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Owner of Yellow Wood Guiding, offering guiding services in Rocky Mountain National Park. We feature tours for birding, wildlife and natural history, photo safaris, and presentations. Please visit www.ywguiding.com for more information.


Small Mammals
Client Photos
Rocky Mountain National Park
Denver Zoo
Mammals Antlered and Horned
Rocky Mountain National Park 2
Rocky Mountain National Park Black and White
Winter Macros from Rocky
Yellowstone and Grand Tetons Winter 2008
Studio aka Cabin Fever
RMOWP Workshop
Rocky Mountain National Park - HDR


Gary's Rattle
Curious Fox Squirrel
Christmas on the Flatirons
Flatirons Pano
Medicine Bow Sunset
Black capped Chickadee
Dusky Flycatcher
Flicker Chicks
Red-naped Sapsucker, Print available up to 8x10
Robin Baby
Wilson's Snipe, Most people don't believe the snipe is real, but here is photographic evidence.
A Stinkbug's Life
Atlantis Fritillary on Thistle
Studio Flower #2
Home Grown Clamatis
Rocky Columbines
A Wyoming Paintbrush's View
Pine Cones, No! Douglas Fir Cones
Pink Columbine
Studio Flower #1
Yellow Lilly
Red-tail Soaring
Spotted Coral Root
Pink Fairy Trumpet
Racoon hanging around
The Flatirons in Snow
American Dipper
Foggy Flatirons
Common Raven, the Wolf Bird
Longs Peak to Sprague Pass, View Larger
Cedar waxwing
Garter Snake head
Townsend's Solitare
Marmot head on
Hoary Comma
Western Scrub Jay
Mountain Bluebird
White-faced Ibis
Mountain Bluebird Male
Williamson's Sapsucker
Tree Swallow
Lazuli Bunting, molting male
Green-tailed Towhee
Yellow Warbler
American Goldfinch
House Wren
Red-winged Blackbird portrait
Turkey Hen
Coyote and pups, print not available but aren't they cute
Multi-flowered Phlox
Common Blue Flax
Alpine Sunflower
Colts Foot
Brewer's Blackbird, singing male
Pineywoods Geranium
Yucca Bloom
Ringed-neck Duck
Western Tanager
Western Tiger Swallowtail
Western Chorus Frog
White Geranium
Black-eyed Susan
American Pika
Dusky Grouse Female (Formerly Blue Grouse)
Coyote Smile
Tall Coneflower
Coyote Close Up
Musk Thistle head
Red Shafted Northern Flicker female
Sheep Rocks at Rock Cut
Coyote Face
Bull Elk
Gray Jay aka Camper Robber
Bull Elk 7x7 Head On
Bull Elk 7x7 Bugle
Bull Elk, New Hair style
Pika with hay
Mariposa Lily
Elk Yearling
Bull Elk Head on 2
Wyoming Paintbrush
Indian Blanket
St. Catherine Chapel
Elk Rut Sky
Fall Aspen
Fern Lake
Sheep Lakes Reflection
Lily Lake Reflection
Longs Peak at 11500 Feet
Nymph Lake 2
Dressed for Fall
Moraine Park Cabin
Sheep Rock Sunset
Weathered Root
Loch Vale Icy Trails
Ponderosa Scape
Nymph Lake Landscape
Gore Range Lookout
Tundra Fenceline
Moraine Park
Sprague Lake
B&W Dream Lake
Bridal Veil Falls
Bear Lake
Cub Lake
Lake Haiyaha
Big Horn Country
Fall River at Willow Park
Dream Lake 4
First Snowy Morning
Aspen Puddle
Aspen Trunks 2
Sprague Lake 2
Dream Lake Trail
Bull's Eye
Stellar's Jay Protrait
South African Crowned Crane
Secretary Bird
Red Panda
Pink Flamingo
Giraffe Head
Giraffe Calf
Female Hooded Merganser
Cassawary Head
Brown Bear
Asian Elephant
White Globeflowers
Pygmy Nuthatch and Nut
House Finch Portrait
Stream Pebbles
Aspen Grove
Old Man's Beard
Mule Deer Buck, Rutting Season
Ponderosa Scales
Aspen Meadow 2
Grey Headed Dark Eyed Junco
Coyote in the Grass
American Dipper 2
American Dipper Shadow
Bull Elk Twins
Downy Woodpecker female
Lime Green Lichen
Long Tailed Weasel 2
Stellar's Jay 2
Moose and Baby
Moose and Calf Drink
Moose Cow
Bighorn Ram Portrait
American Pika 2
Bull Elk 6x6 Bugle 2
Coyote 3
Red Crossbill Portrait
Clark's nutcracker
Mouse Tracks
Mule Deer Peek a boo
