Crown Thorn 3

FJ RIMG0161 Reef Naviti 2

FJ RIMG0172 Christmas Tree worm 2

FJ RIMG0176 Christmas Tree 2

FJ RIMG0182 Christmas Tree worms 3

FJ RIMG0186 Orange strippedTRiggerfish 1

FJ RIMG0188 Orange stripped Triggerfish 2

FJ RIMG0222 Crinoid Naviti

FJ RIMG0231 Stripped Surgenfish

FJ RIMG0233 Stripped Surgenfish

FJ RIMG0235 King Helmit

FJ RIMG0247 Pelagic tunicate

FJ RIMG0270 schooling fish 1 naviti

FJ RIMG0273 Anemone fish 1

FJ RIMG0290 Blackfin Dartfish

FJ RIMG0294 Giant Clam 2

FJ RIMG0295 Scorpine Spider Conch

FJ RIMG0320 Coral Naviti 2

FJ RIMG0326 Anglefish sp

FJ RIMG0330 Crown of Thorns 4

FJ RIMG0331 Crown of Thorn 6

FJ RIMG0341 Fish schooling

FJ RIMG0351 Bigeye

FJ RIMG0359 Lei Triggerfish

FJ RIMG0383 Longnose Filefish

FJ RIMG0396 Commercial top

FJ RIMG0397 Scorpin Spider Conch

FJ RIMG0408 Bicolor Anglefish

FJ RIMG0425 Crown of Thorn 7

FJ RIMG0436 Chamis Naviti 3

FJ RIMG0452 Squirrel fish 1

FJ RIMG0455 Crinoid 2

FJ RIMG0475 Bigeye 2

FJ RIMG0476 Giant Clams

FJ RIMG0487 Tunicates Christmas worm

FJ RIMG0489 Tunicates Christmas worm 2

FJ RIMG0515 Anemone fish 2

FJ RIMG0527 Anemone fish 4

FJ RIMG0547 Giant Spider Comch

Clark Forest IMGP9936

Clarks Forest Reflections IMGP9928

Clay County IMGP9984

Fall 20144

Sullivan County Cypress 1MGP8472

Sullivan County Cypress 2 IMGP8457


Morgan Ascomycete yellow IMGP8480

Morgan Monroe IMGP8501

Clark Forest Indian Tabacco 3 IMGP9983

Clark Forest Indian Tobacco 1 IMGP9975

Clark Forest Indiana Tabacco 2 IMGP9978

Indianapolis church

Houston Gulf Coast eye

Houston Gulf Coast Toad side

Houston Gulf Coast Toad front

Houston Upland Chorus

IMGP9517 small

Christmas tree 2014

Christmas Toronoto

CN Tower

Happy Feet 2

American Falls Niagra 2014

Horseshoe Falls 1

Horshoe Falls 2

Lionfish Aquarium

Toronto from CN

Wolf Park 1

Wolf Park 2

Wlof Park 3

wolf Park 4

Eagle Creek P Woodpecker 1

Eagle Creek P Woodpecker 2

Broadwinged Hawk Pair Eagle Creek

Oobleck 0

Oobleck 1

Female Cardinal

Barcelona sf 3

Barcelona sf 23327

barcelona SF inside9

barcelona sf inside12110839

barcelona sf 4

barcelona sf 16

barcelona sf 38

barcelona sf 122

Barcelona SF 123

Barcelona SF 2333

Barcelona SF 23433

Barcelona sf arcitec6

barcelona sf camelion07

Barcelona sf door1223

barcelona sf inside 9

Barcelona SF inside 122

barcelona sf inside 433

Barcelona SF inside 544

barcelona sf inside 76609

barcelona sf inside f4

barcelona sf inside7

Barcelona sf inside22

barcelona sf inside23

Barcelona SF q12

barcelona sf violin01

Barcelona SF4

Barcelona SF23443

Barcelona sf232318

Barcelona sf1232233

Barcelona shoes08

Barcelona gothic 47

Barcelona 3

Barcelona Audi 122

Barcelona Audi 1232

Barcelona building6

Barcelona ef 59

Barcelona ef bike 18

Barcelona fountain

barcelona gaudi 19

Barcelona Gaudi 2333

Barcelona gaudi 166516

Barcelona gaudi 4334715

Barcelona gaudi appart5

Barcelona gaudi drive03

Barcelona gaudi wave4

Barcelona gaudi3

Barcelona Gaui 344

Barcelona gothic 10

Barcelona gothic 23

Barcelona gothic 37

