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Been doing amateur photography off and on since high school. Started exploring the west coast mountains in British Columbia, Canada in the early 1990's with 35mm. My recent interests are the Rocky mountains and Waterton Lakes National Park - a World Heritage Site. May 2007; finally took the digital plunge with the Nikon Coolpix S10. June 2009; Nikon Coolpx P90. 624mm zoom, 12 megapixels. May 2014; Nikon Coolpix P600 1440mm zoom March 2016 Nikon Coolpix P900 2000 mm zoom


Mountains, Bears... Outdoors stuff (35mm)

Single Photos

Indian Battle Park

Waterton 2007 - Scenery

Waterton - Forum Lake

Waterton 2007 - Critters

Canada Geese

Waterton 2008


Waterton 2009












cute, cuddly little bear

Prince of Wales under a morning rainbow Waterton, CANADA

Nice camouflage dude!

Summit Lake, Waterton CANADA early morning facing Mt. Custer & Chapman Peak

this guy was sleeping, now taking a big yawn

Rainy forest. black bear saw me, stopped and posed as if on cue

mmmm...eating... he still took the time to pause & give me that 'go away' look

Looking down the barrel of a bear

Quietly going cross-eyed

Vancouver sunset @ English Bay

Deep in thought... just out of winter's sleep this guy just didn't seem to have any energy at all.

Horse whisper-er

Burnaby mountain sunrise

Lions peaks in amber cloud - Vancouver, CANADA early 1990's

ye olde generic sunset...English Bay 1990-ish

Arrow lake, north of Castlegar, CANADA

taken in the late '70's

weird plants called Beargrass in 1/2 bloom

owl found on road

this is not the "retro" look, but actually a really old photo shot in b&w


based on it's body language, this bear seemed upset with me so I got out of it's way

what a lovely home this fellow has

reminds me of a wet dog

saw this drenched cub standing beside the road, it looked scared and trying to find it's mama.

bear facing camera, right side of head by ear shows what looks like claw marks from a previous fight

Peeka-boo baby bear style

from St. Mark's Peak

bear shaking off rain... tried playing around with contrast etc. to accentuate the spray but no luck.

mmmm.... sparkley, I have no idea how I achieved this effect but I like it. Summit Lake, Waterton. The sun was so bright I could barely stand looking into viewfinder to take this shot

didn't even see the bird on left side when I took this picture

Summit Lake, Waterton. See my portfolio for the full panoramic version in the autumns colors and sunshine... dramatic difference

bear sleeping, what else can I say?

to me this image portrays an awesome pent up power ready to be unleashed, nice range of colors in his jacket too

Goofy looking critter, looks like he was trying to talk with his mouth full.

I like the background colors more than the bear in this shot

Storm clouds billowing over Mt. Chapman

Mt. Custer, USA seen from Summit Lake in Waterton, CANADA


looks like he is laughing at something

Rowe lake trail Waterton, Canada

picnic table at porteau cove marine park

Autumn romance, late 1970's Alberta, Canada

crazy weather! blue sky, big fluffy clouds and this black thing hulking over top of it all

I like the contrasts of snow, color and shadows in this shot

St. Mark's peak, approx. 4450 feet above Howe Sound


Alderson Lake, Waterton CANADA

tree on left has a strange curve to it

Bertha lake in September

Rowe Meadow - Lineham Ridge from Rowe Lake trail Waterton CANADA

Clouds kept getting lower and lower

Looking up a tree

lower Rowe Lake, Waterton...dark, cloudy, moody feel about it.

right side of lower Rowe Lake, Waterton

table mountain area, Alberta CANADA

a low-budget and very rustic outhouse

Bertha Lake, Waterton

Looking down on Lions Bay and Horseshoe Bay

Lions Peak from Mt. Unnecessary elev. 5280 feet

West Van beach by Lions Gate bridge with a cool fog backdrop

Indian Battle park

Couple young bucks

High level bridge, Lethbridge

Deer heaven

Sunset melting the bridge

Deer with attitude

not too sure

Testing vivid color mode

macro mode, vivid color test. I think these are choke cherry blossoms, not sure what is sprouting on the leaves