Song Sparrow
Brown Capped Rosy Finch
Big Horn Ewe Portrait
Golden Eye Female
Northern Shoveler
Big Horn Ewe Headshot
Black Capped Chickadee 2
Downy Woodpecker male
Hooded Merganser male
Black Capped Chickadee 3
Broad-tailed Hummingbird female
Pine Grosbeak Male
White Tailed Ptarmigan
Yellow Rumped Warbler 3
Evening Grosbeak
4 Feet of Snow
Least Chipmunk Kiss
Purple Fringe on Trail Ridge
Rainbow Curve Clouds
Yellow Bellied Marmot
Bull Elk 7x7 Profile
Bull Elk 7x7 Over the Back Bulge
Magpie Landing
Magpie Eye to Eye
American Wigeon
Brown Creeper
Oregon Dark-eyed Junco female
Eastern Fox Squirrel
Aspen Trunks 4
Northern Shoveler 2
3 Cow Elk
Fox Head Shot
Coopers Hawk on a rock
Fox Body Shot
Snow Leaf Macro by Adam Sandberg Age 12
Ram 1 by Lisa Sandberg
Pasque Flower
Prairie Dog Duo
Early Buttercup Trio
Moss and Stone Crop Buds 2
Dandelion Head 2
Turkey Tom on display
Black Crowned Night Heron
Narrowleaf Paintbrush
Fremont Geranium
Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel Smiling
Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel Standing 2
Pasque Flower Close Up by Jeannie May
Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel by Tom May
Least Chipmunk by Tom May
Hooker Easter Daisy
Shooting Star
Calypso Fairyslipper
Marmot Fight by Greg Buhrdorf
Elk and Calf by Ross Buhdorf
Colorado Columbine Solo
Colorado Columbine 2
American Pika Nose Pick by Greg Buhrdorf
Bull Moose Early Summer
Nymph Lake with grass
3 Rock Clematis
Bee on Rocky Mountain Bee Plant
Aphids and Ants
Broad-tailed Hummingbird male in flight
Long Tailed Weasel By Mike Petcher
Bull Elk losing velvet By Mike Petcher
Moraine Park along the Big Thompson By: Debbie Petcher
Coyotes By: Mike Petcher
Yellow-bellied Marmot Close Up
American Pika 3
Pink Fairslippers
Forest Canyon Black and White
Marmot Kiss by Nate Ivanick
Flying American Pika
Southwest Pano at 30,000 ft.
Magpie Landing 2
Bull Elk 6x6 by Colleen Tobin
Glacier Creek Cascades 3
Rocky Mtn Maple Leaf
Elk Fight
Aspen Leaf on Fern
Aspen Leaf Desaturated
Aspen Leaf on Fern 2
Aspen leaves 3
Aspen leaf on Spruce
Aspen Leaves Trio
Aspen Leaf Brown
Aspen Leaf on dead log
Bull Moose mate guarding
Aspen Trunks 3
Aspen Trunks Desaturated
Aspen Grove in light snow
Flatirons October Sunrise
Brown Aspen Leaf
Dried Fern Leaf
Mule Deer Sparring
Moose Bull Protrait
Wall Hanger By Nancy White
Keyboard of the Winds
Red Fox Sitting
Coot Reflection
Elk and Mount Chapin
Dream Lake Horizontal
Mulie Look
Big Horn Ram Protrait
Big Horn Ram on a rock
Big Horn Ram on the trail
Black Canyon on the Yellowstone
Pronghorn Buck
Buffalo Head
Grey Wolf
302 Pack Howl
Absaroka Day
Cloudy Snowy Tetons Blue and Gold Filter
B&W Snake River Overlook
Bald Eagle over the Madison
Bison Bull
Bison Couple
Bison Square Crop
Coyote In the Snow
Grotto Geyser 1
Grotto Geyser 2
Grotto Trees
Lamar Valley Blue and Gold Filter
Mammoth Hot Springs Sunset
Morning Glory Pool
Arrowhead to the Sharkstooth
Aspen Leaf Dueo
Fox in the Grass
Fox Portrait
Rose 3
Bald Eagle
Fox Squirrel Love
Coyote wirh deer head By: Vickie Lyon
Mule Deer Ears
Marmot Buddies
Winter meets Spring in Moraine Park
Alluvial Fan Falls - by Steven Hirschfield
Elkscape - Steven Hirschfield
Ranch Sunset Pano
White-tailed Jackrabbit portrait
Badger Portrait by Denny Beck
Burrowing Owl
Burrowing Owl with food for the chicks
Moose Calf Drink
Purple Ranch Sunset
Dream Lake Sunrise
Beaver Out of Water
Lily Lake Sunset 6.21.09
Working a Moraine Park Sunrise
Magic Sunrise Water
Plotting Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel
Elk Baby 2
Locoweed Field
Rocky Mountain Loco Fields
