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Photography has been a part of my life since the 1970s. I've always pursued and enjoyed it for its own sake, but have had it come and go as a component of making a living. From a youthful job assisting in a high-end DC studio straight through to consulting in the e-commerce sector, photographic aptitude and a technologist's world view have, at turns, contributed to everything else I do in one way or another. Of late, I continue to consult in web technology. As a natural offshoot, I often have a hand in the production of content - including the imagery that is an important part of any online presence. In keeping with the advice to always spend at least part of your time writing about or photographing what you know and love, I have a particular personal interest in the spectacle and drama of sporting dogs working game birds in the field. It's primal, and it's beautiful.

Country: US


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Stills and Abstracts

Landscapes, Scenes, and People

Upland Life

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A Great Blue Heron, annoyed by the photographer, springs from the still water he was patiently hunting for crayfish.

A German Shorthaired Pointer goes for a moonwalk.

An English Pointer puppy eyeballs a Bob White quail.

A Brittany spaniel retrieves a chukar partridge to his hunting companion.

A summer pheasant dinner.

Gus, an English Pointer, shows the way to a covey of quail.

Blaze Orange


Shared DNA?

Shooting Gloves

Trunk Neck

Ruffled Feathers

Steady, Gus.

Pointer Flying Through The Sorghum

Shorthair On Point

Grey Ghost

Carrying A Friend From The Field

Brace Of Shorthairs On A Chukar

Quail breast, pepperjack cheese and bacon appetizer.

German Products Work Well In The Snow

German Shortairs and Winterberries

Mystery Tool

Silver on Wood

Ice Hunt

Blue and Green Lampwork Glass and Silver Wirework Necklace



Turkey Vulture Dive

Backlit Great Blue Heron

Hunt Test judge

Blackbird Patrol

Weimaraner On Point


A Great Blue Heron hunting in the not-yet-frozen end of a pond.

A Great Blue Heron moves through the snow over a freezing pond.

A brace of Pointers work a sorghum field.

No Watering Until Spring

Split Rail Fence

English Pointers



A Muddy Retrieve To Hand

A hen quail as hood ornament.


Uma Steady On A Quail Flush



A Deutsch-Drahthaar (a German Wirehaired Pointer) quarters a field in front of his hunting companions.

Due Bambini Di Spinone Italiano

Ein Deutsch Kurzhaar

Spinone In The Mist


Spinone Italiano Bianco

Tadpoles on Waterlilly

Brown and Roan Spinone

Pearls On Hat

Shell Clasp Burrs

The Once And Future Corn

Pearl Earrings

A brace of English Pointers work a quail covey in the flowering cover.

Thank you for flying Air Kurzhaar.

Horse pasture at sunset.


Belgian Shake


Colorado Cottontail

Twilight Lodge

Jingling The Horses

Catering In The Rain

Saddlebag Race

Brand Test

Bull Rider Hanging On

Pro Bull Rider Meets His Match

Rodeo Rescue Team

Camp Fire

Angular Features

Breaking a clay pigeon coming in from a skeet range's high house.

Tacked Up

Eye to Bull's Eye

Goose Under Bridge

An English Pointer makes an early September quail find on a hillside in Pennsylvania.

A handler has a quiet moment with her Pointer before heading out onto the hunt test course.

Pears In The Corn

Quail Quarry. Cool Cover. Pointer Ponder. Nose Knows.

Last Pear Hanging


Filson, Smith, and Rooster

Filson, Holland, and Smith

Blueback Pheasant On The Wing

German Shorthair In The Milo

German Shorthair On Point In A Woodline

A Weimaraner is on point in the sorghum.

12 Weeks Into A 12 Year Life

German Shorthair On Point

Sight Point. This German Shorthaired Pointer is eyeballing a partridge about 15 feet away.

Sunset Over Venice's Grand Canal

Green Venetian Shutters

A Residential Entrance in Venice

Mountains South Of Asiago, Italy

Drying Grapes

Sunrise In The Alps Between Munich and Verona

Cachi Thienese

Lurking Pheasant

Marostica Sunset

Venetian Canal Ambulance

Morning Light on the Dolomites

A spasso per Asolo

One of Venice's many winged lions.

Sunset in Venice

St. Mark's At Night

The Evening Stroll on Piazza Bra, Verona, Italy

A sleepy November afternoon for Marostica, in Vicenza, Veneto, Italy.


Dinosaur Descendant

Cygnet Studying Me Studying Him

Dolci Italiani

Damascus Steel Side-by-Side

Christmas Cookies with Gingerbread Shorthaired Pointers

Maple Eating Mushrooms

Eating Prohibited, Only For Seeing.

Black Powder Side-by-Side

Carved Wax Mold


Field Trial Gallery

Gordon Setter Pup


Castello Marostica Superiore at sunset.

Drawbridge Chains, Sirmione, Italy

Late Afternoon In Vicenza

One Week, One Handful

Puppy Love

Powerful Puppy Pheromones At Work

View To A Room With A View

Looking Down On Thiene

Two German Shorthair Pups

She Only Has Eyes For Him

Shorthair pups.


Scooped Pup

Puppy Wrangling On The Set

Signora Finestra, Cittadella

The Atmosphere, Vermillion, South Dakota


Shadow Boxing

Ticked Coat

Lunar Eclipse

Slave To Fashion

Paw Eye Coordination

Retrieving A Hen Quail

Hen Quail Goes For A Ride

The Decorative Arts

Clearing Cover

Weimaraner, Muddy Nose

German Wirehaired Pointer Standing A Bird

Hunt Test Horse

Hunt Test Judge

Like Father, Like Son

Hunt Test Gunners

Good Spinone

Spinone Italiano, Molly

Spinone In The Teasels

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon



Di On Retrieve

Eastern Box Turtle




Lago Garda

Cherry Dessert

Honeysuckle, Morning Light

Blue Finials In Fog

German Shorthaired Pointer On A Duck Retrieve

Duck Drop

Tired Quail and Toddler

Duck Delivery


Busy Field



Work In Progress

Sunset Raspberry Picking

Interior: Railing

Bald Cypress Cones on Irish Moss

Wheat and Clouds

Cornfield Sunset

Two Old Draft Mules

Bathroom Interior

Bye Jimminy

The Hurler



Hallway Piano


Saga on Patio

Quail v. Pointer

Foggy Bird Doggy

American Cream Drafthorse

Dangerous Intersection

Gordon Setter On Retrieve


Gordon Setter

Pointer On Retrieve

Boy With Dog


English Setter


Honor Guard


German Shorthaired Pointer Pup - Six Weeks

German Shorthair Pup - High Key, Quiet Mood

Cool Customer

Lap Dog

Polymer Clay Canes

German Shorthair On Point



Turkey In The Weeds



Foggy Milo

Doc's Shoes

An Early Morning In The Field

Upland Gear

Wheel Bug In Moss Bed

The Rio at Night

Ed and Pixie

Pixie On Point

Morning Horse

Construction Cam

Knife and Apple

Weim Pup With Chukar

German Wirehaired Pup In The Woods

Chukar Chase

High Key Necklace

GSP Pups and Gear

Cowboy Accoutrements

Red Setter On Point

February Horse

Tastee Diner Pancakes

Springer Spaniel Exercise Time


Maple Coffee Table


Dance With Dad


Evening Reception Fireplace

Across The State Line


Squirrel, Coopers Hawk. Coopers Hawk, Squirrel

Never Mind