Looks like his antlers are growing about 1 inch per day now

'Twas a dark and stormy night, more or less

played around more with PhotoShop to bring out colors

Hard to describe the look he is giving me

mini waterfall, whole thing is about 10 feet tall

Another mini waterfall, 10 feet tall

Bambi's portrait studio

purple flowers caught my eye

non stop feeding in the spring

Spring melt feeding the vally

Waterton Range - joined using Nikon's/ArcSoft Panorama Maker3

Inept photographer discovers new bird species... The Blur Jay... genus incompetus avairy-quickus

mmmm... purple

Red Rock canyon, during spring melt

Bertha Lake, clouds closing in

I like the clouds-over-peaks cool mysterious feel

Spring melt framed view

Angry mountains

Nikon s10 swivel lens lets me get shots like this without crawling into the lake

Left this dark and creepy, since that's how it looked at the time

more Lower Rowe Lake

lower Rowe lake in Waterton

Blur Jay returns with a flash

Summit Lake, Waterton

Glacier baby escapes

Crystal clear spring melt

Forum Lake... another generic mountian lake

Noble looking critter

Maintaining an Icy Grip

Forum Lake, Canadian Rocky mountains

Wall Lake from Bennett Pass

Huge sparkley spiderweb

morning sun

crinkly water

Pleasant surprise, waterfalls everywhere

Other end of the spectrum

Late bloomers

One more Forum Lake view

Somewhere along Bertha Lake trail

Forum Lake panorama

Ducks @ Dusk silhouette

Duck in right corner

Lower Rowe Lake

Bertha Lake, Waterton

Beargrass blooms, pine tree dies

Waterton lake from townsite

Waterton from hotel

Wall Lake

cliche beach, lone desolate log shot

Cameron lake cloudy day

along Bertha lake trail

Forum Lake, my favourite shot

Forum Lake, snowberg melts in summer heat June 28/07

Forum Lake 'berg, final shoreline shot before it melts completely

Wall Lake, July 4th '07

Indian Battle park, high level bridge

Lineham lakes Waterton

Rowe meadow, Waterton

goofy river; messes with your equilibrium just to look at it

Lineham ridge, Waterton

Above Rowe meadow, Waterton

Cameron lake, Waterton... Been here so many times, I almost forget how beautiful it is

Diamonds in the rough


Bear's Hump, Waterton

Rowe lakes, Waterton

Waterton townsite

Rowe meadow, purple carpet

Moose spray

Moose with mom

Alien swamp thing emerges from Summit Lake

Moose Canada, swimsuit competition

Moose and mother

Evil eye from mama

Chapman peak from Carthew trail

Don't be a chicken, follow us!

Bear crossing

Deer in shadows, top left seems to be a bodyguard

Pass creek morning

Alderson Lake, Waterton

Alderson lake, looking up

Debugging the web

Bears cropped and sharpened

Whaddya lookin' at?

Alderson lake

Waterton park entrance

Doggie after PhotoShop

Making a splash

Indian Battle park

Critter in water

It snowed this morning!

Bottom droplet is like a fish-eye lens

Mother Nature's security cameras

Snowberries in Macro mode

Snowberries and rosehip macrophoto


Tall skinny picture...

Long hike in Waterton

Spring melt back in June

Strange looking river


Autumn leaves

October 1st rain

In 2 minutes...

Autumn leaves part 2

Some ducks

Rainy day feeling

Think it might rain?

Something Fluffy

Blowing in the wind

Autumn marsh

Insert caption

Reeds, couple of stumps and a bird

The marsh is mellow

Sticking with theme

Mountain fresh drink

Blazing prairie sunset

Lineham Lakes

A river runs through it

Autumn colors...

Wind whipped water

Marsh to the mountain

Man in the moon with a bushy moustache

Autumn colors quickly fading

Autumn darkness descends

23 degrees ccw; not really sure why

Generic urban park in Autumn

Autumn being blown away

Summer snow end of Sept '07

Canadian nickel model

Top of the trail

Swamp, marsh whatever you wanna call it

Fall contrasts

End of summer sunrise

Alderson Lake, Waterton

Alderson Lake panorama.

You got something to say?

That autumn thing

Alderson lake, 6 part panorama

Cute, fluffy cuddly critter

Rainy day, muddy road... better than city traffic

Canada Geese or is it Gooses?

Gaggle of Geese

OUCH!!! Guess they never seen ICE before

Lower Rowe from above

No special effects, just a blurry shot ;)

Due south

Snow crystals wrapped in leaves

Hot on his tail

Traffic light

Mt. Nothing

Mt. Imaginary range beside Oldman river

Waterton in October

Bright colorful darkness

Forum Lake end of June

Lineham Lakes, Waterton

Stubborn Geese

Ghostly Geese

Ice birds, bergs... whatever

Fog horns

Weir freezing

gaggles of geeses


Autofocus being challenged

Jumping the queue

Geese galore!