Elk Bull in the Mountains
Broad-tailed Hummingbird female nest construction
Mountain Bluebird with food for chicks
Alpine Sunflower View
American Black Bear by Keana Flanders
Badger Buddies
Badger Stare
Sprague Lake Sunrise by Tally Mason
Velvet Mule Deer Buck
Big Horn on the fall tundra
Floating Aspen Leaves
Barn Door Closeup
Big Horn Tundra
Rock Cut Sunset
Never Summer Sunset during the CA fires
Trail Ridge Fall Sunset - HDR
Trail Ridge Road Fall Sunset - HDR
Trail Ridge Fall Sunset Vert - HDR
Mule Deer in Velvet
Elk Sparring - The Approach
Bull Elk down by the river
1st big bull of 2009
Moraine Park Sunset - HDR
Stellar's Jay bird in flight
Albert Falls by Kevin McCandless
Moose cow by Kevin McCandless
Sprague Lake HDR Sunrise by Kevin McCandless
Dream Lake Icy Reflection HDR
Moraine Park Dark Sunset HDR
Bear Lake Fall
Alluvial Fan ND Shot
RMNP Pano By: Kevin McCandless
Coyote Head on
Flying Coyote by Chris Sprangers
Mummy Range Sunrise by Colleen O Tulloh
Mummy Morning by John Marshall
Betty Dick Barn Sepia
Bear Lake Fall 2
Entrance Sunset 1
Entrance Sunset 3
Foggy Forest
Ice Pattern 3
Ice Pattern 2
Ice Pattern 1
Dream Lake Ice 3
Dream Lake Ice 2
Dream Lake Ice 1
Hoar Frost Blues
Beaver Swim
Beaver Jesus
Coyote Leg Up
Coyote at gut pile
Least Chipmunk eating seeds
Mule Deer over the shoulder
Big Horn Sheep Love On the Run
Mule Deer Flehmen Behavior
Hallet in the fog
Longs Peak March Sunrise
Spruce Tree in Snow
Hallets at Nymph Lake B&W
Moraine Park Spring Sunrise
Moraine Park Sept Sunrise
Rock Cut Afternoon
Sprague Lake Sunrise in October
Snowshoe Hare - Winter Coat
Elk bugle on the hill
Dream Lake Ice Sunrise 2
Abert's Squirrel
White-tailed Ptarmigan 2
Big Thompson Moraine Park Evening
Two Rivers Lake Black and White
Divide and Elk
Moraine Park May Sunrise
Young Bull Moose - Walter Bonora
Bighorn Ram lichen background
Ram in flight
Chasm Falls - May
Big horn Ram Portrait
Shark's Tooth Black and White
Sprague Lake May Sunrise by Tom Wilbert
Mill's Lake Snow
Copeland Falls by Leslie Greear
Fox Kits
Moraine Park Banner Sunrise June
Mary's Lake Sunrise
Black Bear Mama
Mule Deer Fawn
Marmot Man
Beaver Ponds Morning Clouds
Sprague Lake August Sunrise
Front Range Clouds
Never Summer Cloudy B&W
Dream Lake Stormy Monday
Sprague Lake Sunrise August #2
Chaos Creek and Hallet's Peak by Don Jackson
Never Summer September Pre-dawn
Longs Cloud B&W
Nymph Lake B&W by Karen Skogbergh
Mary's Lake Oct Sunrise by Tommy Wilbert
Aspen Leaf Macro by Oren Bersagel-Briese
Aspen Trunks B&W
Up Some Aspens by Olie
Aspen Pile
Chasm Falls by Karen Skogbergh
Bobcat by John Dismang
Morning Mist
Taj 2
Taj 3
Falls B&W
Falls by Jabalpur 3
Palm leaf
Sambar cow
Tiger cub
Big Mamma peaking
Little Jungle master
Tiggers do bounce
Lake Reflection
Tiger in the grass 2
Tiger in the grass
Tiger watch
Indian Roller
Indian Roller 2
Spotted Deer herd
Tiger face
Tiger face
Tiger on the road
Tiger stare down
Tiger up close
Tiger up close 2
India Gate
Old Delhi wiring
Qutb Minars up close
Qutb Minar pillars
Qutb Minar ruins
Qutb Minar peaking out
Spotted Deer buck up close
Tiger 6
Tiger 5
Tiger staring
Tiger 3
Tiger 4
Spotted Deer doe
Hanuman Langurs
Langur face
Jungle Cat
Barking Deer
Just another tiger on the road
Moraine Park Sunrise in June by Molly Murk
Moraine Ponderosa B&W
Rock Cut Sunset
Showy Milkweed
Rock Cut to Longs Pano
Bear Lake Sunset by Robert Heflin
Horseshoe Sunrise East
Adams Falls
Gore Range Lockout Pano to Longs
Tomestone Ridge Sunrise Pano
Front Range Longs Sunrise
Snowshoe Hare crop
Snowshoe Hare cute
Coyote leg up in the snow
Bobcat on the Rocks