Arlindo Barlera

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Perhaps the more appropriate expression to qualify me is “an old photographer”, in both senses: first because I am aged almost seventy, and second for I have been dealing with photography for more than forty years. However, time only doesn’t make a photographer, specially a good one and unfortunately it’s my situation. In reality I am just an amateur with some experience acquired during all this time. Professionally I was a Bank clerk for thirty years and now a retired. My “photographic” time is rather spent with old film cameras and devices, experiments, adaptations or even little mechanical repairs, than properly with photos. I’m not yet neither an adept of digital nor a purist. Digital has a lot of advantages for professionals, graphic works, etc. but I don’t agree to learn computer to be a photographer and “have to choose a program to choose what program is better to improve my photos”. Each step ahead in technology may represent a less exigible capacity of the photographer. By the way, I use a compact digital, but I’m fascinated for medium and large format, so that I have Linhof, Graflex, Rollei, etc) and even if there where digital backs for these vintage cameras I surely could’d affor one. My hobbies are photography, in the manner I have described, classical music (play the violin as self amusement) and foreign languages. Thus, I have another qualification for myself: “a semi-analphabet in different languages”.


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