Steamed goose...


Whaddaya lookin at?

Snow birds

Goose resort... drink, swim, snooze

One more geese group

Steam bath at -30 celsuis

As requested, one more geese shot

One in every crowd

New Auto-Blur feature being tested?

Geese. Fog. Cold.

Geese pictures, will they ever end?

Lower Rowe lake, fixed copy

Lower Rowe lake, fixed tilt

Lower Rowe lake, cropped in closer

Honking at nothing

Goose on ice

High level stormy-ness

more stormy-ness stuff

Mid winter blahs

zoom zoom

Tongue lashing? Wonder what she is saying...

Blah, blah, blah


Black bird with a red hat

Snap, crackle... hey, a beaver

No idea what caption fits this!

Don't drink this water

Cattle with attitude

Geese in snowstorm

Geese again?

The bridge in Lethbridge


Hundreds of geese in heavy fog

Sparkly goose

Chaotic beauty

Waterton... is it spring yet?

Horses near Waterton

What? more geese pictures...

This is spring?


Red Rock canyon

Some mountain shrouded in fog

Picnic time

Really, really ugly birds :(

Pelican fishing party

Weir fishing

Gullets full of fish

Guess who got the fish?

Pelican fish market


Pelicans looking for lunch

Generic gossling group

Gotcha covered

Bathing beauties

Choke Cherries starting to bloom

one big bird

more bathing beauties

The Big Beaks take a bath

couple of D'oh's

The "Do not disturb" look

Something got his attention

Shiny wet nose on this cub

Ram moulting in spring

Cool clear spring melt

Rainy, macro flowery thing

Rainy day feeling continues...

more rainy weather

the rain is ending... i hope !

mountain spring melt

Looking for lunch?

Bear cub feeding in spring

Do you mind?

Think it might rain?

A simple seagull spotlight shot

We're hiding!

Young bucks in Waterton

Summit Lake July 1st 2008 elev. 6370'

Fawns hiding.

Bearfoot at Summit Lake, July 1st '08

This is Summer? July 1. 2008 Summit Lake

I spotted a fawn, or do they grow like that?

Forum Lake in summer

Snow-berg at Forum lake

Canada. snow in July

Big chunk of snow

Down the hatch

Who got the fish?

Catch of the day. Odd looking fish in that Pelicans beak!

The peaceful Pelican

The beaks of foreboding doom...

Large birds in the morning

The big-beaks do breakfast

Birds with large beaks.

over at the Pelican perch...

Too many captions to choose from !

A few appetizers...mmm....

a delicate balancing act

The breakfast club

sitting pretty...with a wry smile!

Waterton Glacier International peace park

Canada Day on the ridge



another hiding baby deer

Big clump of snow

Look close... fish jumping around in it's pouch!

Pelicans... hmmm....


over at the fishing hole

chow down time

way across the river...

why the long face?

Hey good lookin'

Rainy day feeling

Berries in the rain

Why is this plant staring at me

Duck, duck, duck...

The end of summer

Generic end of summer in the mountains shot

More end of summer stuff

Drive-thru postcard

Autumn is my favourite time of year!

Autumn, eh?

Field of something, something

some plant in the sun

some unidentified plant life form

wafting in the wind

Weird autumn plants in the mountains

small snow-berg at noon

Forum lake summer of '07

macro rainy day stuff


Lunch time, the sun is losing out to winter

Snow. Birds

Mountain stuff

The geese are back

Solitude untouched

Bennet Pass, 4th of July '07

Nice new building

Ghostly geese

groups of geeses

silly wet of some geese

Steamed goose... 10 months later

brrrrrr...too cold to fly south?

Silhouette, steam, sunlight and shadows

Alberta prairie snow fence

Lone fisherman

ye olde sunset

Waterton in winter

Really bad camouflage

shiny birds

Eagle beside road

Spring time trail tango

Snack time

Think it might rain?

today in Waterton, Spring eh?

a spring in the spring thing

one more spring melt shot

some butt head

looking for trouble?

generic, cliche spring shoreline

nice doggie

Spring... will it ever come?

Bright eyes

new spring pelicans

100th year anniversary

Watchful eye

group of gosslings

they grow up so fast nowadays

rain, leaves & some budding stuff

Spring feeding in the snow

tree hugger

fresh kill


Peek a bear

macro stuff, some bug climbing out of a flower

early one morning, I saw a deer...



bunch o' white birds

busy as a...

alien life form in Waterton

blue eyed blond

psst, I think this guy's watching us!

