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Self taught photographer living in Quebec province. I photograph with my whole being, to consider and capture the world as I see it, occasionally creating images of subjects that inspire me, including those that reflect my community and environment, my perception of human activity and human condition, and the beauty and the enigma that I perceive in natural and manmade objects. I work usually by theme and will continue a project for many months or years, adding new layers to it as time goes on. Current projects relate to a sense of place, human traces in the environment and the ability of a series of images to be poetic while not necessarily creating a narrative. I have been lucky to have written on photographic approaches for two Canadian magazines, to have worked with others on a few local and international group exhibitions, to have hosted a few personal exhibitions in my community and to have found a small following of clients for my work, who also by their interest helped me in consolidating and furthering my approach. While only a part time and secondary career, the pursuit of photography incites much of my thoughts and attention.

Country: CA


Single Photos

Quebec City and friends




Seats ( Sièges )

Sense of snow

Natural places ( Endroits de la nature )

More recent images

Acadia visit ( Visite du Parc Acadia, Maine )

Flames ( flammes )

Ageless Languedoc / Languedoc, l'éternel

Photos for reclassification


Sense of time 1 / Temps et l'intemporel 1

Sense of Time 2 / Temps et l'intemporel 2


A friend at his sugar shack ( cabane à sucre )

Identities ( Identités )

Abode ( Domicile )

Reconfigured photos (2015)


Sense of water (in progress Sept 2015 - in camera rain photography)

October 15

Recent and reconfigured images (summer 2016)

Reconfigured images (Re-appearing in other folders)

Recent images (autumn 2016)


Charlevoix chair

Graminées (graminaceous plant)


Vestiges 9 - tirage argentique

Projected Cross

1608, revisited, No. 3

Savannah old town

Awaiting spring

Meeting of old folks

After the ice storm



Vestiges 8 - "Échoué" - Beached

Water over bridge


Spring Dreams

St. Lawrence River in Winter

Saint Lawrence River rocks

Night Apple Tree

1608, revisited, No. 2

Pommier de nuit

Free flight

Square of the hypotenuse

Priest's Room

Spring Arrival

Medieval reflections

Newton's Bench


Plain tree 1

Plain tree 2

Medieval bridge

Sunset on a Quebec barn

Inside out

Winter colours

Country dock



The spectator (photo of original darkroom print)

Self portrait 1 - photo of print

Winter walk

"La terrace" - The boardwalk (tirage argentique)

Different lives (Photo of original darkroom print)


Winter carnival (photo of original darkroom print (1985))

Cat at St-Hénédine (Photo of original darkroom print)


Autumn in Vermont - photo of original print

Untitled - photo of original print (1990)

Chemical engineers - photo of original print (1985)

Flight (photo of original darkroom print)

Vestiges 2 - autoportrait - tirage argentique

California dreaming (photo of original darkrom print (1995))

Thaw (photo of original darkroom print (2002))

Little world (photo of original darkroom print, 2003)

"Les multiples visages du plaisir" - The many faces of pleasure (tirage argentique)

Portugal (Photo of original darkroom print (1990))

Leira (silver print 1990)

The passage (Photo of original darkroom print)

Small avalanche (Photo of original darkroom print)

Vestiges 7 (tirage argentique)

Vestiges 6 - "Unie" - United - tirage argentique

The foundry / La fondérie (silver print)

The bench



Reverie (photo of darkroom print)


Vestiges 10 - (B&W silver print)

Monet's Garden, No. 4


American character

Old Shed in Charlevoix - copy of B&W print

Vermont loom

Wind pattern 1

Tybee afternoon


New growth



Untitled (digital photo of original silver gelatin print)

Vermont 1

Wonderbra factory (digital photo of silver print)

Glazing No. 1


Summer Night No. 2

Summer Night No. 1

Summer Night No. 4

Summer Night No. 3




Night Train




Going Places in Life

I want to be by the sea

St. Lawrence morning fishing

Nature's way

Old cloister lr

Well visited - digital copy of original print

1856 barn

Old barn door

Canvas pattern

Phantom of the night no. 2

Hands of winter

Sunday at the farm

Cat sensing spring

Winter walk

Eyes of the city

Roots of time

Savannah River

Ottonabee River, Lakefield, Ontario

French Regime house in Quebec

Ottonabee River leaves I-R B&W

Sculpture in I-R B&W

Wharf I-R B&W

Impressionist influence - back-lit leaves

Vestiges 4

Noon at the chip waggon

The wood man of St-Ferreol

Noon at the chip wagon (colour)

