Don Nathan [djnathan]

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Started in photography with a Brownie Starmite, or something like that! First real camera was an Argus C4, age 15, and began doing my own b&w developing and printing. Minolta SRT101 next, and shot many pics over 25 years with it befoe it bit the dust. Began collecting old cameras a few years ago, and fixing, using, fooling around, just enjoying the art of picture making with various different tools. I also carry with me these days a Canon SD600 which affords lots of great opportunities that would otherwise be missed, although I prefer having a roll of film inside! My favourite sort of camera is the 2-1/4 square, but the film and prints are so costly that I reserve these for holidays and special occasions. My latest acquisition is a Thornton Pickard Junior Special, a single lens reflex view camera, which I intend to get working and use with any luck. Unfortunately it has no film holder!


july 07