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I've travelled a lot, but have lived my whole life in Edmonton, Alberta. I love photography, as it teaches you to pay better attention to what you see.

Country: CA






The Human Story



Wedding and Engagement


Moon and Venus Conjunction - Feb 19, 2007

The Spirits of Maligne Canyon

Approaching Winter Storm

The Chalice - City Hall - Edmonton Alberta Canada

Office Elm

Fall Morning Light on Groat Bridge

Field of Broken Dreams

Ahhh... I LOVE a BUFFET!

Natural Abstract - Take 2

It's Over

Gazing Into Infinity

The Majesty of the Mountains


Canada is Heaven - take 2

Red Giant

We Live in the Web of Life

Hermit Crab - Long Beach

Sunrise on Mt. Foch, Kananaskis Country

Dust Clouds of the Milky Way

Sunrise on Mt. Invincible

Sarrail Falls - Kananaskis

Rising from the Fire

A Quiet Prairie Morning

Little Lives

Morning at Lake Kananaskis

Island on Lake Kananaskis

Hard Times Ahead

The Spirit Lives - please view larger

Dark Dragon

Star Trails

The Three Kings


A Winter's Night in Edmonton

Road to Heaven

Upper Kananaskis Lake

Mt Foch in Sepia

When the Moon Grew Dark

Night Spirits

Echoes of the Past

Lord Valdemort's Sign

St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York

Pure Mountain Waters

St. Patrick's Cathedral 2

Sailor's Delight

The Heart of the Beast

A Stain on the Land


Winter Prairie Night Drive

After the Harvest

Asleep in the Stable

Valley of the Ten Peaks

Heaven and Earth

Mom, Can I Have a Glass of Water?

Cameron Creek - Waterton Lakes National Park

Roasting Marshmallows in the Back Yard

Inspired by Escher

Fields of Gold, Skies of Copper

Pileated Woodpecker

Lower Kananaskis Lake

Suzanne #2

Ghosts of the High Level Bridge

Her Wonderful Smile

Life Among the Giants

The Last Day I Was Free

Kyla V2

007 - Licenced to Shoot

A Pirate's Life for Me

Deep Space

Last Light - Makaiwa Bay, Hawai'i

Rainforests of Hawai'i - V2

Secluded Paradise

Fall Splendor in Edmonton

Coronation Pool - Edmonton

Edmonton Art Gallery - Detail 1

Love, Sweet Love

Edmonton Art Gallery - Detail 2

O Wondrous Rock

Lingering Memories of Summer

Katie V1

Love on the Bridge

The Pantheon

The Andromeda Galaxy

The Great Orion Nebula

Heavenly Fire