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I was a pre-med student turned film student and continued my film studies at Emerson's graduate program in Boston. During the summer of 2003, I became more interested in cinematography and shot a few projects during my final year at Emerson, but was a directing student and focused mostly on that. After graduation, I became more and more interested in cinematography and began shooting 16mm shorts for NYU students. As I shot more films, I started getting offered better films and in addition to building up a nice reel, I also shot for students at Columbia, SVA and NYFA. From March 2005 - February 2007, I worked in New York City with the International Emmy Awards.

I've always been interested in photography and finally decided to take Photo 1 during the summer of 2006, not just for learning the darkroom, but to learn more about framing, hoping to improve the way I shoot motion picture film. To me, the way stills are composed is more critical because it's just that - still. You can't do as many fancy camera tricks or start moving the camera around to divert attention. For now I'm just shooting when I can, trying to hook up with new people who need a photographer or who have interesting subjects, as well as going out and working on my own.

One thing I'm not afraid to do and I sometimes come under criticism for is experimenting. I like seeing how different films react and capture images, so often when I'm shooting - people, landscapes, whatever - I'll bring several kinds of film with me and mix up what I shoot on.

These days, I really don't do a whole lot of work with motion picture film. The last time I shot a film was May 2006. It was a big budget NYU period piece thesis project called "Meta Incognita" that we shot on Super16 over the course of five days in Montauk, NY. I would DP something again, if it were the right project, but I seem to have settled more on still photography for now. This past spring, I took Photo 2 and Lighting. I have Nikon, Canon and Pentax SLR's, but the lighting class introduced me to a lot more medium format and digital photography.

As of late, I'm actually considering finishing up my pre-med requirements and going to medical school.

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