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John Maillard is a Canterbury New Zealand artist using photography and related print making and drawing. Johns work is about the landscapes of the south Island and the rural community he lives in. The themes of the work are many and varied, the story of the landscape and land use, the grandeur of south Island views. John tries to capture the unseen elements in his work. Subjects like wind, elements and time passed, all play a role in his visualisation of the landscape. Johns main influence was his German grandfather, who was a painter in Northern Germany. The great mid century American landscape and late century British photographers have also been an influence.

Country: NZ


New Zealand High Country

New Zealand Coastline

The Banks Peninsular, New Zealand

Able Tasman National Park, New Zealand.

Canterbury New Zealand

New Landscapes

Land of the Other Light

Large format

The Other Places


Single Photos

Marlborough Sounds

The South Island

Ten seconds of water, sky, land and peace

Milford Track

Mobile notebook


Land and Sea, New Zealand


F64 New Zealand

New Zealand High Country 2016

The South Island 2016


Godley Head

Totaranui New Zealand

Totaranui New Zealand

Bottle lake forest


View of Taylors Mistake, Banks, New Zealand

Lake Tennyson

Lake Tennyson

New Zealand High Country

Lake Tekapo

From Mount John, Tekapo

Lake Tennyson

From Mount John, Tekapo

Camp Bay, Banks.

Godley Head

Godley Head

Pancake Rocks

Godley Head

Governers Bay, Banks peninsular.

Lake Tennyson, New Zealand

Above Queenstown, New Zealand


Governors Bay

Banks in the morning.

Goat Bay

Goat Bay #2

Boat Ramp Totaranui

Lake Tennyson

Sky over Totaranui

Canterbury near Cheviot.

Gods Sky, Gods Game

View of the Banks

Awaroa Inlet Abel Tasman National Park

Totaranui in the Abel Tasman National Park

From Conical Hill Hanmer

Morning light Sumner, New Zealand

From Conical Hill, Hanmer, New Zealand

Lake Pearson, Southern Autumn.

Totranui Trees

Cherry Blossom Hanmer

Trees at Lake Pearson, New Zealand

Sumner Morning, Anzac Day, New Zealand

Rocks, Sumner beach

Evening Port Hills.

Tree, Port Hills, Christchurch

Sumner Beach

Panorama from Mt Hutt

Panorama from Mt Hutt

View of the Banks

Port Hills

View over Pegasus Bay, New Zealand

Rock and Haraki, Port Hills, New Zealand

View of Diamond Harbor

Southern Alps, New Zealand

Mothers day Beach

Sunrise over the Banks

Misty day in the Hills


Climbing out of the Mist

Path, Sugar Loaf.




Christchurch Morning

Mountains in the Morning

Flooding after a storm

Last light over the Port Hills, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Crater Rim, Winter.

Cold morning in Tepako

Predawn light Lake Elizabeth

First Light over Lake Alexandrina

End of the road, High Country

Canterbury High Country

Winter Tree, Canterbury High Country

Lost Shoe in the frost

Sheep grazing, Tekapo

refers to the location of the last Photograph. Of course I cant get google earth to foreshorten...

Before sun rise, Kaikoura Mountains.

Bush walk Port Hills




Kennedy's Bush

Christchurch after a storm

from Sugar Loaf Mountain

View of the Banks from Sugar Loaf

Above Akaroa

Flea Bay

Dog Stream falls

Dog Stream

Dog Stream

River Crossing

Olivers Tree

Pond Hanmer

rocks crater rim Canterbury.

Canterbury Plains

Moon over tekapo


Gibraltar Rock

Victoria Park, Christchurch

Port hills to Christchurch

Able Tassman morning

Lake Alexandrina, predawn light on a cold morning.

Towards the Southern Alps

From the Crater Rim

Near Lake Pearson

Falls at Hinewai Reserve, Banks Peninsula

Falls at Hinewai Reserve, Banks Peninsula

Flooding Banks Peninsular

Forest Floor, Banks Peninsular

Falls at Hinewai Reserve

Otanerito bay

Furns and bush, Hinewai Reserve

Eel at Hinewai Reserve


Queen Charlotte Track

Queen Charlotte Track

Queen Charlotte Track

Queen Charlotte Track

Queen Charlotte Track

Queen Charlotte Track

Queen Charlotte Track

Tennyson inlet rain

Queen Charlotte Track

From Mount Herbert

Lake Pukaki

from Mt John #4

Hydro Canal Road Twizel New Zealand

Kids on a walk

Early Morning TaiTapu #3

Early Morning TaiTapu #2

Early Morning TaiTapu #1

Last light over the Banks

Early evening on the way home

Napenape beach, North Canterbury, New Zealand

Napenape beach #2

Port Hills

Rain and Mist

The banks towards Lyttleton

Rapaki Bay, The Banks, New Zealand

Dawn The Banks Peninsular

Lake Tennyson High Country

Lewis Pass

Falls Totranui

Native Forest Arthurs Pass

Near Birdlings Flat

West Coast Morning

Lake Ellesmeer, The Banks


Path to Totranui

The Pass

Sumner Beach

From the Banks to the Alps

At the sign of the Bell Bird

Birdlings Winter Sea

Winter Sea

Towards Mt Sunday

New Zealand High Country

Early Morning cloud on the Banks, New Zealand

Low cloud over Pegasus Bay, New Zealand

Out flow from the Hooker glacier, New Zealand

Tekapo, New Zealand

Akaroa Morning, The Banks, New Zealand.