Colors of time in Savannah

"Au repos" - At rest no. 1 = tirage argentique

Winter afternoon view of Quebec City

Orléans island, Quebec City

Winter on Orléans island, Quebec City

A small paradise lr

Chair no. 1

A small paradise (B&W version)

Acadia 1

Acadia 1 bw

Acadia 2

Acadia 2

Acadia 3

Acadia 4

Acadia 5

Acadia No. 6

Acadia No. 7

Acadia No. 8

Awakening / L'éveil

Four square house


Bush Fire

Yule Log


Awaited / L'attente

Vestiges 1

The gate br

Faith / Foi

Rusted outside, rustic inside


Vestiges 3 - Port Hope, Ontario

What did they make here No.2

Cap St-Ignace; Traces 3

Transient light

1608, revisted, no. 1

Sunset (Vermont)

Montady 1

Montady 2

Montady 3

Montady 4

Montady 5

Montady 6 (since/depuis 1247)

Montady 7

Montady 8

Montady 9

Montady 10

Languedoc 1

Languedoc 2

Languedoc 3

Languedoc 4

Acadia pond, October

Savannah River

10 h 37 min.

Human clock / Horloge humaine

Timeless / Intemporel


Not a quarter to three

Teeth of time no. 3 / Les dents du temps no. 3

Teeth of time no. 1 /Les dents du temps no. 1

Teeth of time no. 2 / Les dents du temps no. 2

Florence at night

Timeless landscape

Snowy abstraction

Memory 1

Arrival of spring

Traditional blossoms of spring

Identity no. 2 (copy)

1. Sugar house party 1918 painting

2. Maple sugaring 1

3. Collecting sap

4. Preparing the stove

5. Adding the sap

6. Evaporating water

Scent of maple

Final evaporation propane burner

Identity no. 1

Identity no. 2

Identity no. 3

Identity no. 4

Identity no. 5

Identity no. 6

Old Drouin house 1

Old Drouin house 2

Old Drouin house 3 - small sleeping chamber

The three sisters

Old village neighbour - "vieille voisine"

Stucco on stone - "Crépi sur pierre"

Drouin house niche - "la niche"

Drouin house stairs to attic - "échelle de meunier"

Drouin house dining room - "salle à manger"


The old and the new - "Beauté en deux temps"

Village church - "L'église du village"

Act Now! ( Agir maintenant! )

Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard B&W



The Maggies


From stone to stone


Village market ( Marché du village )

Requiem aeternam for a barn

STOP! (Arretez!)

STOP, in black and white!

Tree sculpture

Half-past-three ("3 heures et demi")

A reverie revisited ("Reverie no. 2")

From spring to winter ("Du printemps à l'hiver")


Big Blue 1

Mediterranean sun

Cobourg beach May 17


A sense of water, no. 1

A sense of water, no. 2

A sense of water, no. 3

A sense of water, no. 4

A sense of water, no. 5

A sense of water, no. 6

A sense of water, no. 7


A sense of water, no.9

A sense of water, no. 11


Sense of water (18)

A sense of water, no. 14

A sense of water (17)

Midnight Blue (2-1)

Night to day

Reading lobby, Chateau Montebello, Québec

Natural mutation


Morning light



Ice Lillies





A Gagetown hoe-down warm-up


Late for school


Move over

Vacation Line

An ear - its muse

The eccentric timberman

Art of the timber framer

Ancient markings (click to see large image)


Tread on the heels of....

New guest room? (Photographer's question)

E - X - P - L - O - S - I - O - N

The waiting

Earth meets sky

Village grocer (click to upsize for details)

New-found-land B&W

Sunburst on a grey day

Nova Scotia morning

Four dinghies

Northern claim

Mobile architecture

some spokes needed

Fallen sun - monochrome

Fallen Sun

corner detail (100% = 33 inches wide print) loxia 50mm at f2

wall at 12 feet loxia 50mm at f2


Alight or not?

House in house and beyond