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I have seen photographs of me, taken when I was around the age of 5, shooting with my grandfather's old brownie hawkeye box camera (I still have it). Over the years the amount of time that I spent pursuing photography has waxed and waned. At some point in graduate school I started spending more time thinking about photography and taking it more seriously (I bought my first medium format camera). For over a decade now, it has been a rather consuming interest. I built darkrooms and, of course, purchased more cameras. I have done more than my share of those self-indulgent photography shows in coffee shops. More recently, I have given in to the "evils" of digital photography. I am ok with that. Sometimes I miss working in the dark room, but not often. Fortunately, I don't have to make a living using the camera. I fear that I wouldn't eat as often or at least as well if I had to to do so. I am a technologist (that is what someone with a scientific degree says when they don't want to admit that they are doing engineering). The great advantage of not having to rely on photography for money is that I can have fun with it, and I don't have to worry too much about what other people think of my photos. Of course, I really like it when people enjoy my photographs, but that is just human nature. I could expound on my photographic philosophy or vision or whatever, but I am guessing that you probably don't care that much. To be honest, I am kind of surprised that you read this far. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my photographs, and if anyone ever wants a print, I would be happy to arrange something. Probably more importantly, I hope you enjoy your own photographs. Life is too short to not appreciate beauty or art (or even beautiful art), particularly if you contributed to it. I am always happy to hear your comments on my photographs, but please feel free to stop by and just say hi.

Happy photographing,
Dan Bliss





Architecture & Cityscapes




Altered Universe


When flying pigs walk

Lonely Tree

green rocks


just a building

stupid skateboard


first cup

Longfellow bridge in fog

door in ny

ny library stairs

daisy #14

before dawn

desert lake

unexpected cultural exchange in trafalgar square

last student studying

being watched

careful with that thing...

mountain lake

pacific rocks

Upstairs downstairs...

narrow street

lost in the clouds

door, brick and wall

end of a long work day

still waiting.


lonely alley

the new humanity

royal clock

grass is greener

lonely rocks

when trees dream

dream of the fading mist and missing tree

lonely rock


boston at night

path of the dead

staying cool

zen of sand and sky

bean's eye view

tree's remains

path to the ocean

line of trees

finding our place

father's eyes

mind the gap

toward isolation

of light and curves

isolation together

the morning calm


end of the path

watching over the souls of the lost

check your shoes...

last light of a long day

the canyon from within

the cost of solitude

coastal mood

difficult crossing

from Vulcan's loom

the silent stones

hidden coast


when the gods skip stones

golden tree of fallen dreams

dried remnants of former splendor

the patchwork under our feet

paths to oblivion

fleeing the clowns of hell...

the beauty of desolation

the sand dolphins bid farewell

the watcher

heir to the mountain throne

not washed away

light through the window

path to the old masters

model of the sinister grasp


between me and the sky

quiet motion

impression of setting moon


the setting moon

multiple dynamics: in, out, maybe

from the time of giants

Yeah... well, you deal with museum patrons all day

a NY interior