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I have met some wonderful people here on It is very interesting getting to know people through their art first, often not knowing what they look like, their age or where they live. People reveal themselves in their photographs, their sense of aesthetics, style and subject matter. When I was a very young child in the fifties my dad developed and printed pictures in our basement. I remember looking at prints hanging on a clothes line to dry. This was my first exposure to photography. In Art College I took a few courses in photography. I learned how to develop film and print photographs. I found the whole process fascinating, and continued taking pictures as a hobby. In the early nineties I went back to school to study Digital Art and Design. This was when I was first introduced to the early version of Photoshop. I learned how to scan and manipulate images I took with my old Pentax. At that time I began to develop an interest in digital photography. After I graduated I worked as a Graphic Artist and Web Designer. I later went into Web Development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with my son. I was working in partnership with him when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A year of very aggressive treatment left me with some disabilities that have prevented me from working. Now I have the time to indulge my artistic interests. I have become absorbed in Digital Photography and Photoshop. The digital camera and Photoshop are the best creative artist tools ever invented. There is no end to what is possible artistically and creatively in the digital world. I find it very exciting.

Country: CA


Digital Manipulation
Back, White & Sepia
A Few Paintings
Forest Fire Season 2009
Single Photos
Cars, Trucks, Vehicles


Salmon Run Adam's River 2006
Love on The Rocks
Headin Through the Rockies
November Woodnymph
Ornamental Cabbage
Say Cheese Please I'm not snarling, I'm smiling, I'll do anything for a treat.
Farmers Market
General Store & Youth Hostel 2
Guarding the General Store & Youth Hostel
Fall Fantasia
Scotch Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Snow & Ice
Snow & Ice 2
Fresh Vegies
Really Big Bouquets
Golden River
Approaching a Little Green Island
Winter in Banff
A Little Bit of Canadian Wilderness
I'm Not Snarling - I'll do Anything for a Treat
A Bird in the Hand
Canadian Cowboy
Late Night, Early Morning
Matt in Concert
Awesome Energy
2:30 a.m. in Calgary
Matt & Jay
Matt & Sarah
A Visitation by the Angel of Peace
Evening Light on Kamloops Lake
Penni's Bouquet
Saturday Afternoon Spent Fishing
Farm, east of Kamloops
Thompson River
Waiting for Spring
Red Barn
A Snowy Afternoon in the Mountains
Chariot Race at Barrier Fall Fair
My Street
Sunlight on Sage
The Old Homestead
Storm over the Lake
Little Shuswap Lake
Big Rigs Coming up the Hill in the Morning
I've Got My Eye On You
Sun Breaking Through the Fog
Snowflakes On My Eyelashes
A Winter Run
Thinking About Spring
Have You Seen My Mom?
Coming Back to Life
Hello Ladies!
Searching for a Place to Call Home
Deep in the Dark Woods
The Ice Has Almost Melted on Scuitto Lake
Seatin Lake
Tia On Her First Birthday "Hmmmmmmmm something smells good!"
Heart of Glass
Yellow Bellied Marmot
Feathers of Fury "She's Mine"
Two Mule Deer
Garden in May
Two Purple Flowers in May
Spainish Dancers
A Girl and Her Horse
Little Girl, Difficult Horse
Too Much Joy
The Stalker "I Can't Help Myself, I Must Follow Her"
After the Fire
The Big Plunge
Beat of a Different Drum
After the Fire II
Helmican Falls
Speed of Light
The Incredible Band 'Cowpuncher' with Matt Olah performing at Palomino's in Calgary
Country singer
Beauty on the Beast
Fraser River 1
Glass & Light
Karen's New Red Shoes
Seaton Lake 2
Summer Fun
Roche Lake July 2007
Love that music
Proud Elder Enjoying Life
Graceful Dancer
Cree Adonis
Signs of Life
Red Chair
Water Spirits 2
Storm Brewing
Recycled Harley
Adams Lake
Kamloops Lake
Boys Love Speed
Clearwater River
Boy in Blue Denim
Deep in the Dark Woods
Country Road
View of the Valley
Patterson Creek
Johnson's Liniment for Whatever Ails You
Following My Fishermen
Scotch Creek Emptying Into Shushwap lake
Moonlight on Frost
Little Miss Bright Eyes
Please Wipe Your Feet
A Warm & Sunny Afternoon at Jacko Lake
Happy Autumn!
