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HDR Chapter One (finished)

HDR Chapter 2

New Portrait Work

New Panoramas

The Many Faces of Glenn Norris

New Techniques (experimental work)

Single Photos


Morning at the Cafe

The Back Corner

Starfish Corner

Most of Every Day

The Magnificent Lady

Main Street Bike Stop

Boy 400 (Where's Waldo?)

Fluffy the Chick

Cat Dog Medicine

Friendliness, Cleanliness

The Scales of Judgement

The Tortoise and the Chair

Win $100.00

White Fire Tools

Cafe Rendezvous

The Cobbler's Shop

Old Man Tucker

The Clockman's Workbench

The Restored Station

Fred's Woodshop

Unauthorized Access


Prayer 2

Sade & Maia


The Perfume Lady

Home Remedies

Fairbanks Museum of Natural History

That Girl

The Colonial Theatre

The Blacksmith's Workshop


The Old Bus

French Baker at Work

Le Lav

Connecticut River Sunrise

Lady Reclined with Portraits

Backyard Beef Barbeque (Secret Recipe)

Punky's Seasonal Furniture

The Front Counter

Tiny Chapel

Some Truck There

Tree and Sky Redux



Bretton Woods Sky

Colonial Theatre Nights

Near Pearl Lake

The Weight of Northern Skies

The Old Junkyard (view larger please!)

The Old Junkyard 2 (view larger please!)

Warning! Antique Pox (Please view larger!)

7 Up

Nobody Here (self-portrait 2)

American Gothic slash Betty Boop

Dreamlife of Children

Birches over Fields

Come See... (self-portrait 3)


January 3rd

Old Theatre

O Brother!

Camera Shy...

Old Van Still-life

The Unknowable


Three Old Cars

Winding River Scene

The Weight of Things

The Proprietor

River Bank

The Watering Hole

A Writing Table

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Over the River


The Shoot (I'm on TV!)


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