Barcelona gothic 252

Barcelona Gothic2

Barcelona manakin 210

Barcelona mountain 233

Barcelona mountain view46

barcelona pannei46

Barcelona Park 29

Barcelona park0

Barcelona Salley 57

Barcelona Statue 254

Barcelona Tapes0


barcilona sf inside 1773

bbarcelona sf 46

Spain Dali 32

Spain Dali 123octopus

spain dali 239

Spain Dali 1234

spain dali 2346

spain dali 4339

spain dali 4435

spain dali 23446

spain dali dff7

Spain Dali May wesr5

spain dali nude lincoln40

spain dali rr2

Spain dali43

Spain dali121

spain dali229

Spain dali345

spain dali 111224

White Rive Geese


Texas Giant Eastern Murex

Texas Moonshell

Texas Black Skimmers

Texas Superbowl ring

Texas Paintbrush

Spotted Salamander BC 2 small

Spotted Salamander BC 6 small

Spotted Salamander BC 14 small

Spotted Salamander BC 7 small

Bufflehead Carmel 3 small

Bufflehead Carmel 5 small

Bufflehead Carmel 10 small


IAS talk1

IAS poster2


Trout Lilly

Spiny Softeshelled Turtle

Yellow Rumped Warbler

White Breasted Nuthatch Indianapolis small

Red-Bellied Woodpecker Indianapolis small

Northern Parula Warbler small

Northern Parula Warbler Indianapolis small

Northern Parula Warbler Indianapolis small 2

Yellow Warbler Eagle Creek small

Tree Swallow Eagle Creek small

Ring Neck Duck Drake Eagle Creek small

White Tail Deer Trio Eagle Creek small

Virgina Bluebells Starling small



snc Wood Poppy

snc bLUEbells

CR IMGP1605 Day 1 Ginger

CR IMGP1619 Day 1 Kiskadee

CR IMGP1639 Day 1 Blue Crowned Motmot

CR IMGP1643 Clay Colored Robin

CR IMGP1650 Day 1 Social Flycatcher

CR IMGP1665 Day 1 H

CR IMGP1675 Day 1 RC Sparrow

CR IMGP1684 Day 1 Milkbug

CR Day 2 IMGP2198 Day 2 Scarlot Rumped Tanager

CR IMGP1708 Day 2 Poas

CR IMGP1716 Day 2 Poas Sooty Thrush

CR IMGP1729 Day 2 Poas Salamander

CR IMGP1738 Day 2 Salamander 2 Poas

CR IMGP1755 Day 2 Salamander 3

CR IMGP1758 Day 2 Poas Salamander 4

CR IMGP1796 Day 2 Poas

CR IMGP1817 Day 2 Yellow Thied Finch

CR IMGP1836 Day 2 Mushroom

CR IMGP1840 Day 2 Giant Fern

CR IMGP1854 Day 2 Poas Black and Yellow Silky flycatcher

CR IMGP1871 Day 2 Spotted Crowed Woodcreeper

CR IMGP1935 Day 2 Peace Falls

CR IMGP1957 Day 2 Brilliant Green

CR IMGP1968 Day 2 Female Brilliant Green

CR IMGP1974 Brilliant Green flash

CR IMGP2014 Day 2 Brilliant Green

CR IMGP2060 Day 2 Violet Saberwing

CR IMGP2105 female Brilliant green 2

CR IMGP2125 Day 2 Silver Throated Tanager

CR IMGP2222 Day 2 Scarlet Rumpted Tanager

CR IMGP2237 Day 2 Emerald Tucan

CR IMGP2303 day 2 JP Waterfalls

CR IMGP2316 Day 2 Palm Tanager

CR IMGP2327 Day 2 Violet Saberwing

CR IMGP2433 Night heron small

CR IMGP2450 Day 3 Camen small

CR IMGP2495 Day 3 Sungrebe

CR IMGP2544 Day 3 Green Iguana small

CR IMGP2564 Day 3 Iguana Cana Negro

CR IMGP2567 Day 3 Limkin

CR IMGP2577 Day 3 Iguana

CR IMGP2595 Day 3 Long Nose Bat small

CR IMGP2640 Day 3 Howler Female Baby

CR IMGP2791Day 3 Great Egret small

CR IMGP2701 Day 3 Hower female small

CR IMGP2707 Day 3 Howers female baby

CR IMGP2791Day 3 Great Egret small