Summit Lake Canada Day 2009



black bear?

over at the Pelican Portrait studio

Chipmunk shot... nailed it!

duck in Cameron lake

happy little critter

Beargrass dancing in the wind

fresh air fawn

noble little critter

where's waldo?

balancing act

mini cave dweller

fog and a tree

Pelican briefs

some bear in a meadow

foggy, misty, rainy kind of day

sneak peak

Red Rock rain clouds

fresh air, tall grass, and a fawn

bear spray

Beaver, eh?

generic mountain scene

spooky mountain

this was summer

rock solid pose

Listen to mommy deer-ist

mean looking ladybug


another chipmunk shot

swim or sink

just another pretty face


incoming... smile... SPLAT!

mr. translucent

The pot of gold...

spooky, steamy trees

snow bear

outta focus bear

nice day for a stroll...

begging for better weather

fuzzy, was 'e ?

macro photo, berries in the snow

most unusual bird photo I've ever taken!

Cameron Falls, Waterton in early autumn

showing your true colours

one more reflecting Sandpiper

misty morning

The Alpha male

mating season

nice rack

mountain peak

Day long rainbow

big ol' rainbow


end of the road

snow birds

low flying ghosts

swan in snow


Canada. Geese. Waterton

Moon rise at Sunset

moon rise at sunset

groups of geese

again with the Sandpiper

no more Sandpiper shots...

nice day for a drive


a splash of colour

deer fawn

deer and ducks

chunk of ice

chunk of ice, too

Canada winter

another dimension?

Cameron falls

mountain thing

fix colour, cropping

oh my...

Minnow in Pelicans pouch

Big, bad, BALD

Big shiny ball


Reaching out

The swamp updated

Spring melt almost complete

Forum Lake snow-berg revisited

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Snow geese or Swans?


A duck and a Ghost?

A goose and his shadow

Spring snow storm

Mountain. Goat.

Pelican fishing

Phull length pheasant

packet of pelicans


safely tucked under mommy's arm

birdie bokeh

warm lunch

Bear back in Waterton

giving me THAT look!

Moose in the river

Moose taking a stroll

some mountain with rainbow type cloud

small unknown bird

black bear in bush

a bear n the woods

things hidden in the grass

Standing up

black bear in the bush

Racoon babies

definately not ICE fishing

Flutter by

posing butterfly

mountain in fog


simple shot of a butterfly

ants thistle house

this is NOT a painting

tri-coloured butterfly

Waterton at dawn

some bird

Blur bird

some bird on a tree

Why does this happen?

moose face

Summer in Canada

More SUMMER fun in Canada

the blue canoe...

last of the blue boats of summer

a tanlged wet web

small wet web

some boats

storm bird

playing with light and contrast

still summer, eh?

Duck... it got away but left a cool splash

leaves in water


WOW - Watching over Waterton

bald eagle in a tree

Waterton bald eagle

autumn leaf in water

psychedelic autumn

generic small waterfall

...and that was SUMMER

one of those days, eh?

Steamed goose, reposted

silly shadow

Bald eagle in city park

Bald eagle in top right corner

Winter stream

Geese are back, chilling out

some winter stuff

silver moon

Geese ready to take off

Geese and sun doggie

More geese groupings


Waterton sign

Stampede with more Elk

again with the Geese Ghosts

more Geese

Surreal steam

Grey goose day

I am outta here

Bird's eye view

coated in ice

all my ducks in a row

is this cold enough?

a stream of light


sign of spring?

mountain top

unintentional snow birds

reflecting on the past

Red Fox in the snow

Six pack of pelicans

Tree house

Northern Flicker

I have spoken...

Canadian icons

pouch faced monstrosities

up on Red Rock ridge

yodelling time

Lazy afternoon

lady bug

some unknown brand of butterfly

not your typical macro

more rain drops

rain drops

no more rain

awww. aren't they cute !

hangin' out



who's watching who?

be on the lookout for...

some flowery thing

a hat

persistance (and luck)

another butterfly

Where water comes from

Wall lake panorama

Upper Rowe lake panorama

Lineham ridge panorama

Lower Rowe lake panorama

Spider thingy

fishing in the fog

fishing with da boids

Crandell lake panorama

Lineham falls

Alderson lake, Waterton

Alderson lake - 3 part panorama

Mountain fresh water

Alderson lake panorama

small critter

A fine line

Mountainy scene

in the clouds

face full of fish

cliche mountain goodness

see thru clouds


bird on rocks



Berry picking mother bear

big bird at dawn

busy bees

after a cool dip

Potty training for bears, mother in middle doing her thing

Waterton at dawn

Waterton dawn

gone fishin


Daylight Savings time

gaggled mess

some geese

bunch of geese

Storm coming in

Good start to the New Year

New Year's morning

fluffy and cold


Yikes !

