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I got into what you might call professional photography late in life. My interest started during my forty year aviation career. I was previously an officer and pilot in the USAF. I served in the Viet Nam war before leaving the AF. .I ultimately retired as a executive in research, development and acquisition of major aviation systems including satellite aviation applications.. I have lived in Germany, Thailand and Taiwan while spending six years out of the US. I did a lot of traveling in my job and late in that career I began carry medium format gear with me to keep me occupied when I was not working in far away places. As in my former profession I have an abundance of curiosity and learning new things in depth has always been very satifying for me. I retired from my job in aviation in 1996 with some good photo equipment and some knowledge of photography.. When I moved into my new town after retirement the local newspaper photographer saw some of my medium format prints of Russia and the newspaper subsequently invited me to join them. That very overburdened photographer was desperatly looking for help. I was a stringer for the paper for seven years.. I did all kinds of photography with them. I liked sports the best. It was all black and white using TMax. When I started at the paper the receptionist was about to be married. Her wedding photographer pulled out of the wedding at the last minute. She asked me to do the wedding. I hung some of her 11x14s in the newspaper office as I had my own darkroom and that started a business that grew to one to two weddings a week during May to October in a seacoast town.. All film. No chimping. I held my breath until I got the proofs back. I beat my competition by doing good work with good gear, underpricing and, above all delivering on time. When I closed the business in 2003 I was doing PR for the local hospital, photographing their staff, and doing events like golf tournaments and parties as well as the paper. I never in my wildest dreams about retirement thought I would be running a photo business. I used Canon and Bronica cameras and lenses. I had no help. I did it all myself. I closed the business in 2003 out of choice. I could have made it bigger but I decided at 70 I did not want to work that hard and we wanted to travel. At that time I converted to digital and have been very active since on my own.. I developed my business through the local chamber, belonging to the Rotary, establishing a referral arrangements with a local inn and a busy JOP, and being on Town committees. This was in a seashore town that attracted weddings. I stayed under the radar. I developed a large gallery of wedding pictures which i printed that I hung in my home studio. I sold almost every client that walked through that door. I took developed, and printed a lot of pictures in the seven years I ran the business and worked for the paper. I converted to digital in 2002 and currently use photoshop and lightroom on the cloud. I think digital is far more complex than film as I do my own processing but I also think it has raised the quality of my work significantly.

Country: US


Single Photos
Russia --Food Shortage 1991. Velvia Slides 1994
New England Coast
Bird Pics
Overseas Churches
New England churches
New Hamphire White Mountains
Sony NEX 5N pictures
Portsmouth NH harbor
Swim Meets
Hi Res


Everglades Anhinga
Deep in the Everglades
The lion sleeps
Great Blue Heron with gear down in flareout for landing
Balancing Osprey. I like the claws
Nubble Light, York ME
Swan in Portsmouth Harbor
Oriole loves oranges
Shot 1994 Velvia 120. Never printed. Hi res scan Sep 6 07. Sharp large print. Taken then with Bronica ETRSi
Shot 1994. Velvia 120 Bronica. Scanned sep 9 07 Long time seat of Russ. Orth. Rel.
Red Square 1994 Bronica ETRSi. Never printed Velvia
Velvia, Paris 1994 scanned 2007 never printed.
Winter shortage 1991 Leningrad. Waiting for Cabbage and Bread. 2 from rt. not happy with me
Going home with some cabbage and bread
Cape Porpoise ME. Sunset
Portland Head Light. Too much like calendar art but very representative of the coast. Compare w/prev scanned MF slide.
Portland Head Velvia ETRSi 1997 Compare w/adjacent 2007 XTi digital photo.
Pease Air Show
Tiny tug
B2 Bomber. Looks like Darth Vader could be on board.
Gundalow NE Coastal Barge
Nubble Light at Dusk with Xmas lights
shot 1944 at Cergei Posad center of Russ Orth. Rel. Never printed.. Reala 120 scanned.
Center Russ. Orth. Rel-Cergei Posad
Swan departing. Very sharp big print.
Sunset at Cape Porpoise
Dover Bridge. Dover NH
Eagle portrait
hen eats first
Oriole out the back window
Three one stop exposure HDR. Just fooling around
Screwing around with new to me old lens. Heavily edited
My Primary Trainer 1954
Masters Backstroke mixed start
Peter and Paul fortress. Then Leningrad "91
Inside Peter and Paul fortress Leningrad '90
another view of Nubble light
This image is manipulated by some trial software that I did not buy.
Stone church where I did a wedding or two
Ogunquit Church turned gift shop
New England Masters Swimming
Wildly manipulated picture. I was going to throw this out but someone wanted a copy.
Finnish Fishmonger
Ready to fly at twelve days old
Tree in a park
Milton NH community church
1994 Churches open after USSR dissolution
Churches reopen after fall of USSR
Two days old
Brazilian Aerobats
Brazilian AF team
The real Blue Angels
B-25 My Basic Trainer 1954
Pease PN1 (1 of 1)
Blue angels ready to fly (1 of 1)
_Blue Angels half inverted Background added
Blue angels PN
PN 2
PN 6
PN 8
Pittsfield balloon PN
Balloons (1 of 2)
Balloons (2 of 2)
Balloons (2 of 5)
Balloons (3 of 5)
Balloons (5 of 5)
Thunderbirds 7 PN
Thunderbirds 8 PN with white foggy clouds as background
T Birds Manipulated by adding background. Airplanes taken at Portsmouth Airshow
My Primary Trainer 1954 Marianna FL
T-6 PN My primary trainer
Team Heavy Metal
Crawford Notch Fall 2011
Mt. Chocorua at sunrise.
A sad, forlorn, depressed cow moose.
New Sony NEX 5n
Bridge over the Swift river
Bridge over the Saco River
White mountains (15 of 21)
White mountains (18 of 21)
White mountains (20 of 21)
White mountains (21 of 21)
sony (1 of 9)
Portsmouth NH
Portsmoth NB
Cape Porpoise ME
Newburyport MA
portsmouth harbor bridge
York Village Anti motion blur @ ISO 6400
Nice cat
Sony Cape Porpoise Lobsterman
A gundalow once used for NE coastal cargo
Porsmouth harbor
Sarah Long Bridge
Wedding Cake House
nice cat
Nubble light PN
York River ME
Pride of Baltimore
Fall foliage (507 of 14)
Fall foliage (500 of 14)
Fall foliage (511 of 14)
Fall colors (1000 of 1)
Masters Harvard-21
Exeter swim meet
Models Copyright 2013 signed release
Models Copyright 2013 signed release
Models Copyright 2013 signed release
Models Copyright 2013 signed release
20130802-IMG_0249Pittsfield Balloon
20130802-IMG_0279Pittsfield Balloon
Pittsfield Balloon
Pittsfield Balloon
Mt. Chocorua, White Mtns. NH
NH White Mtns. Crawford Notch
Fall 2014 (1 of 5)
Fall 2014 (2 of 5)
Fall 2014 (4 of 5)
Fall 2014 (5 of 5)
Fall 2014 (3 of 5)
Fall 2014 (5 of 5)
Fall 2014 (2 of 21)
Fall 2014 (3 of 21)NH
Fall 2014 NH
Fall 2014 (21 of 21)
Fall 2014 NH