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My name is David Perkins. I was born in a small town in central Illinois called Charleston. If it werent for the university there, Eastern Illinois University, it probably wouldnt be on the map. Roughly consisting of around 10,000 actual residents... probably less when school is out, there was never really much to do there aside from drink and cause trouble. So I did both. I graduated (barely) highschool there in june of 2005. In november of 2005 I began attending Lincoln Technical Institute to study Automotive Technology. Pretty much it was a fancy way of calling myself a mechanic. Anyways, that's where I'm at now in my life. I'm about to move back home and start working at a chevrolet dealership. Hopefully in a couple year (or less god willing) I'll have enough money saved up and a strong enough portfolio to get in to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) in Savannah Georgia. We'll see what happens.
I really appreciate good contructive critisizm from anyone. Especially people who are clearly better than myself. I also do graphite drawings, pastel paintings, and charcoal paintings. Im a rather well rounded artist it hink, but like I said iI need alot of work and help.
Currently there is really only one image im working on creating, but its so complex and filled with stories and emotion Im not sure if Ill ever get it right. But if I do, yall will be the first to know. It will be my Masterpeice


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