CR IMGP2821 Day 3 Northern Jacana small

CR IMGP2862 Day 3 Black Vultures small

CR IMGP2908 Day 3 Anhinga

CR IMGP2948 Day 3 Great Potoo small

CR IMGP3013 Day 3 Howler small

CR IMGP3050 Day 3 Baslisks

CR IMGP3070 Day 3 small

CR IMGP3013 Day 3 Howler small

CR IMGP3191 Day 3 Cap Monkey

CR IMGP3204 Day 3 Cap Monkey 2

CR IMGP3230 Day 3 Cap pair Female baby

CR IMGP3248 Day 3 Green Heron

CR IMGP3274 Day 3 Purple Gallinue

CR IMGP3292 Day 3 Iguana La Fontuna

CR IMGP3302 Day 3 Iguana

CR IMGP3350 Day 3 Snail

CR IMGP3373 Day 3 Bettle Balies

CR IMGP3401 Day 3 Rufous Winged Woodpecker small

CR IMGP3408 Day 3 Fungi unknown

CR IMGP3412 Day 3 Horn Bettle

CR IMGP3418 Leaf Cutter Ants

CR IMGP3438 Red Eyed Treefrog Lafortuna small

CR IMGP3440 Day 3 Red Eyed Treefrog Lafortuna

CR IMGP3448 Day 3 Clay-Colored Rain Frog Lafortuna small

CR IMGP3450 Day 3 Wasps Lafortuna

CR IMGP3454 Day 3 Masked Treefrog Lafortuna

CR IMGP3458 Day 3 Moth Lafortuna

CR IMGP3461 Day 3 Cicada Lafortuna

CR IMGP3473 Day 3 Common Rainfrog Lafortuna small

CR IMGP3478 Millipede Lafortuna

CR IMGP3491 Day 3 Yellow Spotted Night lizard small

CR IMGP3494 Helemited Cicadid

CR IMGP3505 Fer de Lance Lafortuna small

CR IMGP3520 Fer de Lance Lafortuna small

CR IMGP3523 Day 3 Brilliant Forest Frog Lafortuna small

CR IMGP3532 Bullet Ant 2

CR IMGP3535 Brilliant Forest Frog

CR IMGP3543 Smooth Skined Toad Lafortuna

CR IMGP3563 Fleshmans Glass Frog Lafortuna

CR IMGP3564 Fleshmans Glass Frog

CR IMGP3568 Fleshmanns Glass Frog small

CR IMGP3575 Central American Bullfrog Lafortuna small

CR IMGP3589 Lafortuna fa;lls

CR IMGP3599 Brilliant Jungle Frog

CR IMGP3608 Other Falls Lafortuna

CR IMGP3625 Lafortuna Falls

CR IMGP3628 Forest Anole

CR IMGP3637 Lafortuna

CR IMGP3645 Bransford Litter Frog small

CR IMGP3686 Unknown beetle

CR IMGP3694 Silk moth

CR IMGP3708 Brown Jay Monteverde

CR IMGP3721 Beautiful Beetle

CR IMGP3733 Click Bettle Lightening bug

CR IMGP3752 Black white moth

CR IMGP3755 Fungi Monteverde

CR Moth Monteverde

CR Blunt Headed Vine snake eating lizard

CR IMGP3761 Cloud Forest Monteverde

CR IMGP3763 Cloud Forest Monteverde

CR IMGP3766 Monteverde Cloud Forest

CR IMGP3782 Fungi Moneverde

CR IMGP3837 Rainfrog species small

CR IMGP3845 Mating Beattles

CR IMGP3848 Daddy Long legs eating fly and mite

CR IMGP3849 Anole Monteverde

CR IMGP3854 Stripped Palm Pit Viper

CR IMGP3862 Stick insect

CR IMGP3865 Green Frog Eater Snake

CR IMGP3877 Brown Blunt Headed Vine Snake small

CR IMGP3882 Rhinohorned Kadydid

CR IMGP3890 Stripped Palm Viper small

CR IMGP3905 Trantula small

CR IMGP3909 Green Violet-Ear Hummingbird small

CR IMGP3921 Green Crowned Brilliant Female

CR IMGP3933 Mating Hummingbirds Monteverde

CR IMGP3956 Steely Vented Hummingbird

CR IMGP3985 Coppery-headed Emerald hummingbird female

CR IMGP4004 Saberwing side Monteverde small

CR IMGP4019 Rainbow

CR IMGP4052 Violaceous Trogan Adventure Park

CR IMGP4060 Bromoliads Adventure Park

CR IMGP4065 Anole Monteverde

CR IMGP4106 Morpho (Captive)

