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Ameture photographer. Actually been studying and taking photographs since HS. I use a Sony Mavica right now. Curently looking to upgrade to a DSLR. I like color and b&w. I take a lot of Landscape, macro and pet photography. Mainly my cats because they are good subjects for me. I am aslo looking into uprgrading my photo software. I've used photoshop elements and I curently use Photo Impact. It's a great program and very detailed but limited on some things. I'm looking at turning my photography into a profession in the near future. Would also like to take some more classes and field classes to enhance what I don't know and what I already know. Looking forward to learning more in here.


Single Photos

Flowers B&W

Cactus Blooms


Jade & Squeaker

Jade & Squeaker II








The Stretch


Cozy & Warm

Here's looking at you.

Berry Bloom B&W

rose b&w

White rose b&w

Iris II B&W

Magnolia I B&W

Raindrops Sepia Tone

Rose III B&W

Tuckered out!

Cacti I Color

Cacti with ladybug

Triplets B&W

Cacti Alone B&W

Cacti & Butterfly

Multiple Cactus

Three Blooms B&W

Three Blooms Color

Alamo Grounds

Sunset Dock

Mt. Rainier Snow Peak

Jade's Portrait

Tranquil Light

Squeaker the Sun

Squeaker Profile

Squeaker Profile II

Squeaker Profile II, take two

Keeping Watch

Bright Eyed

What's Up?

My Toy II

My Toy I


Hybiscus Art

Japanese Orchid

Rose Drops

Evening Rose

Tearose Art

Magnolia I

Magnolia II

Magnolia III

Magnolia IV

Pink Rose Art

Tearose Art I

Hearst Castle B&W

Orange Cacti I

Orange Cacti II

Lily Oilpaint

Pretty & Blue

Hydrangea Oilpaint

Oilpainted Berries

Tripple Blade

Bokava II

The Kiss

Butterfly III

Butterfly Plant II

Hybiscus I

Mallard I

Standing Proud

Coiled for Action

Brightly Coiled

Striking Distance

Butterfly I

Lorikeet II

Striking Distance II

Quiet Summer

Lorikeet II

Play on Light

Up Close

Hanging Garden I

Autum Snow

Mirror Lake II

Cold Day

Cold Reflection

Half Reflected

Mirror Lake III

Sunny Mt. Rainer