On the road to Mount Sunday, New Zealand

Mount Beatrice

Canterbury Hill, New Zealand

New Zealand Big Sky

First light over the Banks, New Zealand

From the Summit road, The Banks, New Zealand

Looking Towards The Hooker Valley, New Zealand

Hooker Glacier, New Zealand

High Country Pool New Zealand

Huranui New Zealand

View from the Highway, South Island, New Zealand

Storm Lake Tepako

Mackinnon Pass, Milford, New Zealand

Clinton river, Milford Track.

Paradise, Otago, New Zealand

Near Takaka, Golden Bay, New Zealand

Storm Lake Punakaiki

Lake Wakatipu

From the Clinton hut, Milford track, New Zealand

Rain Forest Milford Track

Moon rise Clinton hut, Milford track

From the Milford track

Milford Track, After the rain

Mackay Falls, Milford Track

Early Morning Milford Track

Mackinnon Pass

Arthur Valley, Fiordland National Park

Rain Forest



Path (350 degree Panoramic) Milford Track, New Zealand



Path, the Milford Track, New Zealand

Milford Track

Two tarns catch the light, after the snow.

From the path, Milford track

Road to Paradise

High Path

Stream bed, Milford track.

Eel, trout, river.

By the river, Milford track.

Tarn, Milford track

Tarn, crossing the high pass, Milford track.

Down into the valley, Milford Track.

Valley, Milford track.

Valley Milford track.


Last Day on the Milford Track

Ten seconds on Lake Wakatipu

Near Queens Town, New Zealand

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu



Douglas Isle of Man

Beach Isle of Man

The tree at the farm


Ruins of Christchurch


Winters day, Port hills

By the Waimakariri

On the way to Hanmer

Just after sunset Totranui

Diamond Harbour, The Banks Peninsular

First Light Peel Forest

Canal by Long Bucky

Wet morning, Catlins

Towards Surat Bay, Catlins, New Zealand

Jacks Bay, The Catlins, New Zealand

Off the nuggets bay road

Jacks blowhole track, Catlins

Lake Ellesmere / Te Waihora

The Banks

Birdlings Flat

Birdlings Flat

Lake Ellesmere / Te Waihora

Last sun Arthurs pass

West Coast, New Zealand

West Coast New Zealand

Near Punakiki

Stormy Morning New Zealand West Coast

Birdlings Flat

Lake Ellesmere

Godley Head

Garage Tekapo

Lake Ohau

Lake Ruataniwha


From the pack horse hut


The Sea

The Sea


Tasman sea in star light


The River

Totranui Boat Ramp

The Mountain

Anapai Tasman

Moon over Benmore

Tasman footprint




Goat Bay

Beach 6

Beach 5

Beach 4

Beach 3

Beach 2

Beach 1

Farewell Spit 2016

Farewell Spit 2016




Lewis pass


Franz Josef Glacier

Moon over Omarama

High Country

High Country

High Country

High Country

Goat bay, Totranui, New Zealand

Benmore Mountains


Night and sea

Forest New Zealand


Port Hills and Moon

Forest Queenstown

The Lindis Pass

Queenstown Hill

Tekapo Winter

Near Queens Town

Last Light LindisValley

Forest Queens Town

Lake Pukaki

Lindis Pass

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Pukaki

Lake Pukaki

Queens Town hill

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu

Willow, Shotover River

Willow, Shotover River

Willow Lake Wakatipu

Willow Lake Wakatipu

Ashley river

Ashley river

Ashley river

Ashley river

Te Onepoto / Taylors Mistake

Te Onepoto / Taylors Mistake

Water Arthurs Pass

Catlins Hail Storm

Near lake Clearwater and lake Emma

Beach Pool NapeNape beach

Stones Nape Nape Beach

Rocks Near Kaikoura

Moon Rise Pegasus bay

Christchurch Port Hills


Curio Bay

Koekohe Beach

Victory Beach, Otago Peninsular











Port Chalmers from the Portobello road, Dunedin

Near Alexandrina

Lake Ohau

Lake Benmore

Canterbury Plane

By The Sign of the Pack Horse


Sumner Beach

High Country

Totranui Beach

Able Tasman

NZ high Country