CR IMGP4122 Tent making Bats Advenure Park small

CR IMGP4148 Panama Hat flower

CR IMGP4151 Termites

CR IMGP4166 Rufous Naped Wren small

CR Scarlot MacawIMGP4274


CR IMGP4284 Common Potoo Manuel Antonio small

CR IMGP4303 Orange Fungi MA small

CR IMGP4311 Army Ants MA small

CR IMGP4316 Army Ants MA small

CR IMGP4337 Huffmans Two Toed Sloth MA small

CR IMGP4347 Giant Gree Anole MA small

CR IMGP4366 Metalic cricket MA small

CR IMGP4376 Crab TBI MA small

CR IMGP4381 Jaco beach

CR IMGP4385 Shrimp exoskelton Jaco

CR IMGP4470 Scarlet Macaws small

CR IMGP4495 Scarlet Macaw Jaco small

CR IMGP4510 Crocodile Ticoles small

CR IMGP4514 Green iguana T small

CR IMGP4517 Stripped Basilisk female

CR IMGP4558 Am Croc T

CR IMGP4632 Turqoise-browed Motmot

CR IMGP4738 Crocodile head 16ft small

CR IMGP4765 Bare-throated Tiger Heron small

CR IMGP4769 Purple Gallinule T small

CR IMGP4813 Mangrove swallow

CR IMGP4865 Boat tailed Heron

CR IMGP4881 White Ibis

CR IMGP4900 Osprey small

CR IMGP4926 Black Hawk

CR IMGP4941 Magnificant Frigrate

CR IMGP4967 Great Kiskadee with Lizard small

Acadia National Park 2 small

Acadia National Park small

Acadia ferns in popular glade small

Bryozoa and sponge tide pool acadia small

Forest Acadia 1 small

Forest Acadia 2 small

Red Coat Lichen Acadia

Humpback Maine 1 small

Humpback Maine 2 small

Razorbill Mainesmall

Puffin 2 Maine

Atlantic Puffin 2 Maine small





Flower 2

Flowers 1

Eastern Box Turtle Tenn male small

Seal Salamander Tenn small

Pygmy Salamander Tenn small

Black Swallowtails mating Tenn small

Jewel Beetle Tenn small

Indiana American Toad

Indiana Estern Box Turtle 2

Indiana Northern Watersnake 1

Indiana Northern Watersnake 2

Indiana Northern Watersnake 3

Indiana Estern Box Turtle 1

Indiana Cranefly orchid

Indiana Fungi 1

Indiana Fungi 2

Indiana Fungi 3

Indiana Fungi 4

Indiana Fungi 5 Boiatus

Indiana Fungi 6

Indiana Fungi Aminita

Indiana Gearth Star Fungi

Indiana Slime mold 1

Indiana Slime mold 2

Indiana Robber Fly

Indiana Praying Matis

Indiana Caterpillar


Five Lined Skink Yellowwood small


Funnel Spider IMGP7770 small

Beetle sp1 small

Black Red Leaf Hopper small

Fall Flowers BW small

Five Lined Skinh close

Timber Rattlesnake 1 small

spider small

Timber Rattlesnake 5 small

Beetle two spot small

TUI IMGP5832 small

Tail Timber Rattlesnake

small 3 cropped

Bull Snake Wyoming3 small

IMGP8495 Catbird EC 15 small

Blood Moon 2015 a small

Geese Flying Eagle Creek small

IMGP8684 small

IMGP8859 saturation

IMGP8870 small

coots EC small

Carmel Cypress small

Carmel IMGP8109 small

reflections Carmel small

Red Shouldered Hawk small

Fall Lilly Pads 1 IMGP9054

Fall Lilly Pads 2 IMGP9059

Fall Lilly Pads 3 IMGP9066

Fall Lilly Pads 4 IMGP9070

Duck Pond fall Ft HarrisonIMGP9037

Cave Salamander2 small

Unknown Troglobyte small

Research students collecting samples

Strong Crawfish small

Cave Salamander 1 small

Cave Salamander 3 small

Cave Salamander small

Glowing cave salamander small



Jardin de Luxembourg small

Copperhawk Cox Gardens small


Eagle Creek Downy female small

Golden Crowned Kinglet Eagle Creek small

UIndy Small 1

UIndy small 2

Small 3

IMGP0045 small

Bufflehead Cape Blaise small

Willet Cape Blais small

Yellow Rump Warbler Cape Blias small

Lettered Olive 1 small

Galaxy Star small

Florida-Red Bellied Turtle Species 2 small

Turtle 1 Cape Blas


Morning Cox Gardens

Morning Carmel 1

Golden Cowries

Giant Eastern Murex

Red Sholdered Hawk

Jumping Spider Indy small

