John Frederick White

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Photographer 9 Yardea Street Port Lincoln South Australia Stock Photo Collection of over 50,000 images. Marine, wildlife, aquaculture, boats and coastal photography with the majority of photos taken on the remote Eyre Peninsula of South Australia. Johns photos have been published in the UK, Italy, Spain, Canada, the USA and locally in Australia.


John White


Morning Fog

I sat on a sandbar for a couple of hours. Two pelicans became quite friendly.

Memories of Days at Sea

Dawn II

New Growth


Morning Glow

Grandpa was 94 last year. Taken Chrismas Day 2002. Natural light from the window. Canon D60

Red And Yellow

Dawn at the Slipway

Into the blue

The Beach

Sailing with Sarah

Chasing the Wind

Reflections of dawn

Pelican drip.

Mr Percival

Mr Percival, Big Boy and Babe sing!

The warning

Dreaming Tulip


All out of colour.

Man of Colours


Pacific Gull

Early morning swim

Big Boy. Some days I spend a couple of hours with these guys. I try to keep below eye level and sit quietly with them.

Mr Percival wandering about the shore line. Somedays he just ignores me.

Koala in the wild

Approaching storm

Going Home

Reflections of Dawn

End of the Rainbow

Pelican drip II


Independant Sk8r

McNaught Comet over Big Swamp South Australia. Discovered by Australian Robert McNaught in August 2006. Why 24mm focal length? Photographed the week before with a 100 - 400mm and missed most of the tail. Wanted to give the comet a sense of scale/size by going wide and including the two trees (living and dead) and the swamp. Watch out for a future copy of Discover Magazine (USA) with this photo as it Masthead Image :) Cheers John