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Born at 1976. Photographing did came to my life at 2004 when I did bought my first digital camera, Canon A80. Since then photographing have come more and more important for me, I actually think that I am addicted to searching photos. There are 3 subject that mean to me more than any other. First great love is nature, especially early summer mornings with mist and light from rising sun and at winter, blizzards. This is one reason why I try to keep my equipment as cheap as possible: with more expensive equipment would probably prevent photographing in real bad weather. Now with cheap and simple equipment (Canon EOS 1000D, Tamron 18-270mm and old tripod) I don't have to feel compassion at all - I can focus photographing in any weather. Other great love is urban exploration related stuff: abandoned farm houses, factories, cars etc. That is quite different world comparing to nature photographing and 99% of those photos are HDR pictures. For me is really important that I don't touch or change anything, so every photo I find from those abandoned places are real stuff. I'll think that I document those places and details between life and death and which are usually vanishing sooner than later. I also sometimes light paint with long exposures. There too ain't any magic creating those photos: I use ordinary flashlight and transparent and different coloured pieces of plastic to change colour of light. Keeping it simple, again... Third great love is horses. I really do love aesthetics of those animals. I'll do most of my photographing trips alone. I really need that loneliness to find photos. And last words of wisdom (or idiotism): I'll think that photos doesn't base as much to equipment than BEING THERE and make use of all those nice weathers like sunrises, mists, fogs and blizzards. I also believe that you don't have to go far to get photos: more important is learn to know locations near you. With time that gives you kind of knowledge what location would probably work better in this and that weather.

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Landscape and Nature - Winter

Landscape and Nature - Spring

Landscape and Nature - Summer

Landscape and Nature - Autumn


Urban Exploration


Shadows on Snow

Snow's Shape

Pine Tree in Blizzard

Black and White

Pine Tree, Blizzard

Pine Tree in Blizzard II

In Frost Mist

Apple Tree and Oak Tree

Winter Without Snow

Pine Trees in Blizzard

It's Snowing Again

Spring Stillness

Pine Tree and Blizzard

Loving Trees

Feather in Morning Light

Flying Away

Spring Morning at the Pond



Magical Morning

Summer Evening (After Thunderstorm)

In the Mist

In the Mist II

Morning Blues

Rising from the Mist

Pine Trees

Fragile Moment

Beautiful Pine Tree

Morning Dew Moment

Misty Forest

Summer Morning Moment

Scent of Flowers

Old Fences

Autumn Colours

Oak Tree and Apple Tree

When Light was Born

Falling Light

Naked Trees in the Mist

From the Dreams

Sleeping Pony

Fragile Frost Morning

Waiting for Summer

Horse and Mosquito

Waiting for Rain

It's Love

Forever Free


With Ice Pearls

Summer Evening at pasture


Summer Evening

Devil on Tail

Bone Bird

The End

Shadows on Curtains

Fading Flowers

End of Time

Broken Memories

Quiet Spring Morning

Dead Flies

One Eye Boy

Afternoon Loneliness

Silent Winter Night

When Nature Comes In

Flowers to the Forgotten One

Never Fading Flowers

Misty Trees

Silent Spring Evening

After the Last Breath

Touch of Light

Spring Morning Chaos

From Forgotten World

Power of Life


Water Still Flows

Forgotten Tools

Door to Nowhere

When Light was in the Air

Steel Bridge

With Sea View

Third Floor Silence

(Light Painting) In the Tunnel


Nature Hides (Old Sauna)

Misty Forests

Autumn, Sweet Autumn

Morning Light Magic

One August Morning

Cold Creatures

Ice, Stone and Flowing Water

Pinus Sylvestris

137 Years Later


Tired Tires

Winter Light Comes to Corridor

Roses of Oblivion

At Night in Abandoned Cowshed

Attic Selfie

This Land of Misty Forests

Those Trees

When Mist Were Alive

Islet in the Clouds

Silent Spring Morning in Abandoned Factory

One Eye Moskvitch

Memory of Mill

TV Time

Doorway in Old, Abandoned Farm House

When Wall Papers Fall Off

Evening Gold