bluebird carmel

cranes 4 small

Winter wren eating carmel small

small Winter Wren searching carmel

small flicker carmel 3

small Song sparrow carmel

small flicker carmel 1

small Winter Wren 2

cranes 3 small

small cranes 7

Ringneck Ducks Carmel Cox small

Common Goldeneye Carmel flying small

IMGP1790 cave worm small

Small IMGP1809 snail

IMGP1779 small

muskrat Love small

Bufflehead Take Off 2 small

Bufflehead Take Off 3 small

Bufflehead Beach Grove small rain

Map and Red Eared Turtles small

JP Red Eared 3 small

JP Red Eared 1 small

jp Northern Watersnake 7 small

JP Northern Watersnake 5 small

Red Headed Woodpecker 2

Red Headed Woodpecker 1

Butler Woodduck Drake 1

Butler Woodduck Drake 2

Butler Woodduck Drake 3

Butler Woodduck pair 1

Butler Woodduck Pair 2

ButlerWoodducks Turtle

JP Sandhill cranes flying small

JP Northern Watersnake 1 small

small Natural History blue whale

small Natural History orgins 1

small Natural History orgins 3

small Natural History orgins 2

small Natural History orgins 5

small Natural History squid whale1

small Natural History titanosauer1

small 911 memorial area 1

small Freedom Tower 2

small freedom tower flag

small Freedom Tower Surviver tree 1

small Liberty 5

Small Liberty 6

small Liberty with gull

Small Lower Man 4

Small south tower fountain

Small One World Tower

small Lower Man 2

small Man Lower

Small Liberty 2

Small Map and Red Eared Turtles Butler

small Red Eared Turtles Butler

small Carolina Wren Butler

small Spring Beauty

small Great Horned Owl Chicks EC

small Male Great Horned Owl EC

small Northern Parula EC1

small Northern Parula EC3

small Northern Parula EC4

small Northern Parula EC5

small Parula EC2

small Great Horned Owlletts EC1

Small Wood Thrush EC

Small Yellow Throated Warbler 2 EC

Floating miters 2

small Baltimore Oriole 1 EC

small Blue Winged Warbler Starling 1

small Great Horned Owl 6 EC

small Kentucky Warbler Eagle Creek IN

small Rough Winged Swallow Starling Nature

small Scarlet Tanager Starling NC

small Painted Turtle EC

smal Bullfrog EC

small Butler Scarlet Cup Fungi

small Bullfrog Muskatatuck

small Copperbellied Watersnake 2

small Copperbellied Watersnake 4

small Copperbellied Watersnake 7

small Copperbellied Watersnake 9

small Yellow Breasted Chat Musk

small Brown Thresher Portrait

small Female Baltimore Oriole 1

small Baltimore Oriole 2

small Cape May Warbler 2

small Great Horned Owl Chick2

small Louisiana Waterthrush 1

small Louisiana Waterthrush

small Scarlet Tanager 1 Starling

small Scarlet Tanager 4

Small Scarlet Tanger 4

small Tree Swallow EC

small Groundhog EC cropped

Chestnutsided Warbler EC1 small

Prothonotary Warbler 1 small

Tennessee Warbler Ft Harrison small

Indigo Bunting EC 1 small

Indigo Bunting EC 2 small

Indigo Bunting EC 4 small

Indigo Bunting EC 5 small

Indigo Bunting EC 6 enhanced small

Tree Swallow EC 1 small

Wilsons Warbler EC 5 small

Wilsons Warbler EC 9 small

Red Eyed Vireo Cool Creek small

Northern Parula Cool Creek5 small

Northern Parula Cool Creek1

Cedar Waxwing West Park 1 small

IMGP5134 roccoon EC 1 small

Wood Thrush Starling 1 small

IMGP5035 Blue Jay small

IMGP4962 American Robin small

IMGP5012 American Goldfinch small

IMGP5140 mushrooms small

small 1 Bison Manitoba

small Wapiti Manitoba

small Canada Jay

small Chestnut sided Warbler 2

small Common LoonRiding Mountain

small White Pelican

small Young Bald Eagle

smallSpruce Grouse MN

Woodfrog Manitoba

Small Garder

small Lilly

