John E V Bailey [John E V Bailey]

BIOGRAPHY relation to that other Bailey fella who I hear was a bit of a photographer... I'm a "beginner" although I don't know how long I can keep that title before I have to accept I'm just a bad amateur! Believe it or not I've never owned a 35mm film camera, the first camera I ever bought was a Minolta DiMage S414 but never with the intention of taking photography seriously ("obviously" I hear all the camera snobs saying! just kidding) was just to have a point & shoot camera and I needed one for a digital mapping project I was working on at the time. In February '06 I bought a Canon EOS 350D, rejecting the kit lens for the 17-85mm zoom which was recommended as a good "walkabout" lens, and it's certainly proved to be exactly that. I haven't used it as much as I should have but it's certainly flicked a switch in my head, wherever I go I'm looking around, at cloud formations, horizons, perspectives, angles etc. and whenever I'm away on business I sling my kit bag in the boot...sometimes on the passenger seat! It's yet to yield any great brake-screeching spontaneous shots but I'm ever hopeful. Hopefully very soon I will be adding an EF 300mm F/4 L and macro lens to my list of well as updating my website so you can all tell me to lose the beginner label...I *am* just a bad amateur! :D