Canada. Geese.

Geese on ice

Pretty bird gets company

Pretty bird, Pretty bird

One more birds posing shot

Bald eagles


some bird

summertime geese

simple stuff

bear eating berries

more simple stuff

cold, very cold

clutter of geese

Bird's eye view - Readers Digest version

Waterton lake this morning

Two more sleeps

Eagle eye

Natural lighting

Rise and shine

test EXIF read

something simple, something blue

proud as a peacock


April showers bring May flowers

Pheasant in snow


Pheasant under grass

Pheasant in the field

Robin 1, grasshopper 0

mmm... grasshopper

Lawn chair in my back yard (as if)

my pet dog. OK maybe a small bear


jumbled mess

baby bunny

bald eagle

waterton at dawn


Autumn auto

first snow of the season

clutter of leaves

the geese are back

do not disturb

Waterton lake wind storm

morning glory

phantom geese

A splash of colour - gallery style

Steamed goose

what are you doing out here?

not cold enough

Subtle spring pheasant

Pheasant day for a stroll

pheasant in rain

rainy rabbit


Nikon p600 1440 mm zoom

couple bald eagles, one in nest



Woodpecker II

bird's back

bird walk

phinal pheasant photo

colourful catch

some bird


spring feeding

spring feeding all done

singing bird


caterpillar too

creepy crawly at the top


Lemon drop in the rain

bug bath and lunch

lemon drop bird

yellow head bird

here and there

UGLY Duckling

another pretty face?

bright blue bugs

black bear cub waterton

tiny black bear cub

small yellow bird


watch the birdie

heading for safety

Cedar waxwing

molten morning

Waterton. Dawn

waterton at dawn

face full of fish

Aug 9th Waterton at dawn

Dawn in Waterton

one more morning fog in Waterton

running in the rain

some plant

bird with pinstripes

pheeding pheasant

cool geese

Photogenic Pheasants

phrosty pheasant

light feed

snow on leaf

Waterton, Cameron river


Fox 1, Gopher 0

Guarding her lunch

Mountain. Goats.

small yellow bird

Goofy duck, Daffy's brother

Crane, Rain, Grain.

Blue Heron ?

Blue Heron eating a fish

Waterton wind in the morning

The Waterton wind thing

Cool critter

Bird feeding


Dark and stormy morning

Autumn morning in Waterton

Autumn at sunset


The geese weather is back

more geese less foreground

nothin but geese and fog

early riser

Ice climbing in Waterton

Ice lighting

one more ice climber shot

such a pretty smile

ducks in a row

Oldman river at -20

now that's cold




Crane in the rain


Pheasant taking a stroll

Nice try, I can still see you!

Big eyes

Waterton mountain peak in fog

Dawn in Waterton

Zoom test


Weasel EXIF test

one more of the Weasel

Deer at dawn

Deer off centre

deer in Waterton

full moon

The moon at dawn

Morning stretch

bunch of rams

nice camo

only child

Fell for it, hook line and sinker


another duck

Rainy day stuff

the rain keeps coming

Bird in marsh

little yellow bird

yellow bird

The Prince and the Hump

Hotel with some snow too

Peyto lake

Awesome mountain mist

Peak in the clouds

sounded like an eagle

Kokanee lake peak peek

Cedar Waxwing hiding


You guys looking at meÉ

Watch out for the momma

Berry season



Weasel watching something

Supper time

one more weasel

Deer in thanksgiving snow (Canada)

White weasle waiting for winter

one more winter weasel

hiding pheasant

Wild west

Nerves of steel

One more of the cowboys

Cattle in the Rocky mountains

the old west?


gopher in snow



Waterton sunrise


Heat wave fun


Bald Eagle

Bald eagle II

Meadow creek BC

Blue Heron


Waterton Bald Eagles

The moon

Swan at dawn in Waterton

Swan at dawn in Waterton

Bald Eagle in farmers field

Bald Eagle in nest at Waterton

Cedar Waxwing coolest birds ever

Black bear in the rain in Waterton

Meadow Creek BC sunrise

Northern Flicker

Happy little gopher

Blue Heron, big fish

Blue Heron in flight