small Orchid Species

small Sunflowers Audy

small Western Grebe Chick 2

small Tern turn

small Sask Ruddy Ducks

small Sask Redhead

small South Alberta

small Wateron Lakes mt

small Waterton Lakes 2

small Waterton Lakes 5

small Black Bear itching

small Black Bear1 Waterton

small Brown Black baer 2

small Giant Mushroom IMGP9422

small IMGP0011

small IMGP0013 Bloodmushroom

IMGP1540 meteror

IMGP1540 meteror small

small Turkey Vultures Indianapolis

small Wolf Spider with spiderettes

small Swallowtail Spicebush

small Two lined Salamander

small Map turtle Butler

Small Pika

small Loon trio

small Horay Marmots fighting

small Jasper Elk

small arth Black Swallowtail flying

small arth Black Swallowtail

small arth Buckeye2

small arth Female Swallowtail2

small arth Monarch 1 Musk

small arth Monorach 2 Musk

small arth Pipevine Swallow2

small arth Pipevine Swallowtail 4

small arth Question Mark 3 Butter

small arth Spicebush Swallowtail 1

small arth Tiger Swallow Tail 4

small arth Tiger Swallowtails 3 males female

small arth Tiger Swallowtails 3

small arth Tiger Swallowtails 5 male female

small arth Tiger Swallowtails male female 4

small arth Vicroy Butterfly 1 Musk

small arth Zebra Swallowtail Musk

small arth Musk Great Blue Heron 1

small bird Common egryt 2

small bird Common Egryt 3

small bird Common Egryts2 Musk

small amp Green Frog Musk

small arth Black and Spicebush Swallowtails

small arth Black Swallowtails 3 Musk

small arth Pipevine Swallowtail 2

small arth Tiger Swallowtail6


Snail misty morning small

IMGP1065 Bullsnake cropped small

IMGP0668 coyote small

Hornworm with Wasp eggs Carolina Beach NC small

Mustangs Montana

Montana landscape 1 small

schoolhouse small

schoolhouse small bw

small MGP4274

small field




small Moon 600mm no Tc

small Moon 600mm 14X TC

small Moon 600mm 2X TC

small Sandhills JP10

small Red Headed Woodpecker EC1

Small Beaver Abstract

small Sandhill jp 9

small halloween 1

small Halloween 2

small Halloween 3

small Red-Headed Woodpecker 4

small red-Headed Woodpecker 5

small Red-Headed Woodpecker

small Downy Woodpecker Female EC 2

small Red Headed Woodpecker EC17 Immature

small Aster enhanced

Supermoon small

small reflections

small turtles butler

small stage

small Bubble_edited-1

small Indianapolis downtown

small Indianapolis downtown1

small Leaves Carmel

small turkey wing fungi

IMGP2577 small

IMGP2579 small

IMGP2466 small

American Robin on ice 2 small

Ringed Kingfisher Eagle Creek small

small Red Tailed Hawk

small williams creek


small IMGP0055

small IMGP0061

small IMGP0075

small Cranes Sealey k1 1

small Cranes Sealey k1 2

small Cranes Sealey k1 5

small Cranes Sealey k1 6

small Cranes Sealey k1 9

small Cranes Sealey k1 10

small Cranes Sealy 2

small Cranes Sealy 5

small Cranes Sealy 7

Mt Field Waterfall small

small Red Sholdered Hawk Zionsville

small redheads Ringnecks Shovler Franklin 3

small Trumpters Franklin 3

small Trumpters Franklin 4

small Trumpters Franklin 5

small Trumpters Franklin 6

small Trumpters Franklin 8

small Trumpters Franklin 9

small Monument Valley AR 2013

small Orgon Pipe AZ 1 2014

small Orgon Pipe AZ 2 2014

test image 2

small Long Eared Owl Preststown SP 2

Small Long Eared Owl Preststown SP 3

small Long Eared Owl Preststown SP 4

small Long Eared Owl Preststown SP 6

small Cooper Hawk 4

small Coopers Hawk 1

small Coopers Hawk 2

small Coopers Hawk 5

Sunset Marshmallow winter pods

Sunset, West Park, Carmel

Acropolis Night