Fall Colours
Go That Way
Prayers from the Convoluted Dead
Little Log Cabin in the Woods
Songs From the Dark side of the Beach
Time Goes By
HWY 99 on the way to Lilloette
One Crow Sorrow, Two Crows Joy...
Struggling Under the Weght of the World
You Wish to Speak to Me?
Mice Dreams
Black Horse in the Snow
Pretty Ashes & Charcoal
Whispering Sweet Nothings in the Snow
Cutting Through the New Fallen Snow
Glamour & Glitz Girls
Belly Dancers in Blue
Stop at Office
Long Legs
"I am a large, black, evil bird."
A Perfect Day for Fishing
Headin Back to Shore
Ancient and Abandoned
A Walk by a Mountain Lake
"Late Afternoon in the Mountains" Now the cover of a novel by Jeff Dennis "THE WISDOM OF LOONS" ...
A Swamp With Secrets
Raven in the Moonlight
Cup of Life
Sunset on the River
A Northern Sky
Clearwater River in February
Jasper Cat
Rolling River
Another Lonely Night Under the Stars
Be Careful, Look Both Ways
The Raven and the First People
Sunset Lingers
What Lies Beneath the Surface
"The Went Thataway"
Loon in Moonlight
Mallard by Moonlight
Little red wagon, little red bike...
The Black Market
I feel so unattractive today.
Trick or Treat
Look Deep Into My Eyes
Red & Gold
October Afternoon by the North Thompson River
A Gathering
October's Yellow Leaves
Late Afternoon by Nicola Lake
Nicola Valley
Hardware, Furniture & Sporting Goods
Old Church on the Hill
the Fallen
Bridge Pigeons
November Gold
Season Greetings to My Friends
Frozen Falls
Cold and Frosty Morning
On the Road to Banff
Country Antiques
Another Season Begins
Dancing in the light
Hey! You Can't Park There!
End of the Trail
Lady in the Lake
Minter Gardens
The Dance Goes On
Mule Deer - On the Move
Chariot Race
The Haida House Museum of Anthropology
Colour in Motion
Sun, Moon and Rhythm
Look Ma! I'm up and big!
Helmcken Falls
"I thought you loved me" alt. title "Why do Bad Things Happen to Good Dogs?"
At the Saloon in the Afternoon
Another Decorative Landscaping Idea from the Interior of British Columbai
The Wind in the Grass
"Soon as I figure this out, I'm gonna knit you a sweater"
Ladies at Hat Creek Ranch
Summer in B.C.
Niskonlith Lake
Bear with Bare Feet
"My Own Personal Jesus"
Too Darn Hot to Trot
Golden Afternoon at the Pond
"When you're riding lead, don't spit."
Fire & Rain
We Came to Dance
Fighting Fire From the Sky
Firefighters 1
Fire Breathing Monster
Smokey Sunset (Pritchard Fire 2009)
Delight in the Simple Things
Ferruginous Hawk
Kilts, Beer and Bagpipes
A Feather Floating
A Gathering of Geese
Overlooking Nicola Lake
A Proud & Noble Cow
"Big Horn" sheep
"Welcome to Calgary, please refrain from enjoying yourself"
White Horse in the Morning Fog
A Walk by the River
Farm by the River
Seaton Lake
The Fence Sitter
Autumn Wind Sweeps Away Leaves
Pea Soup Homestead
Canadain Girls are Tough
Big, Blonde and Beautiful
A butterfly
A Winter Run 3
Crab apples in the Rain
"I'm Outta Here"
Winter's First Freeze
As Cold as Ice
Sparkling Whites & Blissful Blues
To All My Friends Happy New Year
Winter Swans
Ice Palace
Finely Spun Gold
The Thaw Begins
Somebody, Please, Throw Something!
Butterfly Effect
My Little Lionheart
Rain Drops on Leaf
Momma Moose Gives Me the Evil Eye
A Painted Skull
A Pair of Eagles
Light in the Forest
Pioneers Lived Here
Little Shuswap
Cool Blue Moon
Horses in Winter
Cow In Feild Contemplating a Rock
A Raven in the Window
Chasing Magic
Rodeo Girls
Grasses by the Lake
Hat Creek Ranch
Shell 2
Flowers on Fire
Somewhere Between Heaven & Earth
Sometimes I Wonder, What's it All About
May I Join You For Lunch
Shushwap Lake in March
Beautiful Blues in My Garden 2
Time to Go
Queen Anne's Lace at Sun Peaks
Another Storm
Green Paradise
Wild Rosebud in the Rain
Used to be a Tree
My White Petunia
Let it Rain
The Girl With the Golden Curl
The Girl With the Golden Curl #2
My Day in the Sun
I'm Not Angry, I'm Just Shocked and Dissappointed
Artist at Work
A Million Dollar Smile
Battle Scarred Elk
Swirling, Twirling Colours
Young Thunder 2
Tia's Worried Face
Little Black Bug on a Thistle
In the Garden
In the Garden 2
In the Garden 7
Peach Geranium
Deserted Country Church
Girl on Horseback
Led by my Nose... Got Apples?
Adams River Salmon Run 2010
Reflections, Nicola Lk. October 2010
Reflections 2, Nicola Lake
A Walk in the Woods at Midnight
Headin Home
Brown Leaf with Red
A Touch of Red
White Lilies
The Joy of Creation
Spirit of Kamloops
Winter Swans
Happy Holidays!
Little Town in the Mountains
Steve on Ice
Steppin Out
Taking Flight
Winter Beauty
Frost and Fog in Juniper Ridge
Ice Crystals Sparkling in the Sunlight
White Linen
Wild Swan Beating his Wings
Resort in the Rockies
Two Swans on Ice
Beauty Takes Flight
Dance Like No One is Watching
Geneva Rides
Under a Western Sky
Under a Western Sky 2
Sunset Sillhouettes
I am not an Ordinary Cat
The Salmon was Delicious
Spring at Monte Lake
Rose Hill
Deer in the Wild
Two Eagles
Lilac After the Rain
Bike Race in the Desert
Bike Race in the Desert 2
My Corona
The Hedley Trading Post
Little White Church on the Hill
Two Curious Baby Yellow Bellied Marmots
Dandilions Gone to Seed 1
Dark Clouds, Strong Wind
Hard Working Pair of Mountain Bluebirds
Looking for Someone to Love Me
Pink Geranium
Redwing Blackbird
Yellow Ford
In the Junkyard
Waterfalls near Squamish
White horse at Sunset
Kitten on a Cloud
Kids in Summer
Country Road
Blue Heron Spreads His Wings
Chasing Rainbows
Chasing Rainbows 2
Stump Lake
Raindrops on Leaf
Weekend at Silver Lake
Raindrops on Tiny Blue Flowers
Stone Cold
Monk Lake
Little Lambs in the Orchard
Moonlight Silhouette
Sunny Faces
Desert Sunset
View of Kamloops from Rose Hill
Pair of Eagles Fishing
First Snow
Red Truck
The Surveyor by the River
Not So Merry Christmas
To All the Wonderful, Talented and Creative Photographers on
Aristocat Serenade in Blue
Swan Lake
Winter Scene
Sunset Over Knutsford
Cosmic Cat
Lone Surfer
Waves on Lava Rocks
Miss White Whiskers
BlueBird Takes Flight
Bluebird - side view
Truck with Flames
Blue Bycycle
Canada Day Celebration Dancers
White Birds Pas de deux
Rehearsal for Swan Lake
Fabric Design 1
Ferdinand 2
Great Grey Owl
The Real Deal.
First Frost on McConell-Lake 2
First Frost on McConell-Lake 1
Looking for a Mate 2
Time to Call it a Day
Sail Away
Fog & Frost 2
Fog & Frost
Looking for a Mate